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Trending destinations for Team Building

Our activities are available at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you’re after London’s big city thrills, beachside bohemia at Brighton or Prague’s legendary nightlife, we’ve got you covered.


What is the Point of Team Building?

Team building is an essential part of any workplace. It sets the foundation for a healthy working relationship between colleagues, boosts team morale and rewards hard work. Depending on the type of team building activity you choose, it can help develop skills such as communication, problem-solving and creative thinking.

Why Should I Book Team Building for My Company?

Whether you’re a team leader, director or HR manager, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to throw a fun team building experience for your colleagues. Perhaps you’ve had an influx of new starters and want to introduce them to the team, or maybe you’re looking for a way to get different departments bonding with each other. Whatever the reason, it will give your staff something to look forward to and help bring them closer together.

How Do We Choose the Right Team Building Activity for Our Team?

There are a few factors to consider when booking your team building activity. You’ll want to consider the size of your team, the distance you want to travel and what skills you’d like to work on. We have many exciting team building locations in major cities all over the UK, so decide whether you’d like to stay local or go for a change of scenery. Next, browse the activities in your chosen city and check how many people can participate. For example, we offer Escape Rooms for smaller teams which are great for practising communication and logic skills. For bigger groups, we offer Outdoor Pub Olympics that will help your colleagues let off steam and enjoy some competitive fun.

Where Do Most Team Building Activities Take Place?

Team building activities take place in a number of locations, both outside and in, so make sure to do some research beforehand. You’ll find most team building experiences are held in large indoor spaces such as a hall or cocktail bar. Others will require a short ride out of the city centre to an adventure park or playing field.

How Much Do Most Team Building Days Cost?

The cost for team building experiences will vary depending on the size of your team and the activity you choose. A Cocktail Making Class is around £35 - £40 per head, whereas Corporate Bubble Football ranges from £576 - £3000 per group depending on the size. Make sure you have a good idea of your companies’ budget and pick an activity that looks ideal for your team.

Does the Cost of the Activity Include the Venue?

Yep! Most of our team building activities include venue hire as part of the price. Whether that’s a Chocolate Making session or Archery experience, you can rest assured that the space and equipment will be provided for you. The only exception are our mobile activities, in which case the event organiser will come to your office or venue of choice. Don’t worry, this will be obvious in the listing information.

Should I Include Managers and The Owner in a Team Building Day?

This can be a difficult question and the answer really depends on the sort of relationship that your employees have with the company’s managers and owners. For larger work places, it’s possible that the owner isn’t around to spend much time with their employees, so in this instance, it might be nice for them to get to know the staff members on a more personal level. It’s also important that managers show appreciation for the hard work that their team put in. After all, how would the company run without their staff? This doesn’t mean the managers and owners need to take part in every Gin Tasting Class or Paintballing experience. Simply handing out prizes to the winning team or awarding the top cocktail maker is enough to show thanks to their dedicated workers. But, be warned: team members are less likely to let their hair down and drop their professional attitudes if the boss is watching!

Can Corporate Days Be Done Indoors or Outdoors?

Of course! We’ve got a fantastic range of corporate experiences that vary on location, depending on the type of activity you chose. If you want to throw your team building event in the great outdoors, you can opt for a Tree Top Challenge or an outside Treasure Hunt in your nearest city. If you think its going to be a bit too chilly, you can head inside for a Pizza Making experience or dive into a game of indoor Battle Zone Archery. Head over to our listings now to find out more!

What Types of Team Building Activities Are Popular?

Some of our top team building activities include Cocktail Making, Corporate Bubble Football, Escape Rooms and Archery. These all combined skill-learning along with a huge dose of fun which is perfect if you’re team need to let off some steam after a big deadline or if you’re celebrating a staff member’s anniversary.

Are Team Building Activities Effective?

The short answer is: Yes, absolutely! Team building can boost productivity, ease conflict and promote positivity in the workplace. Your staff will be problem solving together and shaking off any work-related stress which is sure to boost morale and offer them a new perspective on difficult projects. It will also increase confidence for the shy members of your team and help different departments get to know each other.

What Could Potentially Make My Team Building Day Fail?

To make your team building experience as effective as possible, you need to decide what your goal is. Do you want your co-workers to listen to each other more? Perhaps your team needs help collaborating with each other effectively. Whatever your reason, clear communication is important in getting your team to understand why they are being asked to attend a lesson in Bush Craft Survival Skills, for example. Throwing something totally random at them may not get a good reaction and could result in a lack of participation. It’s also important to set out the team building itinerary at least a month in advance, particularly if the event is being held during their free time!

How Long Do Most Team Building Activities Last?

Most of our activities last between 1 – 3 hours. If you choose to book a Cocktail Making Class followed by a Three Course Meal, you can expect the mixology session to last around 90 minutes, so you’ll need to leave enough time to enjoy the dinner afterwards. If you just want a quick team building activity, Escape Rooms usually last one hour, making it an ideal activity to enjoy during work hours.

What Should Staff Wear For An Event?

The dress code depends entirely on the activity. This isn’t a meeting, and your employees won’t be coming into contact with clients, so don’t expect them to dress up in their suit and ties. For an active corporate activity in the great outdoors, your team will need to wear comfortable clothes and trainers. If you’re heading out for dinner, you may decide that smart-casual attire will do just fine.