The Fizzbox Complete Guide to

Virtual Christmas Parties

Virtual Christmas parties have never been more popular thanks to the power of technology connecting us with the people that matter no matter where they are in the world. If you’re wondering how to host your online event, let us help you with our complete guide to arranging a virtual Christmas party to remember.

What is a Virtual Christmas Party?

Virtual, online or remote Christmas parties are celebrations with your team that take place via the clever old internet via video call rather than face to face. There are loads of good platforms for virtual Christmas parties such as Zoom, Skype and Facebook to name just a few. Everyone who’s invited will join the call and get together in a virtual room from the comfort of their own home. Then it’s over to you to decide what you all do from playing games to live entertainment, there’s so much on offer.

Why Have a Virtual Christmas Party?

If you’re wondering about the benefits of virtual Christmas parties, let us break them down for you:

Save Money

Virtual Christmas parties can be more cost effective than face to face celebrations for the business and for the staff members. No one will have to hire a venue or fork out for drinks or taxis at the end of the night.

No Commute

No one will have to travel to and from the venue that you’re celebrating at, instead enjoying a nice, laid-back atmosphere at home.

A Quirky Experience

The last thing you want to do is arrange a team jolly that’s so predictable that it has everyone rolling their eyes in boredom. A virtual Christmas party is likely to be different from all your previous festive celebrations.

Interactive Fun

Due to the super interactive nature of all of the virtual Christmas party activities we offer, you can guarantee that your team will be fully engaged, and everyone will have a chance to join in. Some are likely to feel more relaxed to get involved from the comfort of their own home.

Boost Morale

Treating your team to a fun virtual Christmas party experience is a great way to boost morale and show them that all their hard work throughout the year has been appreciated. This is also very good for staff retention.

Enjoy a Drink

As you’re already home, you don’t have to worry about driving or getting an expensive taxi home at the end of the night. So put your feet up and pour yourself something delicious!

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party

Wondering how to organise a virtual Christmas party? Here are our top tips:

The Best Activities for a Virtual Christmas Party

At Fizzbox, we understand that every team is different in size, structure and personality so we offer a big range of activities to suit a whole host of groups and budgets. Here are our pick of the best activities for virtual Christmas parties:

Virtual Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love the classic game of Cluedo? Mix elements of the fun game with hilarious comedy and you get this virtual murder mystery. You team will get together via Zoom and meet your hosts, experienced and professional actors. They’ll set the scene and break the ice with joke-packed antics then it’s over to your team to solve the murder mysteries in two immersive stories. Live clues help your group figure out whodunit. After the big reveal, the actors will leave your team to chat about their experience.

Why a Murder Mystery is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

This virtual Christmas party activity gets everyone involved from the get-go. All of your team members will receive a personal pack in advance with clues and a script and will be able to join in with a few lines to read. They’ll need to communicate well and work as a team if they want to find out who the killer is.

Virtual Cocktail Making

Get everyone well and truly in the Christmas spirit with a virtual cocktail making class. They’ll each receive all the ingredients and equipment they need beforehand so will be ready and raring to go before they go online. This session is led by a professional mixologist who’ll teach everyone how to whip up four delicious drinks each using flavourful spirits and fruity mixers. They’ll love every minute of unleashing their creative sides and taste testing what they make. No previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm to get stuck in.

Why Cocktail Making is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Getting your team together to learn a new skill is always good fun. Forget Christmas party ideas that’ll make your team’s eyes roll; learning how to make tasty drinks is something everyone will enjoy. What’s more, no one will have to fork out for a taxi after this activity because they’ll already be home!

Virtual Escape Room

It’s official, the escape room craze has taken over the world. Just because you’re having a virtual Christmas party this year doesn’t mean that you can’t jump on the trend train! Wherever your staff are in the country (or world!), they’ll gather together via video chat along with a dedicated event manager who’ll explain what they need to do. They’ll have a set time to crack codes, find clues and decipher riddles as well as taking on challenges that use augmented reality. They’ll need to work as a team if they want to beat the room.

Why Escape Rooms are Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Escape rooms are great for getting your team to communicate and work well together. They also provide a good insight into hidden strengths within the team as you see who displays good leadership skills and who manages to keep their cool under pressure as the clock tick tocks away.

Virtual Chocolate Making

If you like the idea of a treating your staff to a creative and mouth-watering virtual Christmas party activity, chocolate making will prove very popular. In fact, there’s no better activity if you work with a group of chocoholics! All the ingredients will be sent to everyone before the party date then all your team needs to do is get online for this one-hour workshop. A professional chocolatier will show them the tricks, tools and techniques of the trade to make truffles and ganache. The best part of all is that they’ll get to eat everything they make!

Why Chocolate Making is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you’re looking for group-pleasing and interactive remote Christmas party ideas, this one’s bound to put smiles on faces, making it ideal if you want to boost morale or reward your team for a year of hard work.

Virtual Magic and Mind Reading Show

If you’d like to treat your team to some quality entertainment, how about booking a virtual magic and mind reading show? Paul Fowler is an experienced magician that’ll wow everybody. He’s performed all over the world from New Zealand to the UK and is used to performing remotely too. Paul will perform a range of magic tricks and mind reading techniques that’ll have everyone scratching their heads and wondering how he did it. Interactive elements help everyone feel involved with opportunities to take part.

Why a Magic Show is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

A virtual show is ideal for teams that deserve a nice, relaxing activity. They can chat and bond over the show after, debating how he pulled the tricks off, and have a laugh as they take turns to get involved with the magic.

Virtual Bake with a Legend

If you’re all obsessed with The Great British Bake Off, why not treat your team to a virtual cooking class that’s led by a former contestant from the show. They’ll teach everyone how to create a delicious dish, such as Jammie Dodgers, Black Forest Eclairs, Lemon Meringue Eclairs and Viennese Whirls, in the comfort of their own home and via Zoom. This remote cooking workshop lasts for 90-minutes, plenty of time to make something tasty and ask the Bake Off star lots of questions about their time on the TV show and their top baking tips.

Why a Cooking Class is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

This virtual Christmas party experience gets everyone stuck into learning a new skill that they can use again and again at home. It also provides a good chance for them to show off their creative sides get to know each other better as they make their masterpieces.

Virtual Team Quiz

Bring the fun of the pub quiz to the comfort of your own home! This virtual quiz sees your team take on a fun-packed hour of tricky questions and brainteasers via an app on their smartphones. An event organiser will guide your group and make sure everyone’s having fun as they get competitive and fight to earn as many points for their team as possible. Questions cover a wide range of topics and you don’t have to be Einstein to do well. As long as they use common sense and work as a team, they’ll do just fine.

Why a Team Quiz is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most fun. This quiz is fully interactive so every member of your team can get involved and unleash their competitive sides. A group quiz naturally encourages teamwork, communication and fun, making it ideal for team building and bonding.

Virtual Stage Fighting

If you’re after quirky virtual Christmas party ideas, why not try an online stage fighting workshop? This one-hour class takes place online and is led by a professional fighter who’ll teach your team some killer moves and reactions that’ll be broken down in easy-to-digest steps before being added to a choreographed stage fight. They’ll also learn the best camera angles before videoing their moves and unleashing their inner action hero. The fighter will edit the video into a movie-worthy group fight that everyone can watch back and enjoy.

Why Stage Fighting is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

This unusual online experience gets everyone to unleash the big kid within, trying moves that they’ve probably been secretly doing in the mirror since childhood! It also helps them to bond as they work together to create their cinematic masterpiece.

Virtual Candle Making

This is one of our most relaxing ideas for virtual Christmas parties. It’s especially good for socially conscious businesses as everyone will make candles from materials that are eco-friendly, 100% natural, ethically sourced and cruelty free. A candle making expert will guide this online session, teaching your team all about fragrances and the healing therapies of essential oils. Everyone will get to set up the wick and make a 165ml aromatherapeutic candle each using soy wax, a blend of essential oils with their choice of fragrance.

Why Candle Making is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Creative activities are always good fun for teams, helping them to bond, unwind and learn a new skill together. This remote candle making workshop teaches something they can and enjoy straight away which is big bonus.

Virtual Nude Life Drawing

This virtual activity is more than a bit cheeky but is bound to leave your Christmas party guests with memories they’ll never forget! A professional, nude, male model leads this 60-minute art class and will share top drawing tips to help your group create a work of art. As you might’ve guessed, the model will also pose for everyone, fully nude! Expect blushes and giggles before they eventually get into this laid-back class. Comparing sketches at the end is a hilarious highlight.

Why Nude Life Drawing is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

This is a fantastic activity for breaking the ice and getting everyone laughing together. With this activity taking place online and in the comfort of their own home, your team are saved a few blushes rather than if they did it face to face. It’ll be the talk of the workplace for ages after.

Whisky Tasting at Home

Whisky tasting is a brilliant option is you fancy treating your group to a sophisticated virtual Christmas party experience. Everyone will receive a whisky goodie bag before the event that includes six premium mini bottles of malt whisky and cards with tasting notes on them. A professional whisky ambassador (what a job!) will lead the workshop via video call and teach you all about distilleries, regions, flavours and, best of all, how to properly taste and enjoy whisky.

Why Whisky Tasting is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

If you’ve got a team of whisky lovers, this is a great way to show your appreciation for all their hard work. They’ll learn all about their favourite tipple and enjoy lots of delicious samples. They’re also free to ask the whisky ambassador questions if they want to know more, making this experience fully interactive.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

This virtual scavenger hunt takes place on Zoom and lasts two hours. Your group will split into teams to go head to head across a series of fun and competitive tasks. They’ll need a laptop, tablet or smartphone as well as a Facebook account to play. Hilarious challenges included getting each team to recreate their favourite music video, build a fort using their sofa or build the biggest tower of cards. The winners of each round will win points and bonuses so expect things to get seriously competitive!

Why a Scavenger Hunt is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

This one’s excellent for teams of any size, up to 100 people. The quirky challenges encourage creativity and teamwork as they work together to win each round. They’ll get such a buzz as they win points. Even if their team loses, they’ll still have a right laugh.

Online Yoga Class

Do you want to help your team feel totally zen? Then a laid-back virtual yoga class is the ideal experience for your remote Christmas party. A professional yoga teacher will join everyone over video call for 45 minutes to teach them a range of breathing techniques, gentle exercises and yoga sequences that’ll strengthen, stretch and tone the body. The class ends with guided meditation that’ll help everyone feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

Why a Yoga Class is Great for Virtual Christmas Parties

Yoga has loads of benefits for physical and mental wellbeing and provides a great opportunity to help your team relax and unwind together. You never know, you might even inspire a new hobby.

More information about Virtual Christmas Parties

The Dresscode for a Virtual Christmas Party

Because everyone stays indoors for virtual Christmas parties, the dress code can be whatever you like! You might just ask people to wear something comfy and casual or maybe jazz things up a bit by asking them to wear the company colours or with a few Crimbo accessories to get them all the in the mood.

The Perfect Playlist for a Virtual Christmas Party

It’s got to be Christmas songs, of course! Think Band Aid, Mariah Carey, Shaking Stevens, Wham and Wizard. You can use a streaming service like Spotify to make your perfect Christmassy playlist.

Who Should you Invite to a Virtual Christmas Party?

This is completely up to you. You could invite the entire workplace for a big gathering or celebrate in departments for a more intimate celebration.

What’s the Best Platform for a Virtual Christmas Party?

There’s so much choice when it comes to video calling platforms for remote Christmas parties. Many offer their services for free such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and Facebook. Look out for pesky time limits though as well as restrictions on the number of people.

When’s the Best Time for a Virtual Christmas Party?

The best time to host a virtual Christmas party depends on when’s best for the business. Bear in mind that staff members are likely to have holiday booked the closer you get to Christmas and are also likely to have a lot of work to do in the lead up to the festive break. November and December are the best times to celebrate.

How Long Should a Virtual Christmas Party Go on for?

Again, this depends on how much time everyone can spare. Two to three hours is a good amount of time for everyone to get stuck into some fun without it becoming exhausting or needing a break from looking at the screen.

How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Are you worried about what to do if your team are Zoomed out? Don’t be. This is why it’s so important to book a fun activity for them. Drinks and homemade quizzes can start to feel a little stale after a while, but an activity adds a professional touch and lets them concentrate on enjoying each other’s company.

What’s Next?

So, there you have it, our complete guide to virtual Christmas parties for groups. If you’d like even more inspiration, check out our listings for virtual activities now. From here, you’ll find full information on the experiences you can choose from and can make your enquiry directly with the experience provider. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you and your team have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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Gemma Logan

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