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Frequently asked questions about Clay Pigeon Shooting Experiences & Activities

What Should I Wear?

During a session of clay pigeon shooing we recommend that, first and foremost, you dress for the weather! As most sessions are in the great open countryside, you don’t want your day to be ruined because of a small spot of rain. Instead, make sure you check the weather forecast and bring your rain macs or your woolly jumpers if necessary. Other than that, make sure to wear comfy clothes and old trainers or boots that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Does It Matter If You’ve Never Shot Anything Before?

Not at all! Of course, every bit of practise helps, but a clay pigeon shooting experience is all about learning new skills and having a blast with your mates. There will be a team of dedicated and professional instructors who’ll be able to teach you all about the ideal techniques and bring you up to speed with the guns. Who knows, perhaps you’ll unleash a hidden talent?

How Long Do Most Sessions Last?

Most of our clay pigeon shooting sessions lasts for around one – two hours. It’s all dependent on the size of your group and the number of clays you choose as part of your experience. It’s advised that you arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes prior to your session start time so that you can listen to safety briefings at get geared up with all your equipment.

Is There A Limit to The Group Size for These Types of Events?

Because clay pigeon shooting is usually located outside, the group limit is often up to 40 people. However, make sure to check with the activity provider when you book as it may vary depending on your location and the current social distancing guidelines.

Is There an Age Limit to These Activities?

Age restrictions vary depending on the activity provider and venue. We have a couple of activities that start at 10+, which makes it an ideal experience for families wanting to learn a new skill together. However, some clay pigeon shooting experiences have a minimum age limit of 18, so make sure to double check before you book.

What Events Would This Be A Good Activity For?

Clay pigeon shooting is fantastic for most events. Because of its outdoor location, it’s a great way to get a big group of you together and enjoy some friendly competition. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, hen do or stag weekend, clay pigeon shooting provides a great opportunity to escape into the countryside and test out your skills.

How Hard is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting can be as hard or as easy as you like. For seasoned shooters, it’ll be a great opportunity to brush up on your skills and attempt to beat your high scores. For newbies, it’ll be a chance to learn how to properly hold a gun and to steady yourself for the perfect aim. There’s really nothing not to love!

How Many Clays or Cartridges Are You Normally Provided with On an Average Session?

The number of clays or cartridges you receive will really vary depending on the activity provider. It can range from 15 clays to 50 with the number of cartridges adjusted accordingly. So, it’s best to check the listings in the location that you want your clay pigeon shooting experience to be held and go from there. You can always book multiple sessions if you want extra time!

Do You Need A License for This Activity?

Nope, not at all! The activity provider will have a shooting license so that you don’t need one. If you’re feeling uncertain, you can easily pop the activity provider a message via Fizzbox and they’ll ensure to respond to you ASAP.

Will Wearing Glasses Be an Issue at All?

No, don’t worry. The activity provider will ensure that anyone with glasses is accommodated for, either by providing you with nice big goggles or by doing a quick eye test to ensure you can see the clays.

Clay Pigeon Shooting in the UK & Europe

Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to celebrate your occasion by getting the lads, ladies and everyone together for a fun event. No one will be forgetting this activity in a hurry as you learn to aim and fire at clay pigeons flying high in the sky! The qualified instructor will give you the hints, tips and tricks on how to follow the clay pigeon in the sky before waiting for the right moment to shoot.

Why not have some friendly competition amongst your friends and see who has the best aim and accuracy? This unique experience is perfect for any kind of celebration such as a stag or hen do, team-building event with a twist or a fun birthday party to invite everyone along to! With 25 shots per person, you’ll have lots of time to practice your aim and improve your shot to really get a feel for the shotgun in your hands.

This exhilarating experience will get the adrenaline pumping as you grip the gun in your hands for the first time before taking a deep breath in as you aim and fire at the moving clay pigeon. Clay pigeon shooting is a fantastic way to get everyone together, enjoying an event and chatting amongst yourselves as you see who has the best aim.

This is the perfect ice breaker for any stag weekends or hen parties as you learn and discuss about the shotgun as well as techniques given from the qualified instructor. Great for the turning of any age, any reason for celebrating and even just wanting a great day out with mates to do something you’ve always wanted to try! You will be looked after at all times by the qualified instructor so don’t worry if you or someone in your group is nervous. This is all just for fun and to have a great time!