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Frequently asked questions

Why do a team building activity?

Because they’re a great way to get your team chatting, laughing and getting to know each other better as they let their hair down outside the workplace. Team activities are a great way to reward your workers for all their hard work and will help to unleash your team’s potential and help them bond, leading to them being more productive and happier at work.

Are there any team building ideas in Leeds that can improve problem-solving skills?

Absolutely! Escape rooms are an excellent choice to enhance problem-solving abilities. Shut yourselves in a themed room and work together to solve puzzles and find clues within a set time. It's a fun and challenging way to sharpen those critical thinking skills as you take on puzzles and riddles and work together to crack clues and codes.

Are there any outdoor team building activities in Leeds?

Leeds offers a variety of outdoor team building activities that combine fun and fresh air! Embark on a challenging high ropes course, go kayaking on the River Aire or take part in a GPS-based scavenger hunt through the city's scenic parks. Nature and teamwork; what a winning combination.

What team building activities are suitable for remote teams?

Even when working remotely, you can still engage your team in virtual team building activities. Try online trivia games, virtual escape rooms or team challenges conducted via video call. Trust us, with these activities, distance won't dampen the team spirit.

Do you offer team building activities that promote leadership development?

Yes. Team building activities are a great way to see individual strengths and limitations in individuals in your team. How about an outdoor adventure activity like rock climbing or orienteering or a team school sports day? These challenges encourage individuals to step up, take charge and guide their team towards success. Get ready to unlock leadership potential in a thrilling setting.

Team Building in Leeds

Team building in Leeds is always great fun! This is a fantastic location for team building with a vibrant atmosphere with a perfect blend of professionalism and fun, where your team can come together and unleash their collective potential. This Northern city Leeds boasts a huge amount of unique and exciting activities that cater to all tastes, budgets and group sizes. From adrenaline-pumping assault courses and dance classes to escape rooms to interactive treasure hunts, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Imagine your team solving puzzles, cracking codes and working together to achieve a common goal. It's the perfect recipe for bonding and gaining a sense of camaraderie.

Leeds ticks all the boxes when it comes to team building. Its diverse range of activities. You’ll be spoilt for choice with something to suit all groups, whether you’re adrenaline seekers or just want to chill out and get to know each other better. Your team work hard all year round so we think they deserve a treat and our activities will do just that, breaking any ice and helping them to have fun and make memories. So, gather your team and get ready to unleash the power of collaboration in the lively city of Leeds.

Why Do Team Building in Leeds

There’s just so many options when it comes to team building ideas in Leeds. This fun city offers a wealth of beautiful outdoor spaces, providing a refreshing change of scenery for your team building activities. The stunning parks, such as Roundhay Park and Golden Acre Park, provide a serene backdrop for collaborative exercises and outdoor games. Getting outdoors not only encourages teamwork but also allows for relaxation and rejuvenation. Leeds is also renowned for its vibrant culinary scene. After a productive day of team building, you can treat your team to a wide array of delectable dining options.

From cosy gastro pubs to upscale restaurants serving international cuisines, there's something to satisfy every palate. Sharing a delicious meal together is the perfect way to celebrate achievements and strengthen the bonds within your team. Leeds also boasts excellent transport links, making it easily accessible for team members travelling from different locations. With its well-connected train station and proximity to Leeds Bradford Airport, bringing your team together has never been more convenient.

Daytime Team Building Activities in Leeds

Escape rooms are one of the most popular activities for Leeds team building. They provide an immersive and exhilarating experience that promotes collaboration, problem-solving and good communication. Within the confines of an escape room, team members are challenged to work together under pressure, leveraging their individual strengths to solve intricate puzzles and unlock hidden clues. The intense yet enjoyable atmosphere of an escape room fosters teamwork, encourages creative thinking, and builds trust among colleagues. It's an opportunity for your team to bond, think outside the box, and celebrate collective victories. So, if you're looking for a thrilling and productive team-building activity, an escape room is the perfect choice.

If you’ve got a lively team, why not try a themed dance class? There’s a theme to suit all tastes including ABBA, 80s, burlesque, Beyonce, Britney and much more. You can even take part in your very own Lip Sync Battle. This hilarious activity gets everyone donning fancy dress as you form your favourite band or singer and mime to your heart's content as you learn a choreographed dance routine, taught by a professional instructor. You could even pay homage to a famous Leeds band such as The Kaiser Chiefs, Alt-J or a singer such as Mel B from the Spice Girls!

Evening Team Building Activities in Leeds

Once night falls, there’s plenty more fun to be had. Get yourselves to a cocktail making class, available at loads of pubs, bars and clubs in the city centre. This popular activity offers a unique and interactive experience that allows team members to unleash their creativity while honing their mixology skills. In a lively and engaging atmosphere, participants learn the art of crafting delicious cocktails under the guidance of expert mixologists. This hands-on activity encourages teamwork, as colleagues collaborate to create mouthwatering concoctions. It also provides an opportunity for team members to unwind and celebrate their achievements together.

If you like the idea of a team building experience with a touch of sophistication, why not try a classy gin tasting? These interactive classes provide an opportunity for team members to explore the rich and diverse world of gin, learning about its history, distillation techniques and flavour profiles. Engaging in a guided tasting session, participants discover the nuances of different gin varieties while fostering their sensory skills. This activity encourages chit chat as colleagues share their tasting notes and preferences. With a perfect balance of fun and sophistication, a gin tasting class allows teams to bond, expand their knowledge and enjoy the finer things in life.

Action-Packed Team Building Activities in Leeds

If you’re a team who likes to get your adrenaline pumping, you’ll love bubble football. This ridiculously fun sport is an ideal choice for boosting team spirit and bonds. As players slip into giant, inflatable, one-person zorbs, they'll find themselves bouncing and rolling across the field, colliding and laughing all the way. Bubble football requires teamwork, communication and strategic thinking to outmanoeuvre opponents and score goals. It's an incredible bonding experience that breaks down barriers, encourages cooperation and guarantees loads of laughter.

Looking for an outdoor adventure that's as exciting as it is good for team building? Look no further than paintballing! Get ready to divide into teams and face off as opponents in an action-packed arena. Prepare for a variety of thrilling games where one team defends while the other attacks! These games require teamwork and cunning strategies to sneak past your opponents undetected. Paintballing offers the ultimate team building experience, promoting communication, cooperation, and, above all, a whole lot of fun! Make lasting memories with your colleagues during your Leeds corporate event and spice things up with an exhilarating game of paintballing. Let the adventure begin!

Chilled Out Team Building Activities in Leeds

If you’re looking for a real group pleaser, a chocolate making workshop is hard to beat. This laid-back activity combines the joy of chocolate with the power of collaboration. As your team dives into the world of cocoa, they'll learn the art of tempering, molding and decorating mouthwatering treats. This hands-on activity is bound to help the team unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills. Bonding over shared love for all things chocolate, colleagues will laugh, learn and celebrate their creations. The workshop provides a delightful mix of fun and professionalism, promoting teamwork and leaving a sweet taste of success. You can even take your chocolates home in a goody bag after the class.

Alternatively, you can elevate team dynamics with a twist of tranquillity through a yoga class! As your team tries out a range of soothing poses and mindful breathing exercises, they'll discover a renewed sense of focus, clarity and balance. Yoga promotes self-awareness, mindfulness and unity, giving everyone time to reflect and renew. Together, colleagues will stretch their boundaries, both physically and mentally, creating a sense of shared accomplishment. This rejuvenating experience encourages teamwork and a positive work-life balance. So, roll out the mats and strike a pose! Namaste.

Unusual Team Building Activities in Leeds

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary for an unforgettable team building experience in Leeds. Unusual activities inject a dose of excitement and creativity, reinvigorating team dynamics with a fun yet professional twist. Your team could be participating in a live gameshow that’ll ignite friendly competition. From brain-bending quizzes to hilarious challenges, these gameshows create a fun atmosphere where laughter and teamwork take centre stage. But the fun doesn't stop there! If you want something quirky, take your team on a rhythmic journey with a DJ workshop.

Unleash their inner mix master as they discover the art of beat-matching, scratching and creating seamless transitions. This hands-on experience encourages collaboration, adaptability and attention to detail. The team will bond over shared musical interests, groove to the rhythm and celebrate their newfound DJ skills. These unique activities provide an escape from the routine, revitalising team spirit and fostering meaningful connections. They encourage colleagues to step outside their comfort zones, unleash their creativity, and work together towards a common goal. The element of novelty sparks curiosity and engagement, fueling enthusiasm and revitalising workplace morale.

Where to Eat and Drink Nearby

Gather your team, loosen those ties, and prepare for a mouth-watering adventure! A meal out is the secret sauce for team building. After all, who doesn’t love a good old chat over good food? It’s a great way to get to know each other better and deepen bonds. Here are some of our favourite culinary hotspots in the city centre:

TGI Fridays, 406 Albion Street, Trinity, Leeds, LS1 5AY - Indulge in a selection of American goodies including mouth-watering burgers, succulent chicken wings, finger-licking ribs and even heavenly veggie and vegan options. Prepare for generous portions and a fun atmosphere and you tuck in. And don't miss out on their crowd-pleasing cocktails and mocktails!

Revolution, 41 Cookridge Street, Leeds, LS2 3AW - Revolution is a great place to dine, drink and dance, giving you a night out with the team that’s as relaxed or wild as you want. Situated in the heart of the Civic Quarter, overlooking Millennium Square, Revolution serves up a value for money menu with plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options to please all palates.

Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP - Immerse yourself in the eclectic charm of Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen in the heart of Leeds. This epic, three-storey venue boasts a diverse drinks menu and wood-fired pizzas with a huge range of toppings. Prepare to combine delicious flavours with a vibrant atmosphere.

Want More Team Building Ideas in Leeds

The possibilities for fun and effective team building activities in Leeds are endless. Whether it's bouncing around in bubble football, crafting delicious treats in a cocktail making workshop or finding serenity in a yoga class, there's something for every team. So, step out of the ordinary and into a world of laughter, bonding and growth. Let the team building adventure begin!

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