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Frequently asked questions about Archery Experiences & Activities

What Is Archery?

Archery is an ancient sport that was historically used for hunting and combat. The weapon was typically made from wood and crafted by hand. Armies had their own squad of archers whose sole purpose was to fire at the incoming enemy from a distance.

Now, it’s a fun, shooting-based sport that involves using a metal stringed bow and arrow. You’ll have a target bullseye several metres away and you’ll need to use a steady aim and precision to get as close as you can.

When Was Archery Invented?

In Europe, archery can be dated back to 10,000 BC and even further in other parts of the world. It’s thought that the Egyptians invented archery around 3,000 BC. It’s pretty mind-boggling when you think about it!

What Is the Difference Between Archery and Archery Tag?

The wonders of our modern era means archery has taken on many forms and can be used as a fun aim and shooting experience or as part of a larger game of archery tag. Also known as ‘battlezone archery’ or ‘combat archery’, archery tag is a competitive activity that’s a cross between archery, paintball and dodgeball.

That’s right, this means you’ll be shooting at each other! Archery tag will see you splitting into two teams in a specially designed combat zone. There will be inflatable bunkers for you to hide behind as you dodge incoming arrows and attempt to shoot at your mates. But, don’t worry, these arrows will be rubber-tipped and you’ll be geared up in protective equipment so nobody will get hurt.

How Do You Play Archery Tag?

The aim of archery tag is to knock out your mates on the opposing team using your rubber-tipped arrows. If they get hit, they’re out! Super-simply but a whole lot of fun, archery tag is a great way to let off steam and bond with your friends and family. They’ll be a an event organiser on hand who’ll be your referee, keep track of points and hand out forfeits to the loser!

Does Archery Count as Exercise?

Sure! A couple of hours of archery will certainly work out your arm muscles as holding back the arrow and aiming at your target is no easy task. The string is nice and taught, so it’ll be a slight challenge to pull back and hold steady. If you opt for archery tag, or ‘battlezone archey’ you’ll certainly burn off some calories as you leap behind bunkers and run around the combat zone.

What Do You Wear to Archery Tag?

Because archery tag is such an active activity, we highly recommend wearing some old trainers and comfy shorts or tracksuit bottoms. You’re going to need the flexibility to run, roll and jump behind your bunkers, so jeans is definitely a no-go!

What Are the Different Types of Bow You Get in Archery?

The different types of bows you’ll be using will be dependent on what the activity provider has to offer. However, generally there are four types of archery bows that include long bows, compound bows, recurve bows and crossbows. The crossbow is slightly different as it has a mechanically triggered bow, so, it is a little more advanced than the regular bow and arrow.

Can I Dress Like Robin Hood?

Why not! He is, after all, one of the most renowned archers in history, so embracing the character of Robin Hood may help you with your accuracy. Please make sure to check with the activity provider beforehand as dressing up may compromise your safety.

Does It Matter If I’ve Never Shot an Arrow Before?

Not at all! There’s no denying that some archery experience will help, but that doesn’t mean to say you won’t have just as equal a good time. Perhaps you’ll discover a new skill that you’re good at! Either way, archery is all about giving it your best shot and having a blast with your friends and family.

What Types of Events is This Activity Popular For?

Archery is perfect for all sort of events. Because it’s based in the great outdoors, it’s a great opportunity to get a big group of friends together and celebrate a birthday party or special occasion. And, Battlezone archery or tag archery is fantastic for hen dos and stag groups looking to enjoy some friendly competition!

How Long Are Sessions Normally?

You can expect archery sessions to last around one-two hours. Combat archery is usually a little longer because it’s full of lots of fun challenges and mini games.

What are The Archery Tag Rules?

Archery tag or combat archery have simple rules. The aim is to knock out the opposing team with your rubber-tipped arrows. If you get hit, you’re out of the round! It’s similar to paintball in that after each round or time scales you’ll be able to re-enter the game. There will also be mini challenges that’ll test your accuracy skills and increase the competition between your mates!

Does It Matter If I’m Left-Handed?

There shouldn’t be any problems if you are left-handed. You’ll simply have to hold the bow in a different hand. (You’ll pull the arrow with your stronger hand, so if you’re a left-handed archer, you’ll hold the bow in your right hand). If you have any concerns, feel free to message the activity provider.

Archery Experiences

Fancy giving Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen a run for their money? Then you've got to try archery. Whether it’s stag versus stag, hen versus hen or friends against friends, you’ll all have a blast at the archery range with this unique activity. Trying something new is a great way to make that special occasion feel that bit more special as you all bond over a shared experience and make lasting memories together.

All our archery experiences take place at the top destinations in the UK and Europe and are all led by fully qualified instructors. They’ll share their top tips with you to help you hit as many targets as possible, as well as carrying out a full safety briefing and making sure you know how to use all the equipment. Now it’s time to unleash your inner bow and arrow badass!

You’ll need patience, focus and skill to hit the exciting range of targets. When you finally hit one, you’ll feel such a sense of achievement, as well as a big adrenaline rush. Battlezone archery takes place all over the UK and Europe from Brighton to Newcastle, Cardiff to Edinburgh, Amsterdam to Albufeira, and loads of places in between. This is archery with a twist though because your arrows won’t be flying just at targets, you’ll also have to shoot each other in a crazy blend of archery and dodgeball! This is a hugely popular stag do activity, however it is fast becoming a top team building event.

You’ll each be kitted up with safety gear, including body and face protectors, before being given your bows and round-tipped arrows which pack a punch but aren't too painful! You’ll be split into two teams and the aim of the game is to eliminate the players on the opposing team and their cones by pelting them with arrows. Great fun! If you're having a Nottingham stag do then this is an absolute must!