Escape Rooms in Brighton

The quirky seaside city is the perfect place to try something a little different and a lot of fun. Nothing fits that better than an Escape Room in Brighton, offering a totally immersive and memorable experience to test your teamwork!

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What is an Escape Room?

One hour on the clock, it's ticking down and all you have is your own brain power to attempt to solve the puzzle and break out before you're trapped inside! Imagine a real-life crystal maze combined with the concept of an immersive experience, that's an escape room in the UK. In short, an escape room is an interactive and immersive game that challenges you with puzzles to solve and clues to find to try and plot your tactical escape. You'll have an hour on the clock to escape and it's your job to try and get out before the time is up, so let's hope you have some brainy friends!

One hour on the clock, it's ticking down and all you have is your own brain power to attempt to solve the puzzle and break out before you're trapped inside! Imagine a real-life crystal maze combined with the concept of an immersive experience, that's an escape room in the UK. In short, an escape room is an interactive and immersive game that challenges you with puzzles to solve and clues to find to try and plot your tactical escape. You'll have an hour on the clock to escape and it's your job to try and get out before the time is up, so let's hope you have some brainy friends!

Escape rooms come in many different forms, with some more challenging than others and some designed to be scary or even family friendly. Escape rooms are a brilliant way of doing something fun on a rainy day that's not staring at a screen! Whether it's for an occasion, like a birthday or stag do or simply to get out and do something different with your friends, there's an escape room for everyone. Start small and work your way up, before you know it, you'll be an escape room pro!

Escape rooms come in many different forms, with some more challenging than others and some designed to be scary or even family friendly. Escape rooms are a brilliant way of doing something fun on a rainy day that's not staring at a screen! Whether it's for an occasion, like a birthday or stag do or simply to get out and do something different with your friends, there's an escape room for everyone. Start small and work your way up, before you know it, you'll be an escape room pro!

If we travel back all the way to the 1970s, we can find the roots of the escape game trend in the Dungeons & Dragons craze and then again in the 1980s with some of the adventure games on British TV. One of the most popular being the sci-fi themed show called Now Get Out of That, but the true start to all this is probably the 90s show, Crystal Maze, which saw teams take on puzzles that tested their mental and physical abilities.

While Britain was obsessing over adventure game TV shows and team challenges, in Asia the concept of the escape room was emerging. Escape Games were originally video games, where the player would have to solve the mystery of one room before moving on to the next. These were popular in the early 00s and it was quickly transformed into the real-life version of a live escape room.

In Japan, by 2007, the first live escape room was created, where the player would physically be in a themed room and try and solve mysteries in an allotted time in order to escape. Shortly after, in 2011, the escape room arrived in Europe in Hungary and spread like wildfire across the continent. Now a popular game worldwide with over a thousand in the UK alone, everyone is going escape room mad!

What Makes Escape Rooms So Popular?

So, what makes escape rooms so popular and why has it become a world craze? Well for starters, they're a fun and enjoyable brain teaser that gives you a sense of accomplishment when you manage to beat the clock and escape. These rooms bring puzzles to life, immersing you in different scenarios, you're placed into a character's predicament and it's your job to solve the mystery.

There's something about escape rooms that you just can't get in any other team activity or game. Escape rooms get your friends together working on the same thing, it's competitive and you may bicker just as much as you would over monopoly, but you all have the same aim, to get out in under an hour. So, remember there's no 'i' in team. Ditch your one-person competitive nature at the door and win altogether! Communication and teamwork are key to beating an escape room as well as having some brainy friends in there with you. It's this teamwork that makes it a brilliant team building activity and perfect for corporate days out!

Going to an escape room won't break the bank, in fact, it will on average cost a similar amount to going to the cinema. The low cost of escape rooms makes them an easy activity to get out and do with friends. If it's raining outside an escape room is a great way to still do something fun, it's not solitary like video games and you can head to the pub afterwards to discuss your experience.

With the increase in popularity of Secret Cinema, it seems the British public loves the idea of an immersive experience and escape rooms offer just that with the added excitement of actually being locked in!

Escape rooms are designed to immerse the players into the world of the challenge, whether that's a horror room, sci-fi themed, a murder mystery or even a heist, the games are becoming more and more realistic adding to the thrill of the challenge.

The nostalgia of British TV shows, such as Crystal Maze and lo-fi computer games, play a big part in the popularity of escape rooms. If you miss programmes like the classic Crystal Maze in the 90s and always wanted to give it a go, then an escape room is the place to do it. So, it's time to take your eyes off the screen and get out to attempt to complete an escape room.

Escape Room World Championships?

Yep, that's right, there's now an Escape Room World Championships held in Shoreditch London! Hosted by Red Bull and designed by Scott Nicholson, a professor of gaming in Ontario Canada, the championship escape room for 2019 was in the theme of artificial intelligence and is far more challenging than your average game. With 23 countries including the UK reaching the qualifying for the championship, it's fair to say that escape rooms have grown in popularity and really are a worldwide craze!

Slovakia won this year's Red Bull Escape Room Championship with a final time of 27 minutes and 16 seconds. So, if you think you have what it takes to test yourself in the championship escape room and have an elite mind of an expert gamer, why not give it a go and get practicing in Escape rooms up and down the country?

What Happens Inside an Escape Room in Brighton?

Escape rooms are mysterious places meaning you probably have a fair few questions about them. What even happens inside of one and what should you expect? Well, here are answers to some common questions which will hopefully clear a few things up for you and prepare you to give an escape room in Brighton a go!

Am I Locked In?

No. The door will be shut for a designated period of time, and to escape, you’ll have to complete the puzzles inside. Although the whole concept of an escape room is to break out and unlock the doors, you’re not actually trapped inside for safety reasons. If you need to leave the room for any reason, there is always someone there on hand to help.

How Happens If I Can’t Escape?

If you fail to solve the mystery and don’t escape in the time allotted, your guide will simply unlock the door and let you out. So, don’t worry you’re not trapped in there forever. However, this does mean the room has defeated you and won’t be able to say you escaped.

Are Escape Rooms Dark?

This all depends on where you go. Generally, escape rooms are quite dimly lit to exaggerate the dramatic atmosphere and suspense, and others are set in the dark. If you go to a horror themed escape room, for example, you might encounter a darkened room. But you’ll still have some lighting so you can complete the game.

Are Phones Allowed in Escape Rooms in Brighton?

Absolutely not! We can’t have you cheating! It’s advised for you to not take your phones into the room with you as it could ruin your experience. Leave them behind and step away from your screens to work together and solve the mystery. You may even find you’re quicker without your phones. After all, you won’t have any time to look at them if you’re working hard on escaping!

Are Escape Rooms Scary?

In short, some escape rooms are scary and others are not. Escape rooms are designed to a theme and if that theme is a scary one then you might get a fright. If you’re looking for an escape room that’ll give you the shivers, then why not try a horror themed room and see if you’re brave enough to withstand the challenge and solve the mystery?

Are Escape Rooms Claustrophobic?

This one also varies from venue to venue. If you know you’re prone to feeling claustrophobic, then it’s worth checking with the activity provider before you go. That way, you can have a fun and comfortable experience. Remember, there’s always someone around you to let you out in an emergency.

Are Escape Rooms Family Friendly?

This also depends on the venue and on how old your family is. In the majority of venues, kids can go but do need to be at least 10 years of age. And if not, they need to be accompanied by an adult. Escape rooms can be family friendly if they’re designed to be easier and perhaps are not set in a murder mystery or horror plot! There are family friendly escape rooms in Brighton that make a great day out. Work together and solve the puzzles.

How Much Does an Escape Room in BrightonCost?

Escape rooms can cost between £10 to £30, depending on where you are in the country. Down in Brighton, you can go and enjoy an escape room for around £15-£25 each. For an experience that’s different to any other and something that’s perfect for a rainy or cold day, it’s a great price. Immerse yourselves in the theme of the room and try to pick up the pieces to solve the mystery.

What Should I Wear to an Escape Rooms?

An escape room is a casual activity so simply wear what makes you feel comfortable. Something like jeans and a T-shirt will do. Saying that, some escape rooms do have optional fancy dress. For example, the Escape the Vault escape room in the city has the option of donning a balaclava to fit in with the bank robbery theme.

Is an escape room good for a first date?

If you love puzzles, why not? As some escape rooms require more than two people to take part, you may have to join another group. But there are still plenty of escape games for two. It’s certainly an ice breaker!

How Long Do Escape Rooms Last?

You usually get one hour on the clock to complete the game, but the aim is to complete it as fast as you can. Some escape rooms are harder than others, so depending on how good you are and what level the room is, how long it takes will depend.

Brighton Escape Room Top Tips

Escape rooms can be overwhelming, especially if you've never attempted to break out of one before. So, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when tackling an escape room as a rookie!

Everything is a Clue So Try Them All

If you’ve never done an escape room before, it may be hard to know where to start when you step into a room full of objects that are supposedly clues. One way of getting over this initial feeling of being overwhelmed is to simply pick up and look at everything. Anything could be a clue or a button, so read and inspect everything.

Stay Calm & Don’t Overthink It

It may be easier said than done but make sure to stay calm and don’t panic. A clear mind will be more useful to you and your mates as you try to escape. Just try not to overthink it and use common sense.

Work as a Team

Listening to each other may become hard if you start to disagree but someone in your group may have a brilliant idea and it could make you the champions. So, a good group discussion is a better plan than going it alone.

Don’t Bunch Around One Puzzle. Split Up

There will be plenty in the room to find and lots of puzzles to solve so if there’s a few of you splitting up and working in smaller groups, shout out what you find. Work together to solve the puzzles.

Have Fun

Escape rooms are games and they’re great fun. There’s a reason everyone loves them! So, enjoy the mystery and the puzzles and become immersed in your surroundings. You’ll quickly catch the escape room bug, trust us!

Why Do an Escape Room in Brighton?

By now everyone knows how much fun escape rooms really are, but why try one in Brighton? Well, the answer is easy, Brighton is a fantastic destination whether you're visiting for a birthday party, stag do, hen party or you live nearby and want to do something fun on a rainy day, an escape room in Brighton is a brilliant idea.

Although you will find less escape rooms in Brighton than somewhere like London, here you can get around the city by walking. Brighton is a unique location with its fair share of quirks which are worth exploring, so why not come and check out these escape rooms?

Brighton Escape Rooms for Team Building

If you think about what makes a great team building activity, the elements required to succeed in an escape room all come into it. Escape Rooms are perfect for a corporate team building event because they require you to work as a team, listen, try each other's ideas out and speak out yourself. An escape room makes for a brilliant team building activity for a variety of reasons and the skills required to complete an escape room are similar to many development objectives in business.

It doesn't matter how big or small your business or place of work is, an escape room is a fantastic way of getting everyone working together in a fun and most importantly not boring environment. One of the best locations for team building in Brighton has got to be Judgement D.A.V.E.

Judgement Dave

Enter an immersive experience like no other with a live action gaming experience that will challenge you. This escape room will give you 60 minutes, in a team of up to seven people, to complete the challenges and solve the puzzles and escape. In this escape room venue, you'll find Judgment D.A.V.E. a room which will take you on an interactive journey following a storyline. Here you'll encounter a special feature from Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett. Judgement D.A.V.E, places you in the story line of a mutiny staged by a rogue A.I. Dr. Wilder orders you to explore the cognitive training facility and stop the mutiny.

The Best Escape Rooms in Brighton

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the choice of where to take your escape room adventures? Don't worry that's why we've put together a list of the top five escape rooms in Brighton so you can choose your favourite and go and get that escape room bug.

Bewilder Box

These Bewilder Box escape rooms can be found at two locations, in the Hobgoblin and in the Brunswick, making them the perfect escape rooms if you're looking to enjoy a celebratory pint after your success. These are great interactive and immersive escape rooms, with interactive storylines and appearances from Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett and Knightmare's Hugo Myatt making the escape room that extra bit more realistic. Uncover the mysteries and put the pieces together, great for big groups including team building or even a stag do, the Bewilder Box escape rooms are a brilliant challenge.

Pier Pressure

Four rooms to choose from all varying in difficulty from the Pavilion Perplex, Modrophenia, Raver Quest and Loot the Lanes. Each room is filled with historical facts and artefacts about the city of Brighton and Hove, making it a great family friendly escape room! Save the pavilion from being demolished, solve murder mysteries and even take part in a heroic heist of a jewellers in the lanes. These Brighton themed escape games will not only challenge your puzzle solving capabilities but also your Brighton knowledge, making this game perfect for tourists and families, so why not team up with your gran and try and solve the escape rooms at Pier Pressure?

Handmade Mysteries

Creaking furniture and dusty trinkets will welcome you into the room of Lady Chastity's reserve. This escape room is probably the scariest in Brighton, with a rating of 18+ this escape game is not for the faint hearted! Take your torches into an escape room that will immerse you in a ghost story, all you need to do is stay calm as you attempt to solve the puzzle and crack the code to escape. Can you do this in the dark and in the time when you're shaking with fear?

Escape the Vault

This is the latest escape room to join the hype in Brighton, located in a quirky coffee shop just outside the town centre here you can actually rob a bank vault. Presuming Ed's is home to one of Brighton's oldest bank vaults and now you can just go and rob it whenever you please. You'll be given balaclavas to make you feel the part before you take on the escape room. Although this is one of the easier escape rooms around it's a great first escape room to try and you never know you might get the bug.

Escape Game Brighton

Have you always wanted to be James Bond? Well you can, at the Escape Game Brighton you will become immersed in the storyline and become one of the characters! Solve mysteries as an FBI agent and work together to put the pieces together in a heist, whatever room you choose you will be challenged. Choose from three rooms, either Black Box, Wild West or Murder at the Pier, which will you choose?

Brighton Escape Rooms for Families

Everyone loves an escape room, whether you're in your teens or you're a grandparent, an escape room is a great family day out and it's especially great for those rainy days! Why not get out and work together to play a game that will immerse you in a new storyline, giving you the opportunity to save the day? An escape room is far more exciting than any other game you can play at home, but which escape game in Brighton do you choose? We think Pier Pressure is a great escape room for families!

Pier Pressure

At Pier Pressure you can find four different escape rooms and it's up to you which one you will take on. The different puzzle games include Pavilion Perplex, Modrophenia, Raver Quest and Loot the Lanes. However, the best family game here is Pavilion Perplex.

Pavilion Perplex takes you back to 1850, the pavilion is at risk of being demolished and the council is doing everything they can to stop it. It's your task to pull all the information together, recover the missing petition and work with your team to save the day! In this game, you will be encountering puzzles found on "The Crystal Maze" as well as many accurate historical facts and period artefacts. This room is a fantastic family game, full of history and brilliant for teamwork and not too hard.

Immersive Escape Rooms in Brighton?

Some of the most popular escape rooms in the UK really focus on making their room completely immersive, you'll become a part of the storyline and help solve the mystery as if your life depended on it. A great escape room in Brighton that will immerse you in the surroundings is The Escape Game Brighton.

Escape Game Brighton

The Escape Game in Brighton will immerse you into the game with a case study and make you one of the characters. Here you'll find three different escape games with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. The Black Box and Wild West Bank heist are both rated at a medium difficulty and the Murder at the Pier is a hard escape game. These escape games have great plot lines and sets which make it a great immersive experience as well as an escape room.

Get ready to be immersed in the world of James Bond and secret agents with The Black Box escape room. Become an FBI agent and search for the evidence you need to crack the case, this is your chance to get into character and feel fully immersed in the storyline. Become a part of the Wild West Bank Heist and find the money the legendary bandits stole before they return. Or find yourself in a scarier room with the Murder at The Pier and run from the infamous trunk murderer!

Scary Escape Rooms in Brighton

Are you a thrill seeker? A horror or gothic themed escape game could be exactly the thrill you've been looking for. Immerse yourself in a creepy escape room that will give you the shivers and an experience to remember, will you be able to stop your fears getting in the way and escape? One of the scariest escape rooms in Brighton is Lady Chastity's Reserve at The Worlds End pub.

You'll be given torches as you walk into the darkened room where Lady Chastity awaits. Creaking furniture and dusty trinkets will give you the shivers as you attempt to work up against the clock to solve Lady Chastity's sordid secrets and win her wine and escape. Colourful characters, sounds and great props bring this escape room to life making it both a great scary immersive experience as well as a thrilling escape room. Rated at 18+ this escape room certainly is on the scary side and is definitely not for the faint hearted, can you take it on?

The Hardest Escape Rooms in Brighton

Are you already an escape room pro? Tried a few in Brighton or London perhaps? You will most likely be looking for something on the challenging side. Gather your brainy friends for an escape room which will put your puzzle solving abilities to the test.

Modrophenia is one of the rooms in Pier Pressure with higher difficulty level. This room can take between 4 and 9 people and immerse you in the world of the Mods and Rockers. Modrophenia will take you back to 1964 when Brighton was a popular party destination for the Mods and Rockers. However, this time one mod is dead after a heavy weekend and it's your job to figure out exactly what happened. This escape room will challenge your problem-solving skills and patience as you piece together the missing pieces in this mysterious death.

Entry Level Escape Rooms in Brighton

Escape rooms are up and down the country and are incredibly popular, but if you're the minority of the population that haven't attempted to escape one, you'll want to ease yourself in. Although Escape the Vault in presuming Ed's is a great escape room to tackle it is on the easier side, but this means it's the perfect place to go and get the escape room bug!

This escape room is located in a classic and quirky coffee house in Brighton, here you can enjoy food, coffee and beer, so you can treat yourself once you've escaped. The café is also home to one of Brighton's oldest bank vaults and in this escape game you get the chance to rob it! In Escape the Vault you will be challenged to try and rob the vault in 40 minutes. Put on the balaclavas and make yourself look like a true criminal and work for the renowned arms dealer Charles Fawkley. With a get away car just around the corner if you should need it, will you be able to rob the vault and get away with the crime?

Brighton Escape Rooms for Hen Parties & Stags

Brighton is a popular place for a hen or stag do and it's no wonder, there's a beach plenty of pubs, bars, unique shopping and a great party atmosphere. Brighton is also home to some great escape rooms, so why not team together and take a break from partying and complete an escape room!

The Bewilder Box Initiative escape room is a great challenge for a stag or hen party, up to 7 people can go in at a time and it's located in the Hobgoblin pub so you can enjoy a pint to celebrate your success! In this room, you'll be solving the case of the missing Dr Wilder and it will be featuring Knightmare's Hugo Myatt!

Take on the Bewilder Box Initiative and your team will be the new recruits of completing the assessment and locating the whereabouts of the missing Dr Wilder. Will you be able to solve the mystery of the missing Dr Wilder since 1987 and take on challenging puzzles?

Escape Games for Two in Brighton

In TV shows like the Crystal Maze you see teams battling it out to solve the puzzles, but you don't need a whole squad of you to complete an escape room, in fact for many all you need is two people. So, if you're looking for a quirky date idea why not put your puzzle solving skills to the test and take on an escape room, just the two of you? In Brighton the perfect place to double up and challenge yourself is Operation Mindfall located in The Walrus pub.

Operation Mindfall

At this escape room you can expect encounters from mysterious characters, solve tricky and mind-boggling puzzles and even find contraptions and challenges which have been rigged just to throw you off track! Pick a brainy partner to take on the challenge of Operation Mindfall and see if you can solve the puzzles and escape.

Birthday, Stag or Hen Do Escape Rooms in Brighton

Escape Rooms in Brighton

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, whether it’s a Brighton hen weekend, stag, birthday or just an excuse to party, one of our fun-packed escape rooms are bound to be one of the highlights, breaking the ice and getting every member of your group stuck into a brain-teasing challenge. If you’ve got a group of people who don’t know each other that well, this is a brilliant way to get everyone chatting and bonding as they work together to beat the room. Brighton’s well known for its nice weather but it’s still in the UK so sometimes it’s fair to expect some rain. Don’t let that dampen the fun of your day out though. Head to an escape game in Brighton and take shelter in the most exciting way possible, cracking the codes and showing off just how good your teamwork and detective skills are.

These physical Escape Rooms in Brighton get you and your friends solving a series of puzzles to escape a room within a set time limit. Get your friends together and have an adventure on the sunny South Coast. This brilliant team building exercise begins after a short introduction and gives your group just one hour to complete the challenge. Fail to get out and it’s game over!

Put your skills and teamwork to the ultimate test. This challenge will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Escape Game Brighton is conveniently located in the buzzing city centre, within Regency Square, and offers three exciting games to choose from.

What's next?

Live escape games are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Get an escape room in Brighton booked today to see what all the fuss is about! Reckon you’ve got what it takes to escape before the time runs out? Place your enquiry today and come and show us what you’re made of.

We really enjoyed it- I think it was the perfect level of difficulty. We couldn’t relax in the pub afterwards because we kept looking for clues!
We all had fun, unfortunately needed a few clues but managed to get out in the nick of time, would definitely recommend as something different to do.


  • Is the door really locked?

    Yes, your group will be locked in the room for a designated period of time where you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to beat the escape room and get out.

  • What if we can't get out?

    Don’t worry, we won’t leave you stuck in there! We’re not mean! You will, of course, be let out once your time is up, even if you haven’t completed the escape game.

  • Are escape rooms claustrophobic?

    This varies from venue to venue. Ask when you place your enquiry and the activity provider will do everything they can to make this experience as comfortable (and fun!) as possible.

  • Can we use our mobile phones during the game?

    No! No cheating allowed. That spoils the fun. Work as a team and put your detective caps on and you’ll do fine.

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