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Fizzbox brings you a massive range of stag do activities, sure to make the groom-to-be's last weekend of freedom nothing short of legendary. Give your mate the send-off he deserves with epic stag weekend activities across the best cities in the UK and Europe. We've got something to suit all groups, tastes and budgets so whether you want to let loose in London, get messy in Manchester or experience Prague's wild nightlife, we can help take your stag party to another level. From chilling out with the lads to partying the night away and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Trending destinations for Stag Do's

Our activities are available at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you're after London's big city thrills, beachside Bohemia at Brighton or Prague's legendary nightlife, we've got you covered.

Our Action and Adventure activities are sure to get your adrenaline pumping and the laughs going as that competitive spirit starts flowing, from Go Karting in Brighton to Paintballing in Cardiff, Quad Biking in Edinburgh to AK-47 Shooting or Bubble Football in Prague. Slow down the pace a bit as you gents enjoy a catch up or line those stomachs before a big night out with a slap-up meal, from hearty Italian cuisine to exotic Latin American flavours, delicious American fare to Great British classics.

Stag Party Inspiration

Kick the night off with a bang and get the good times and drinks flowing with Cocktail Making, a Bourbon, Gin or Beer Tasting or even a Brewery Tour. Now you're warmed up, it's time to hit one of the best clubs in the city centre of your choice with our fantastic selection of Nightclub Entry packages. Clubbing is a stag do staple that'll see you drinking and celebrating with the guys all night long; the perfect last night of freedom. If you're after top stag do ideas, take a look at our amazing activities, sure to please everyone in your group and give the groom-to-be the epic weekend he deserves.


How Long Before the Wedding Should I Host a Stag Do?

Around two-three weeks before the wedding is a great time to have a stag do. Whatever you do, just don’t celebrate that last night of freedom the night before the wedding! The last thing you want to do is arrive at your wedding tired or hungover or turn up late after being tied up somewhere by your mates! This is such a special day; you’re going to want to look and feel great for it.

How Long in Advance Should I Start Planning the Stag Weekend?

Chances are you’ll start thinking and getting excited about the stag weekend as soon as the wedding’s mentioned. Once you know the wedding date, it’s time to think about what you’d like to do. Most stag dos take at least a few weeks to plan, find out everyone’s availability and book what you want to do. Don’t forget that you’ll need to give the stags a chance to save up some money to pay for it. You’ll need a bit longer if you’re hoping to book flights or accommodation and you may well find a better deal the earlier you book so try to be on the ball. If organisation isn’t your strong suit, don’t panic. We’ve got loads of great last-minute stag do ideas. (link)

How Many People Normally Attend a Stag Do?

The average number of stag do attendees is between 12 and 15 but it’s not a problem if you’d rather invite more people or keep things more intimate and low-key. Whether there’s a small group or a massive hoard, as long as the groom’s best pals are there, he’ll have a blast.

What Are The Most Popular Stag Do Activities?

There’s so much on offer when it comes to stagtivities. Have a good think about what the groom-to-be and the other stags would fancy doing. Bubble football is a popular choice, seeing you all play the beautiful game wearing one-man, inflatable zorbs. Paintballing and go karting are other classics, but if you’d rather do something a bit more laid-back, how about a bit of beer tasting or a slap up meal out?

When Is the Most Popular Time Of Year For A Stag Party?

Avoid January as most people are pretty strapped for cash around and after Christmas. You’ll get the best weather but be aware of paying more if you travel in peak season around Summer. If you’re on a budget, Spring and Autumn are great times to go away, often avoiding too much rain or cold weather.

What Are The Most Popular Stag Do Destinations?

In the UK, the most popular stag do destinations include London, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Manchester, and in Europe, stags will love the action-packed activities and cheap booze prices in Amsterdam, Krakow Prague and Riga. It’s all about personal taste with different areas offering a different experience.

Should I Book Travel Insurance for My Stag Weekend?

If you’re heading abroad, we definitely recommend getting travel insurance for your stag do. Having insurance gives you peace of mind that every eventuality is covered. Make sure to shop around and use a comparison site to make sure you get the best deal.

Do I Need to Book Accommodation?

This depends on where you’re going. If your stag do’s in your local town, you should be able to easily get a taxi home in the early hours but if you’re going to a different city or country, it’s a great idea to book accommodation in advance so you can make the most of your time and not have to worry about cutting the fun short when you have to rush back home.

How Much Does a Stag Do Normally Cost?

The cost of a stag party can vary hugely depending on where you’re heading, what activities you’ll be doing, the group size, time of year and the duration of the celebrations. The average UK stag do costs anything from £100-£300 but expect to pay quite a lot more if you head abroad. The main cost here is the flight, but you might find things like drinks are cheaper when you get out there. However much you spend, we’re sure that epic send-off will be worth every single penny.

Are Stag Dos Just For Men or Can I Bring Women Along?

The main thing is that the groom-to-be has all his favourite people there. If this includes women, invite them along but just bear in mind that everyone has different tastes so tailor the activities to suit as many people as possible and give them the option to opt out of certain parts of the stag do they’re not keen. Joint stag and hen parties, also known as sten dos and hag dos, are becomingly increasingly popular. Pros include the fact that they give couples the chance to celebrate together amongst their mutual friends and they can keep costs down, especially if you’re booking accommodation as couples can stay together. Cons include the fact that it could affect what activities you do. For example, some people might feel uncomfortable seeing their significant other getting grinded on by a stripper! It’s really up to the groom and how he’d like to celebrate his last night of freedom.

Should It Last For 1,2 or 3 Days?

Stag dos should be all about quality over quantity. Don’t stretch things out for the sake of it but you’ll, of course, want a few extra days in you’re heading overseas for your stag or planning to make a weekend of it. Think about what the groom-to-be would like and if he and his stags would be able to have time away from home or book days of work without too much hassle.

Should I Tell the Groom What Activities I’m Planning?

How good are you at keeping a secret? If you fancy surprising the groom, he’ll definitely appreciate it. Arranging a wedding can be super stressful so this is a great way to give the guy some time off to really enjoy himself. Either take charge yourself or delegate different tasks to the other stags. Just make sure everyone knows what their role is. Bear in mind that some people hate surprises so keep the groom’s personality in the forefront of your mind at all times.

Does the Groom Pay For His Place or Does The Rest of The Group Cover The Cost?

It’s not compulsory to pay for the groom to be’s last night of freedom so you can make a decision on this as a group. Make sure everyone’s comfortable if you choose to treat him. Remember, you’ll all chip in so if you’re a large-ish group, it shouldn’t break the bank. He’ll definitely thank you for it and might even return the favour when your stag do comes around!

What Are Some Good Stag Night Fancy Dress Ideas?

Tailor the theme to meet the groom’s personality. You could dress as characters from his favourite movie or TV show or stitch him right up by making him wear an embarrassing outfit, so he sticks out like a sore thumb. Remember to avoid anything offensive (you don’t want to look like The Inbetweeners!) and if you’re planning on hitting a bar or club, be aware that they might have policies against letting people in wearing hoods or with their faces covered.