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Fizzbox brings you a massive range of Team Building experiences, sure to make the groom-to-be's last weekend of freedom nothing short of legendary. Give your mate the send-off he deserves with epic Team Building activities across the best cities in the UK and Europe. We've got something to suit all groups, tastes and budgets so whether you want to let loose in London, get messy in Manchester or experience Prague's wild nightlife, we can help take your Team Building to another level. From chilling out with the lads to partying the night away and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Trending destinations for Team Building

Our activities are available at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you're after London's big city thrills, beachside Bohemia at Brighton or Prague's legendary nightlife, we've got you covered.

Our Action and Adventure activities are sure to get your adrenaline pumping and the laughs going as that competitive spirit starts flowing, from Go Karting in Brighton to Paintballing in Cardiff, Quad Biking in Edinburgh to AK-47 Shooting or Bubble Football in Prague. Slow down the pace a bit as you gents enjoy a catch up or line those stomachs before a big night out with a slap-up meal, from hearty Italian cuisine to exotic Latin American flavours, delicious American fare to Great British classics.

A huge selection of Team Building inspiration

Arranging your company’s team building or corporate event? You don’t have to go it alone. Fizzbox is here to take all the stress away and help you find the perfect activity to leave your whole team feeling energised and bonded. We know every workplace is different, so we’ve handpicked a huge range of team building activities in the UK and Europe to suit every team and budget. Whether you’ve got something in mind or want inspiration, our simple to use website makes it easy to search, book and pay for your activity online. Then all you need to do is turn up and enjoy yourselves. We’ve got hundreds of tried and tested team building activities on offer that have been reviewed by our customers and are sure to inspire your group, whether you want to test their teamwork, strengthen their bond, treat them to some entertainment or all of the above!

After something to get your team communicating and working together? An Escape Room gives you just one hour to solve puzzles and crack codes to get out. Alternatively, head out and explore your chosen city with a Treasure Hunt where you’ll scour the city streets as you search for clues, answer questions and complete photo and video challenges. How about getting creative with a bit of Chocolate Making? Or trading the office for the great outdoors with Paintballing? Get to know each other better over some good food with a meal out, from Bottomless Brunch to our Afternoon Tea Bus. Want to organise a spirited evening event? Cocktail Making is a great way to get everyone involved as you learn how to make your own drinks with games and snacks included. Whatever you book, your team will leave feeling reinvigorated, having got to know each other better which makes for a more productive and enjoyable working environment for everyone.

Team Building Activity Guide

There’s no better (or more fun!) way to bring everyone together to bond!

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work, but your team won’t magically come together and work like a well-oiled (and happy!) machine overnight without some encouragement and nurturing. That’s where team building activities come in. But before you get started, here’s our ultimate guide to team building, giving you loads of information on exactly how it’ll benefit your business.

What is Team Building?

In short, team building is a process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive team. A bonded squad can work together towards common goals a lot better than a group of individuals. It’s well known that the closer people are to their colleagues, the happier they’ll be at work. This happiness in their role makes them more productive in the workplace. So, a close team is a win-win for everybody.

Brief History of Team Building

Team building dates back to the 1920s-1930s in Illinois, USA, with the famous Hawthorne Studies that looked into what happened to a team working under various conditions. One of the original researchers, Elton Mayo saw that certain conditions were really important for developing a productive team such as social factors like attitudes and habits of the workers.

Social support, interaction, group identity, positive feedback and the team being told about changes to their environment and working conditions also led to way better work being created. In fact, being recognised for their work and a sense of belonging led to greater productivity than the changes in physical conditions of the workplace. How clever is that?

What’s the Purpose of Team Building?

In short, to boost motivation and improve the productivity of your staff. It can also rev up team spirit away from the workplace, encourage collaborative working, build trust, improve communication skills and eliminate conflict as well helping you identify strengths and weaknesses in your team. They might even surprise you!

What are the Benefits of Team Building?

The benefits of team building are seemingly endless. It can improve creativity, trust, strategic planning, problem solving, time management and mental stimulation as well as encourage collaborative work and combat stress whilst strengthening your team’s bond and boosting employee morale.

And we all know that a more united team is a more productive team. Your staff will be happy to hear that with our team building activities, they’ll also get to have fun. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to bust out of the office or workplace!

Why Do a Team Building Activity?

They’re a great way to fulfil a range of aims from problem solving to collaborative work and everything in between. Whether you want to encourage bonding, out of the box thinking, reward your team’s hard work or all of the above, a team building activity will help you do it, whether they take part in a chilled out wine tasting or learn survival skills in the wilderness. In turn, this will create a more productive working environment where your staff can really thrive.

The Fizzbox Quick Guide on How to Plan a Team Building Day Out in 5 Simple Steps

Wondering how to arrange a team building day? Let us help you with these quick steps:

Types of Team Building Activity

There are loads of different types of activity but here’s our top five:

Ice Breakers

Some members of your team might feel a bit nervous before your team jolly. Start the day with an ice breaking activity to break down any conversational barriers, calm your team’s nerves and help them feel more relaxed around each other.

Problem Solving

These activities do what they say on the tin. Your group will be tasked with solving a problem as a team. These can include, but aren’t limited to, escape rooms, orienteering, treasure hunts and survival skills workshops.

Trust Building

It’s important for your team to trust each other if you want them to work well together. A trust building activity encourages and strengthens this. It could be something like a treetop challenge where they have to help each other across a 30m high aerial assault course.

Team Bonding

Team bonding activities are shared experiences that focus on strengthening the relationship between members of your staff. These are often fun activities where the team can let their hair down and enjoy time together, such as a retro school sports day or dance class.


These fun activities are a great way to say thanks to your team, showing appreciation for all their hard work. This can be anything from a slap-up meal out to cocktail making classes where they’ll drink everything they make. They’re a great way to make your staff feel appreciated.

Team Building Do’s and Don’ts

It’s understandable that you want your team jolly to be a roaring success. To help you out, here’s our quick checklist of team building do’s and don’ts.


Stick to a budget

Whether you’re a small or big company, you don’t want to waste money. Choose your activity or activities wisely to suit your budget and objectives and don’t overspend. Team building doesn’t have to cost a fortune and Fizzbox offers loads of affordable options.


Escape the workplace

It can be tempting to hold your team building activity in the workplace to save money and travel time, but your staff will feel much more motivated by a change of scenery that can clear their minds from the everyday nine to five.


Get creative

Try something out of the box. If your usual idea of team building is a few drinks in the local pub, mix things up by taking your group wine tasting or cocktail making instead. This way, things are interactive and encourage communication and bonding as everyone gets involved.


Make things too formal

The objectives might include improving communication or problem-solving skills but there should be a chance for all the employees to have fun. Your staff and your company will get far more out of the experience that way when everyone gets back to the workplace.


Make the day too long

You might book more than one activity and that’s great but be careful not to overload the day by cramming in too much. Chances are this will mean your staff will leave worn out rather than reinvigorated.


Keep your team in the dark

It’s understandable to want to surprise your staff but they might feel daunted and be thinking the worst…Forced fun, yay! Let them know, at least roughly, what to expect and if you want to throw in surprises, these can be things like prizes for the winners.

The Stages of Team Development

Here are the basic stages of team development. Where do you think your team’s at? This should help you when you’re browsing team activity ideas.


This is the first stage where a new team comes together. They might be a bit anxious or unsure of how to work together as they navigate their new roles. They’ll need time to adjust but ice breaking activities can be a big help.


This can be a bit of a turbulent stage as different personalities inevitably clash and people settle into their roles. This is an important time to bring everyone together to iron out any differences and get them working as a cohesive and happy squad.


This is the stage where your team have got more used to working with each other and differences have been resolved. Remember that team building is still important here as it’s not unusual for a team to go back to the storm or form stage as new employees and tasks are added.


This is a team with mutual respect for one another and a good understanding of each other’s roles. Team building and bonding are ongoing processes so make sure to keep all staff motivated and improving on their relationships. It’s a great time to reward hard work with a team building activity.

How to Help Introverts at Team Building Events

Your team will be made up of different kinds of people so while some might be excited about your team jolly, others are likely to feel a bit apprehensive. There’s a number of things you can do to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible and ready to join in.

Make sure to keep staff posted about what they’ll be doing so they know what to expect. Book an activity that gets the ice broken quickly. You could also consider activities that split your team into smaller groups where they might feel happier talking and participating.

Team Building Activities

We’ve created the ultimate list of team building activities to suit a range of teams, objectives, tastes and budgets. Read on to see which would suit your group best.

Traditional Team Building Activities

There’s a reason that these classic team building ideas are still so popular. They fulfil loads of top team building objectives. And as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Go Karting

Satisfy your team’s need for speed with a fast and furious Go Karting session. They’ll go head to head across a track that’s packed with hairpin bends and speedy straights where they can overtake, therefore it comes as no surprise that this is such a popular team building activity. It injects some friendly competitive action into the day and gets everyone blowing off some steam.

Cooking Class

Get your whole group involved with their very own Great British Bake Off with an interactive cooking class. Whether it’s learning how to make a traditional local dish like paella in Spain or learning how to Bake with a Legend under the expert tutelage of a former GBBO contestant, your team will love learning a new skill in the kitchen. Not forgetting tasting some delicious food!


Encouraging your team to have fun together is bound to boost morale and an energetic paintball game does just that, and at the same time gets everyone to work together. This classic team building activity pits your team against each other as they split into groups before going on a hunt to find the opposition, running around the forest and peppering their rivals with paint to score as many points as possible.

Contemporary Team Building Activities

Why not dust off the cobwebs and try a team building activity that’s bang on trend? These are great if you want to encourage out of the box thinking and get your team to try something new and exciting.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms have taken the world by storm! Originating in Japan in 2007, the concept is simple but fun. Your team will enter a room where they’ll be locked in for one adrenaline-pumping hour and there’s only one to way to escape – complete a range of physical, mental, skilful and mysterious challenges. Think 90s TV show The Crystal Maze and you get the picture.

Cocktail Making

What better way to break the ice than with a few drinks? But your team won’t just be drinking them, they’ll also learn how to make them! Cocktail Making for team building sees your group learn how to make delicious concoctions under the expert tuition of their dedicated mixologist. As well as this, they can expect to try lots of samples, play games and even nibble on some tasty food.

Active Team Building Activities

Get those hearts pounding for a team building day out to remember, that’ll get everyone to unleash their competitive sides.

Bubble Football

Inject some sporting silliness into your team day out with this lively activity that sees your colleagues climb into a one-person, giant, inflatable zorb for a hilarious kick about. It’s not just the footie kit that’s different, they’ll also be allowed to touch tackle. Everyone will be in hysterics as they bump, bounce and barge each other out of the way to scramble for the ball.

Tree Top Challenge

Put your team’s bravery to the test as they scale the treetops and unleash their inner Tarzan by taking on swings, high-speed zipwires, wobbly rope bridges and platforms that are 30m above the ground. Watch them cheer each other on as they complete each aerial obstacle together. They’ll leave this adrenaline pumping assault course with a real sense of accomplishment, bonded over the shared experience.

School Sports Day

Add some retro fun to your team building session. Trust us, School Sports Day is even more fun to take part in as an adult. Your team will be split into ‘houses’ to go head to head across hilarious events including egg and spoon, sack and three-legged races plus giant inflatable games and fun with space hoppers. The winners receive medals so be prepared for things to get competitive!

Chilled Out Team Building Activities

Treat your team to some relaxation with these laid-back activities where they can enjoy some chilled-out time together out of the workplace.

Chocolate Making

Team building activities don’t come much more mouth-watering than this one! Under the tutelage of a professional chocolatier, your group will learn how to cut, mould, decorate and dip their own delicious chocolates in a laid-back atmosphere. This interactive workshop is a great conversation starter combined with a treat as they’ll take home a little goody bag of what they’ve made.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting is a great team building activity for a chilled-out treat. Your staff will learn about the intoxicating world of vino, trying five 70ml glasses of wine each. With white, red and rosé wines on offer, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and each glass is complemented by delicious sharing appetisers to really bring out every flavour. Your team will be chatting about their favourites in no time!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This traditional countryside sport cleverly combines relaxation and adrenaline as your team learn how to fire powerful shotguns at a range of clay targets. They’ll feel a massive sense of pride when they smash their first one and get competitive to see who’s the sharpest shooter in the workplace. Instructors are by their side the whole time, making this outdoor activity suitable for all abilities.

Indoor Team Building Activities

If you’re a UK-based company, you know you can’t always rely on it being sunny outside. But whatever the weather, these indoor activities always bring the fun.

Lip Sync Battle

If you’ve seen the hit TV show, you’ll know the drill. Your group will be split into teams to go head to head, dancing and miming to a song of their choice. A professional dance tutor will teach each group their own choreographed routine, packed with dazzling yet easy to pick up moves. They’ll also pick a winner after an epic final performance, so everyone had better bring their A-game!

Pizza Making

It’s no surprise that this cooking workshop is so popular. Who wouldn’t enjoy learning how to make their favourite takeaway? A friendly chef will teach everyone how to toss and knead the dough before decorating with their choice of fresh toppings. They’ll sit down to eat everything they make, accompanied by garlic bread and gelato. Did we mention they’ll also get unlimited prosecco or beer for two hours?

Outdoor Team Building Activities

Help your team bust out of the workplace and into the great outdoors where they can breathe in that fresh air with these activities.

Bushcraft Survival Skills

Put everyone’s teamwork to the test as they unleash their inner Bear Grylls with a bit of bushcraft. A dedicated instructor will teach them key survival skills using natural resources. They’ll build shelters, light fires, boil water in Ghillie kettles and more, working together to make things from scratch using their bare hands and creativity. They leave this activity with a massive sense of achievement. How do you reckon your team will do?

Quad Biking

Your team will love tearing up tricky countryside terrain on the back of a beasty quad bike. They’ll trek across easy and hard trails that are packed with twists and turns and muddy puddles that are so fun to splash through! This is a great way to help your team take a break from the nine to five and enjoy some quality time together in the great outdoors.

Battlezone Archery

This quirky outdoor activity combines archery, dodgeball and paintball in one hilarious game. Your team will split into two groups and be kitted out in safety gear before they’re handed bows and arrows. The aim of the game is to hit opposing players and their targets with arrows. Don’t worry, they’ve got rounded, rubber tips so aren’t sharp. Hit players are out unless their teammates catch incoming fire.

Unusual Team Building Activities

Wouldn’t the world be boring if all teams were exactly the same? Make your team building event even more memorable with one of these quirky team building activities.

Murder Mystery

Immerse yourselves in an alternate world of intrigue with a murder mystery. A grisly murder has been committed and it’s up to you to uncover what happened. Professional actors will bring this experience to life, playing a range of roles to give you clues and red herrings. Can you work as a team and figure out whodunit before the killer strikes again?

Nude Life Drawing

Fun life drawing is a cheeky team activity will be the talk of your workplace for ages after! This laid-back art class is led by a professional art tutor who’ll teach your group to draw all the lines of curves of the human body. Their muse will be a professional, nude male or female model, stood before their very eyes! Who do you think will draw a masterpiece?

Non-Competitive Team Building Activities

While a bit of friendly competition can be fun, it’s not suitable for all team building objectives. Check out these group activities where there’s no competitive element.

Party Boat Cruise

If you fancy an ice breaking session with a difference, why not hop onboard a Party Boat? If you’re looking for something chilled out that isn’t competitive, this activity offers a great opportunity for team bonding. Your group will get to know each other better as they journey through the water, enjoying their favourite tipple as they soak up the gorgeous riverside sights.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea’s definitely one of our most relaxing team building activities. Treat everyone to a delicious meal of finger sandwiches, pastries, cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam and, of course, lots of tea and coffee. You can even add a glass of fizz to make things even more special. This activity’s available at a range of places from sophisticated hotels to cosy tearooms, chain restaurants to vintage buses.

Treasure Hunt

While your staff can split into teams to do this treasure hunt, they also have the option to take on the challenge as one group. Using a mobile app and its GPS as their guide, they’ll make the city streets of their choice their very own playground as they answer tricky questions and participate in fun photo and video challenges. Their scores are updated on the app so they can track their progress.

Top 10 Destinations for Team Building in the UK

Wondering how to arrange a team building day? Let us help you with these quick steps:


Expect a warm welcome when you enter brilliant Brum. Wherever you’re coming from in the UK, its central location makes it easy to get to. England’s second city surprisingly has more canals than Venice and boasts a massive range of group activities to keep any team engaged and entertained.


History buffs will love Bristol. Located in the South West of England, this city’s packed with historic and cultural sights from the Clifton Suspension Bridge to Banksy’s street art, providing an interesting backdrop to your team building activities and somewhere your group can explore afterwards.


The Welsh capital combines beautiful countryside and a bustling city centre that’s perfect for a team building day out. This rugby loving city is a great place to try an outdoor activity with a range of adrenaline pumping options from quad biking to clay pigeon shooting.


The Scottish capital is jam-packed with history and culture, providing a beautiful backdrop to your team jolly with sights that inspired the Harry Potter books plus its famous castle and zoo that everyone will love exploring. Whether your team live here or are visiting for the day, they’ll soon fall in love with this fun-loving city.


This Scottish city doesn’t disappoint! Head here for eclectic activities ranging from pub Olympics to nude life drawing, wine tasting to bubble football. There’s something for everyone at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices, making this location a very popular choice for team building.


Party loving Leeds is a great team building destination. Not just famous for its wild nightlife, the city’s surrounded by loads of green scenery including one of the biggest urban parks in Europe and the Yorkshire Dales are close enough for a daytrip so expect lots of thrilling outdoor activities in this area.


England’s capital is a buzzing metropolis that combines history, culture, nightlife and seemingly limitless team building activities, from river cruises to trips to world-famous attractions, for an unforgettable day out. It might be big but with fantastic transport links, it’s pretty easy to get to get around.


Loud and proud Manchester offers loads of choice for your team day out with nightlife and activities that could rival London but at a way more purse-friendly price. From football history to the shopping Mecca of the Trafford centre, there’s lots to explore.


This famously friendly Northern city gives the friendliest of welcomes. Home to the River Tyne, the Angel of the North and Ant and Dec, Newcastle is packed with great bars, restaurants and shops as well as top team building activities to get everyone involved. There’s a lot of choice here. What will your group go for?


The home of Robin Hood is a great place for your team to let loose. There are loads of outdoor activities on offer here, even in and around the legendary Sherwood Forest! But if your team would prefer something a bit more laid-back, the historic city centre offers provides lots of choice from cocktail making to treasure hunts.


What is the Point of Team Building?

Team building is an essential part of any workplace. It sets the foundation for a healthy working relationship between colleagues, boosts team morale and rewards hard work. Depending on the type of team building activity you choose, it can help develop skills such as communication, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Why Should I Book Team Building for My Company?

Whether you’re a team leader, director or HR manager, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to throw a fun team building experience for your colleagues. Perhaps you’ve had an influx of new starters and want to introduce them to the team, or maybe you’re looking for a way to get different departments bonding with each other. Whatever the reason, it will give your staff something to look forward to and help bring them closer together.

How Do We Choose the Right Team Building Activity for Our Team?

There are a few factors to consider when booking your team building activity. You’ll want to consider the size of your team, the distance you want to travel and what skills you’d like to work on. We have many exciting team building locations in major cities all over the UK, so decide whether you’d like to stay local or go for a change of scenery. Next, browse the activities in your chosen city and check how many people can participate. For example, we offer Escape Rooms for smaller teams which are great for practising communication and logic skills. For bigger groups, we offer Outdoor Pub Olympics that will help your colleagues let off steam and enjoy some competitive fun.

Where Do Most Team Building Activities Take Place?

Team building activities take place in a number of locations, both outside and in, so make sure to do some research beforehand. You’ll find most team building experiences are held in large indoor spaces such as a hall or cocktail bar. Others will require a short ride out of the city centre to an adventure park or playing field.

How Much Do Most Team Building Days Cost?

The cost for team building experiences will vary depending on the size of your team and the activity you choose. A Cocktail Making Class is around £35 - £40 per head, whereas Corporate Bubble Football ranges from £576 - £3000 per group depending on the size. Make sure you have a good idea of your companies’ budget and pick an activity that looks ideal for your team.

Does the Cost of the Activity Include the Venue?

Yep! Most of our team building activities include venue hire as part of the price. Whether that’s a Chocolate Making session or Archery experience, you can rest assured that the space and equipment will be provided for you. The only exception are our mobile activities, in which case the event organiser will come to your office or venue of choice. Don’t worry, this will be obvious in the listing information.

Should I Include Managers and The Owner in a Team Building Day?

This can be a difficult question and the answer really depends on the sort of relationship that your employees have with the company’s managers and owners. For larger work places, it’s possible that the owner isn’t around to spend much time with their employees, so in this instance, it might be nice for them to get to know the staff members on a more personal level. It’s also important that managers show appreciation for the hard work that their team put in. After all, how would the company run without their staff? This doesn’t mean the managers and owners need to take part in every Gin Tasting Class or Paintballing experience. Simply handing out prizes to the winning team or awarding the top cocktail maker is enough to show thanks to their dedicated workers. But, be warned: team members are less likely to let their hair down and drop their professional attitudes if the boss is watching!

Can Corporate Days Be Done Indoors or Outdoors?

Of course! We’ve got a fantastic range of corporate experiences that vary on location, depending on the type of activity you chose. If you want to throw your team building event in the great outdoors, you can opt for a Tree Top Challenge or an outside Treasure Hunt in your nearest city. If you think its going to be a bit too chilly, you can head inside for a Pizza Making experience or dive into a game of indoor Battle Zone Archery. Head over to our listings now to find out more!

What Types of Team Building Activities Are Popular?

Some of our top team building activities include Cocktail Making, Corporate Bubble Football, Escape Rooms and Archery. These all combined skill-learning along with a huge dose of fun which is perfect if you’re team need to let off some steam after a big deadline or if you’re celebrating a staff member’s anniversary.

Are Team Building Activities Effective?

The short answer is: Yes, absolutely! Team building can boost productivity, ease conflict and promote positivity in the workplace. Your staff will be problem solving together and shaking off any work-related stress which is sure to boost morale and offer them a new perspective on difficult projects. It will also increase confidence for the shy members of your team and help different departments get to know each other.

What Could Potentially Make My Team Building Day Fail?

To make your team building experience as effective as possible, you need to decide what your goal is. Do you want your co-workers to listen to each other more? Perhaps your team needs help collaborating with each other effectively. Whatever your reason, clear communication is important in getting your team to understand why they are being asked to attend a lesson in Bush Craft Survival Skills, for example. Throwing something totally random at them may not get a good reaction and could result in a lack of participation. It’s also important to set out the team building itinerary at least a month in advance, particularly if the event is being held during their free time!

How Long Do Most Team Building Activities Last?

Most of our activities last between 1 – 3 hours. If you choose to book a Cocktail Making Class followed by a Three Course Meal, you can expect the mixology session to last around 90 minutes, so you’ll need to leave enough time to enjoy the dinner afterwards. If you just want a quick team building activity, Escape Rooms usually last one hour, making it an ideal activity to enjoy during work hours.

What Should Staff Wear For An Event?

The dress code depends entirely on the activity. This isn’t a meeting, and your employees won’t be coming into contact with clients, so don’t expect them to dress up in their suit and ties. For an active corporate activity in the great outdoors, your team will need to wear comfortable clothes and trainers. If you’re heading out for dinner, you may decide that smart-casual attire will do just fine.