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Frequently asked questions about Paintballing Experiences & Activities

Where Did Paintball Originate From?

Paintball as a sport is relatively new. The first official game was played in the 1980s in New Hampshire in the US between two friends who were keen to show off their survival skills in the woods. Paintball guns were originally invented in the 1960s as a spray-painting device for agriculture. We think paintball games are a much better use for it!

Does Paintball Hurt?

We won’t lie to you, yes it does but it’s not unbearable. You’re likely to feel a sting that fades pretty quickly. To make sure you have fun in a safe environment, the venue’s staff will conduct a full safety briefing and kit you out in safety gear including goggles. You might be left with a couple of bruises but comparing battle scars after your paintball game is all part of the fun.

How Much is Paintballing?

The cost of paintballing starts at just £8.99 per person for four hours. What a bargain! The price creeps up a bit if you add extras such as more paintballs, food, drink and transfers.

How Do You Play Paintball for the First Time?

If you’re wondering how to play paintball like a pro, let us help you. The venue’s experienced staff will get you kitted out, split you into teams and hand you your paintball guns. You’ll then fight it out across a range of battle scenarios where you’re tasked with pelting the opposing team members with paint. If you want to win, you’ll need to talk tactics with your team and stealthily stalk your prey. Always keep your wits about you because you don’t know who’s hiding behind the nearby obstacles waiting to shoot.

Where Can We Play Paintball?

This popular activity is available in a massive range of top UK and European towns and cities from London to Hvar. Check out our paintball listings to see where you can let loose in the great outdoors.

What Should I Wear to Play Paintball?

We recommend wearing loose, comfy clothes that you can move around in and don’t mind getting dirty. If you don’t leave here covered in paint, you’re doing something wrong! You’ll also need to wear ankle boots with support and grip.

What if I Run Out of Paintballs?

You’ll get a set number of paintballs included in your experience but there will also be more available to buy on the day. See individual listings for full details.

How Long Does a Game of Paintball Last?

This varies of which paintball package you book. You can go for half a day’s game play that’s around four hours or a full day. The choice is yours.

What Occasions Are Paintballing Good For?

If you’re looking for value for money experiences for a fun day out or stag do, birthday party or team building event or even just a fun day out, paintballing is a great choice. It breaks the ice straight away as everyone gets stuck into the adrenaline-pumping fun and unleashes their competitive sides.