Last Minute Stag Do!

The Best Activities for A Last-Minute Stag Do

When it comes to last minute stag dos there’s tons of fantastic activities to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top last-minute stag do activities that are sure to give the groom-to-be a spectacular send off!

We know how important stag dos are. There is planning to be done, accommodation to book and invitations to be sent. It’s a lot to think about, that’s why stag do activities are often left to the last minute.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With hundreds of experiences right at your fingertips, you can book a last-minute stag do to fit in with your plans and make the last weekend of freedom one to remember.

Escape Room Picture

Escape Rooms

£12 per person - £50 per group

One of the most popular activities for stags is the escape room!

This mind-boggling activity is the perfect way for lads to get together and solve puzzles as a team. You’ll be locked in a room where you’ll need to crack mysteries and riddles within a one-hour time limit.

Every escape room has different themes, narratives and characters. No two are the same, so make sure to have a browse through our escape room listings to find the perfect activity for your stag do.

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Footgolf Picture


£24 - £80 per person

There’s often debate between which sport is best, football or golf. Well, you don’t need to debate between the two — you can do both!

This last-minute stag do activity combines the beautiful game with a gentle round of putting. Instead of golf clubs you’ll be using your feet to shoot footballs into over-sized golf holes.

A referee will be on-hand to guide you through the games, issue challenges and hand out forfeits to the losers. If you want to get into the true spirit of things, you can turn up dressed in long socks and flat caps!

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Bubble Football Picture

Bubble Football

£27.50 - £52 per person

For the ultimate competitive activity that’ll have you all in fits of laughter, bubble football is a must-do last minute stag do experience.

You’ll each climb into giant inflatable zorbs that’ll cover your entire body, leaving your legs dangling out at the bottom. Good luck staying upright as you roll, bounce and slam into your mates on the football pitch!

You can play bubble football in most of the top UK cities for stag dos, as well as hot European destinations too. Have a browse through our listings and book the experience nearest to you!

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Beer Bike Picture

Beer Bike

£25 per person - £500 per group

No stag do is complete without a round of beers or two… or three… or four! A beer bike is a fantastic way to tour a new city and chug down lots of alcohol whilst you’re at it.

Most beer bikes will come with special seats with pedals on them so you can move yourselves along whilst your (sober) driver takes the wheel and points out some fun places to visit in the city. There will be several litres of beer on board, so you and the lads can cheers to the groom-to-be and celebrate your stag weekend occasion in style.

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Gin Tasting Picture

Gin Tasting

If the stag loves his drinks, then a gin tasting class is going to tick all of his boxes. Choose from over 60 gin tasting classes, the perfect activity for a last-minute stag do idea.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about everyone’s favourite tipple. From its dubious past to the trendy gin cocktail trend, there’s so much to discover and so many different flavours to try. You’ll be ready to hit the town afterwards. What are you waiting for?

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Booking your last-minute stag do with Fizzbox is the easy way to secure and enjoy fantastic group experiences. With just a small deposit and guaranteed refunds, you can look forward to your big weekend without worrying about the cost if you need to cancel.

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As well as listing hundreds of experiences for you to choose from, we offer prices that you won’t find cheaper anywhere else. And you can also message the activity provider directly through Fizzbox’s message system. It couldn’t be easier!

Last Minute Stag Do Reminders

If you’re booking a last-minute stag do there are some important bits that you need to remember in advance. These aren’t just vital for ensuring everyone has a stress-free and memorable time, but that they get to the stag location in the first place!

Passport image

Passport Expiration

If you’re heading abroad, you need to make sure that your passports have at least six months left on it. This is due to the new immigration controls now that the UK has left the European Union. If you have less than six months left, you won’t be getting to your beautiful stag do location anytime soon!

Fancydress image

Fancy Dress

If you’re planning a night out on the town that involves fancy dress, you’ll need to make sure everyone is made aware well in advance. There’s nothing more embarrassing than turning up to a party in the wrong clothes. This is especially important if your mates need to plan their suitcases.

Props image


If you want to embarrass the stag on his last night of freedom, you’ll need to remember your props! Perhaps you want to wear t-shirts with his face on or you’re organising a fake arrest. Remember to get everything prepared in advance — you don’t want all your plans to fall flat!

Last Minute Stag Do

Planning a last minute stag do can be a whirlwind of excitement and chaos, but fear not, lads! Whether you're the best man scrambling to put together a memorable send-off or the groom-to-be himself realising time is running out, we've got you covered. Let us break down the essentials of planning a legendary stag do, even when you're down to the wire.

How far in advance should a stag do be?

How far in advance image

When it comes to planning a stag do, timing is crucial. But who said you can't be fashionably late? Ideally, you'd want to start plotting the epicness at least four to six months in advance. That gives you lots of time to secure your dream activities and make sure that every guy in your crew can clear their schedule for the ultimate night or weekend of fun.

If you’ve left it to the last minute, don’t worry! A last minute stag do can still be a total success, even with just a month or two’s planning or even weeks. Believe it or not, a successful stag do can still be executed with just a couple of weeks' notice. Once you’ve decided on a date, move quickly to get things arranged. But this all depends on the availability of your activities and accommodation as these can sell out quickly.

Top 10 Tips for Last Minute Stag Weekends

Consider a midweek bash for better availability, be open to spontaneous destinations, and remember, a stag do isn't about the planning—it's about the memories you'll be laughing about for years to come. So, whether you're the best man, the groom, or just a legendary wingman, grab that calendar, rally the troops, and get ready for a stag do that'll go down in the history books! Cheers to last-minute madness!

Embrace Spontaneity

Last minute stag parties are all about being spontaneous and being comfortable with it. Think go with the flow vibes rather than stress! This is not the time for a meticulously detailed itinerary. Let the stag do unfold organically.

Make a Group Chat

Get the gang together as soon as possible. Start a group chat and invite everyone you want to come to the stag do. It's crucial to involve the key players in the decision making process. You can either keep it all secret from the groom-to-be or include him. After all, this is his last hurrah as a single man, and his input will ensure the stag do is tailored to his taste.

Set a Date Quickly

Once you’ve got everyone together, either in person or via message, arrange a date ASAP. You can do a quick poll to find the date when most people are free. Figure out how much everyone is willing to chip in as quickly as possible and set a realistic budget for your stag do. Keep in mind that last minute bookings might come with a premium with things like accommodation, so it's wise to be upfront about how much money this will cost from the get-go.

Stick to the Budget

As you’re arranging things last minute, the chaos can make it tempting to throw money at the issue in order to get things booked, rather than making sure you’re getting the most value for your money. Remember to agree on a budget with your mates and to respect and stick to it.

Be Flexible with Location

If your heart is set on a particular destination, it’s a good idea to be open to nearby alternatives. Proximity to a major city or popular tourist spot can often give you more options for last-minute accommodation and activities. If you’re planning things last minute, it’s probably easier to not go too far afield as you’ll cut down on travel time which might be easier to arrange. A bit of spontaneity in choosing a location can lead to unexpected adventures.

Avoid Summer

The most popular time of year to book stag do activities is between January and March, and the most popular time of year to hold your stag do is between July and September.

Consider a Midweek Party

The key is to be flexible and creative. If the schedule allows it, you could consider a midweek bash, as venues and accommodation might be more readily available than on a weekend. We understand that this might always be possible or desirable. After all, who wants to go into work the day after a stag do?

Choose Unconventional Activities

Because this is a late stag do, you might find that the activities you wanted to do have already been booked. So, why not try something different and unconventional? These kinds of activities might be more likely to have availability once the classic stag activities have been booked up.

Choose a Theme

This is an easy way to inject some extra fun into the stag do if you’re celebrating late in the day. Whether it's dressing up as superheroes or embracing a retro 80s vibe, a theme can add an extra layer of enjoyment for everyone. Just make sure to choose something it’s easy to find an outfit for. Plus, it makes for some epic photos.

Don’t Panic

By using Fizzbox to book your last minute stag do, you’ll have access to a massive amount of the most popular activities, taking the stress away. They’re all bookable online so you don’t have to waste time on the phone. And there are absolutely no booking fees so you don’t have to spend hours shopping around. You’ll find all the best prices here.

Finding Late Stag Do Accommodation

Finding late accommodation image

The right place can make or break the experience, so here’s some advice on snagging the best last minute stag do accommodation. When time is of the essence, turn to specialised websites like The Stag Company for great last minute deals. These sites often have partnerships with accommodations and can secure better rates, saving you both time and money. Head over to The Stag Company to explore the latest options tailored for a memorable stag do experience. Not all accommodations are created equal when it comes to hosting rowdy stag parties. Make sure to choose stag-friendly venues that won’t mind a bit of noise and partying. Luckily, The Stag Company offers a variety of options, from budget to luxury, ensuring there’s something for every lad’s taste.

What Steps to Take Next

Having a last minute stag do doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the fun. With a bit of creativity, flexibility and the right activities and accommodation, you can pull off a stag do that will be talked about for years to come. Browse stag do activities on Fizzbox now and see what’s available for your group. Once booked, you can relax, gather the lads and get ready for a legendary send-off into married life!