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Frequently asked questions about Wine Tasting Experiences & Activities

Do You Drink the Wine at a Wine Tasting?

Of course! You may have seen stuffy-looking wine tastings in films or on TV but we think that’s a waste of good wine! You’ll learn the best tasting techniques from swirling it around to glass to smell that enticing aroma to swishing the wine around your mouth to make the most of all that flavour before swallowing it.

Who Runs a Wine Tasting?

Wine tastings are run by a range of bars, pubs, restaurants and vineyards by their staff who are passionate about vino, from the person who picks the grapes to bartenders. They’ll share all their top knowledge with you.

What Should I Wear to at Wine Tasting?

The dress code will depend on where your wine tasting takes place. If it’s at a chain, high street bar, you can expect a more casual dress than if it’s taking place at a swanky hotel. If in doubt, ask the experience provider what you should wear to the wine tasting when you place your enquiry.

How Long Do Wine Tastings Last?

Wine tastings generally last between one and three hours, depending on whether you’ve got a meal or a tour included.

How Much Wine is Included in a Wine Tasting?

The average is around five different wines with a mixture of red, white and rose but this varies from venue to venue. Wherever you choose to go for your tasting session, you can rest assured that you’ll get to try a variety of wines so you can identify and compare flavours and aromas.

How Much Does a Wine Tasting Cost?

Wine tastings can cost as little as £25 per person, increasing in price if you go for more glasses of wine, premium bottles or add extras like food or vineyard tours.

What Occasions are a Wine Tasting Good For?

Who needs an excuse to drink delicious wine? A wine tasting is great fun for a spur of the moment night out or to treat loved ones. It’s also particularly well received if you’re looking for hen do or birthday party ideas. Bottoms up!