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Fizzbox brings you a massive range of Hen Parties experiences, sure to make the bride-to-be's last weekend of freedom nothing short of legendary. Give your mate the send-off she deserves with epic Hen Parties activities across the best cities in the UK and Europe. We've got something to suit all groups, tastes and budgets so whether you want to let loose in London, get messy in Manchester or experience Prague's wild nightlife, we can help take your Hen Parties to another level. From chilling out with the girls to partying the night away and everything in between, we've got you covered.

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Trending destinations for Hen Parties

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or need inspiration, Fizzbox is here with a huge selection of activities to suit every budget.

Our activities are available at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you’re after London’s big city thrills, beachside bohemia at Brighton or Prague’s legendary nightlife, we’ve got you covered.

Sophisticated, wild and everything in between, whatever you're into, we know how to make hens happy and your weekend really special. Dance experiences are always a hit, encouraging you to shake off your inhibitions and bond. Disco divas are spoilt for choice, from sexy Burlesque to energetic Bollywood, from Pole Dancing to Lip Sync Battle. For hens looking for cheeky fun, you'll get full-on phwoar at Adonis Cabaret, the UK's answer to Magic Mike, with hunky strippers, comedy and outrageous drag queens. Fancy getting an eyeful and creating a masterpiece simultaneously? Nude Life Drawing does what it says on the tin! Variety is the spice of life, so we've searched high and low for quirkiest sporting events.

A huge selection of hen party inspiration

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or need inspiration, Fizzbox is here with a huge selection of hen party activities to suit every bride-to-be and budget. Our activities are available at various locations throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you’re after London’s big city thrills, beachside bohemia at Brighton or Prague’s legendary nightlife, we’ve got you covered. Sophisticated, wild and everything in between, whatever you’re into, we know how to make hens happy and your hen do really special. Dance experiences are always a hit, encouraging you to shake off your inhibitions and bond. Disco divas are spoilt for choice, from sexy Burlesque to energetic Bollywood, from Pole Dancing to Lip Sync Battle. For hens looking for cheeky fun, you’ll get full on phwoar at Adonis Cabaret, the UK’s answer to Magic Mike, with hunky strippers, comedy and outrageous drag queens. Fancy getting an eyeful and creating a masterpiece simultaneously? Hen party Life Drawing does what it says on the tin!

Variety is the spice of life, so we’ve searched high and low for quirkiest sporting events. Expel energy and work up a thirst with retro School Sports Day and zorbtastic Bubble Mayhen. Food brings us all together and is a lovely way to enjoy quality time with your squad. Choices range from devilishly good Chocolate Making to sumptuous three-course meals. Ready to get your drink on? Cocktail Making will break the ice, getting you all merry and ready to party! Clubbing is a hen weekend staple and what better way to spend your last weekend of freedom than drinking, dancing and laughing with your favourite girls. Prefer pampering to partying? Take a load off and unwind before the wedding with our indulgent Spa and Beauty activities. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our hen party ideas for an unforgettable weekend. We previously ran under the name HenHeaven, however we've moved to our new comfortable home in Fizzbox, offering the same unbelievable activities at a much greater price! With us agreeing deals with suppliers directly, we're passing the savings on to you with no mark-up. This means you can focus on booking the best activities without worrying about the cost. Unsure what activities to try, some of our best hen do activities include both indoor and outdoor activities. You'll inevitably drink a few bubbly drinks and cocktails in the evening, so try to fit in a day time activity first, such as nude life drawing. You may want to consider what activity will be best as an ice breaker when starting the evening. Also, don't forget to talk to the bride about what she would like to do on her hen do. We'll try to list out the best hen do ideas, but the greatest ideas will come straight from the bride herself. Hen Weekend Packages: While we don't directly offer set hen holiday packages, many of these activities can be booked together, due to them being with the same supplier or set in the same location. For example, the old school sports day run by Xtreme Events could be combined with Bubble Mayhen or even a burlesque dance class. Hen Night Ideas: It can be hard to work out where to start, so we've done our best to list some inspirational ideas, whether you're looking for something classy, a wild weekend or something a little more active. The most popular hen do activities over the past few years have been cocktail making, afternoon tea and male strip shows. We have also seen an increase in creative classes, such as chocolate making, while dance classes are always great fun.

Hen Party Inspiration

Expel energy and work up a thirst with retro School Sports Day and zorbtastic Bubble Mayhen. Food brings us all together and is a lovely way to enjoy quality time with your squad. Choices range from devilishly good Chocolate Making to sumptuous three-course meals. Ready to get your drink on? Cocktail Making will break the ice, getting you all merry and ready to party! Clubbing is a hen party staple and what better way to spend your last weekend of freedom than drinking, dancing and laughing with your favourite girls. Prefer pampering to partying? Take a load off and unwind before the wedding with our indulgent Spa and Beauty activities. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our hen party ideas for an unforgettable weekend.

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The ultimate guide for every hen party planner!

A hen do is a rite of passage for every bride-to-be, giving her loads of quality time to make the best memories with her favourite people. But why is it called a hen do? How do you find good hen do ideas? How much should you spend? Who do you invite? And how on earth do you go about organising one?

Whether you're the bride to be, her maid of honour or one of the hens, arranging a hen do or even knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry, ladies, we're here to help with a complete guide to make your hen do one for the history books... in a good way!

The History of Hen Parties

Why is it called a hen do in the UK?

Ok, it's time for a brief history lesson, girls! Think the term ‘hen do' comes from the simple stereotyping of women? Think again! It's actually pretty historic with ‘hen do' first being used to describe a gathering of women as far back as the 1800s. The term was then first associated with weddings in The Times newspaper in 1976 in a story about a male stripper being fined for behaving in a very naughty way! So much for what happens on a hen do, stays on a hen do! A hen do has several different names and ss you may have heard in Hollywood movies, a hen do is known as a bachelorette party in the US.

Who invented the hen party?

You've got Ancient Greece to thank for that! The first part of an Ancient Greek wedding was the Proaulia where the bride-to-be gathered her mother, female relatives and friends to celebrate her upcoming nuptials and journey from childhood to womanhood. There was even alcohol involved but probably not as much as we drink nowadays! Just imagine the hangover in that heat! Greeks may have invented the hen party, but it wasn't until the 1970s that the UK really embraced the hen do concept when women would be paraded around their workplace to receive good wishes and some cheeky notes as they celebrated their final days of work before entering stay-at-home married life.

Why Have a Hen Do?

On the fence about whether to celebrate your last night or weekend of freedom? Here's are top 5 reasons why you should have a hen do:

Get all your favourite girls together

We all love our friends and family but sometimes life gets in the way and getting everyone together can be virtually impossible. It's also a great way to break any ice before the wedding as all your favourite ladies will have already met each other on the hen weekend and will, most likely, even have a few cheeky stories to reminisce about!

It's a guilt free night out

We all know that calories don't count on a hen do so you don't have to worry about how much prosecco you drink or over-indulging on delicious food. Trust us, however much you munch on, you'll still look gorgeous in that wedding dress so treat yourself.

Take a break from the stress of planning

Arranging a wedding can be super stressful. Let your Maid of Honour or one of the hens arrange your hen do and treat you to some let-your-hair-down fun that you totally deserve! If you'd rather arrange it yourself, that's not a problem either. Just make sure you let loose and enjoy some quality time with the girls.

You'll be the centre of attention

A hen party is a rite of passage. The wedding is about celebrating the love you share with your significant other, but the hen do is all about you, the bride-to-be. Enjoy every bit of love and attention from your girls. It's a great chance to share stories and funny memories while making new ones.

Celebrate your last night as a single woman

So, getting married no longer means giving up your job or independence but a hen weekend is still a great excuse to get a little cheeky with some activities you wouldn't normally do on a daily basis and you don't have to feel guilty about it. How about watching some sexy strippers or trying your hand at a hilarious nude life drawing class?

How Do I Plan a Hen Do?

Organising a hen party can seem a bit daunting at the start, but it doesn't have to give you a headache. You're going to need to be focused and organised to get everything done but we know you can do it. Trust us, you'll have so much fun on your hen do that any stress will melt away!

When Should You Have the Hen Do?

We bet you're wondering how long you should leave between the hen party and the wedding? While there's no set rule, the hen do tends to be between two months and few weeks before the wedding. Trust us, you definitely don't want to throw a hen do the night before! The last thing the bride wants to be is hungover and half asleep on her big day! Try to have at least one pay day between the hen party and the wedding so you all have enough money to celebrate and buy that wedding outfit. Bear in mind, if you're celebrating in the summer months that people are likely to be on holiday at some point as well as this, they'll be very busy at Christmas, not forgetting that none of us ever have much money in January!

Who plans a hen do?

There aren't any rules about who organises the hen do so you've got the freedom to play to your strengths here. It's pretty common for one of the hens or the Maid of Honour to arrange and oversee things, especially if their betrothed bestie is a fan of surprises. However, it's definitely not unheard of for the bride-to-be to organise the hen do. At least that way she's getting exactly what she wants.

Feel free to delegate and share the responsibility of the hen do ideas and plans. If you'd like some help, a couple of you could arrange the hen party. If you've got a super organised Monica from Friends type in your group, they'll probably jump at the chance, but you probably want that balanced with someone who's got a little bit of Rachel in them to keep things fun!

How do I organise a hen do abroad?

How do you plan a hen do abroad, we hear you ask? Pretty much in a similar way to our top 5 tips above. Where things get a bit trickier is transport. If you're going out in your hometown, travel's likely to be minimal but with a hen party abroad, you'll need to factor in flights and airport transfers to the budget and planning.

How many hen activities should we do?

As many as you like but remember to pace yourselves, otherwise you'll be too tired to really let loose on the hen night! It's tempting to jam pack your day with activities but make sure to include some downtime to grab a bite to eat and get glammed up for the evening shenanigans. If you've got multiple activities planned, create an itinerary and share it with the girls so everyone knows the schedule.

What should I bring to a hen party?

A few handy suggestions are foldable ballet pumps for those party feet, make up, blotting paper as dancing the night away makes us all shiny, painkillers (like paracetamol) and a phone charger as your battery's going to get flat with all those Snapchat and Insta posts.

Should I give out hen party bags?

Hen party gift bags are a fab way to say thanks to your guests. They can be as cheap and cheerful or as expensive and luxurious as you like from edible treats to jewellery to wear for the wedding. Wondering what to put in a hen party bag? A few suggestions are photobooth props, sashes, badges, matching bracelets or hair barrettes, fun novelty items (think shot glasses, dare cards or even the full-on hen madness of L-plates) and temporary glitter tattoos. Why not create a bit of mystery by handing them out on the morning of the hen do and include some hints on the activities you're going to be taking part in?

What to put in a hen do survival bag

Instead of a party bag, why not dish out some handy survival kits to the hens? Include useful items such as wet wipes, plasters, chewing gum, lip balm, tissues for all the happy tears you're bound to shed, tights because the first pair always get laddered and safety pins for any fancy dress disasters. A hangover kit is also a great idea, helping to get any sore heads back in the game the next day. Any good hen party hangover bag should include water, painkillers, an eye mask, cheap sunglasses and an energy bar.

The Fizzbox quick guide on how to plan a hen do in 5 simple steps

Who should I invite to a hen party?

The guest of honour is, of course, the bride-to-be. If you're not her, unless the hen do is a surprise, it's well worth asking her who she wants to invite. The good thing about having the bride in on the planning is that she can let you know exactly who she does (or doesn't!) want there. Maybe she has some university friends that live far away that you've never met? Or a childhood friend she's recently reconnected with? That said, if you're surprising her, give her Facebook friends list a good stalk and see who's liking and commenting on her pics on Instagram. Don't forget to make the most of her family, friends and the groom-to-be by asking them who they think should be there.

Should you invite your mother on your hen do?

There isn't a one size fits all approach for sending out hen party invites, we're afraid. You can invite more people than just the bridesmaids but exactly who's invited on the hen do will depend on the bride-to-be and what activities you're going to book. You could even consider throwing two parties for her; one wild weekend away with the girls and a meal out with the family and closest friends. The choice is yours.

Afternoon tea or a spa day can be perfect for the bride-to-be who wants her mum, nan and maybe even the mother in law to come along. If you're planning a surprise hen night and expecting drinking and debauchery, she might be happier to let her hair down if her mother in law isn't there. For some people, having their mother watching whilst a half-naked stripper grinds all over them would be their worst nightmare but parent-child relationships are different, and some would just laugh in this scenario. You know the bride-to-be best. Ask what she thinks then make the call.

A hen has asked if she can bring a friend to the hen do

People might ask you if they can bring a friend along to the hen party. This will depend on the bride. Remember, the hen weekend is a special occasion for her, her best friends and a few select family members. If she's met their friend before and gets on with them, you can consider it but bear in mind that if you let one person bring a friend along, more of the hens may well ask if they can do the same. You might then risk a day or night out where they could potentially stick in their ‘couples' rather than mingling.

Can you invite men to a hen party?

The hen do is all about the bride-to-be celebrating her last night or weekend of freedom with her best friends. If one or more of these happen to be men, and she wants them there, invite them. Bear in mind that this might slightly affect the hen do ideas you have in terms of activities. Keep the lines of communication open with everyone coming to the hen party. If you already have a bit of a plan in place, discuss with the guys if they're up for joining in and talk to the other hens to make sure everyone's happy with the hen do activities you decide on.

Here's a quick checklist for do's and don'ts of planning a hen do


Plan everything in advance

From accommodation to activities, you should have created an itinerary for all of you before you go.


Keep to the budget

This is really important as everyone involved will want to avoid spiralling costs. The last thing you want is people feeling pressured or ending up in debt after the hen weekend.


Keep the bride-to-be at the forefront of your mind

The hen do is all about your engaged friend. What would she enjoy? Does she like surprises? Where would she like to go? Who would she like to be there?


Feel pressured to handle everything yourself

If you're feeling overwhelmed or need advice, just ask one of the other hens for some help. Delegating a few things will make everything easier for you. Avoid leaving things to the last minute - being organised is the key to everything running smoothly.

Can You Have a Joint Stag and Hen Do?

Joint stag and hen parties are becoming increasingly popular and it's not really surprising as lots of long-term couples have mutual friends. If the bride and groom would like to celebrate together, a joint stag and hen party is definitely something to consider.

What is a sten do?

As you've probably guessed (you clever things!), a sten do is a joint hen and stag do where the bride-to-be and groom-to-be celebrate their upcoming wedding with each other and their friends. This is also known as a hag do.

What are the benefits of a sten do?

For one, there's no need to worry or feel jealous about what your other half is up to on their weekend of drunken debauchery. Though try to remember, a sten do shouldn't be about overcoming trust issues; it should be about having double the fun! Secondly, it can help keep prices down, especially if you're having a sten weekend away as the bride and groom can share a room.

Sten do ideas

Let's be honest, the bride and groom probably aren't going to want to watch each other getting a lapdance from a stripper but there's still plenty of hen do ideas that are perfect for a sten do. How about challenging the group to an Escape Room where you'll have to solve puzzles and crack codes to escape before time runs out? Get everyone involved with an interactive workshop, ranging from Beer Tasting to Chocolate Making, or unleash their sporty sides with a hilarious School Sports Day event where you'll compete against each other in fantastically retro games. Come nightfall, Cocktail Making is a great way to kick off the fun, getting everyone good and merry as you learn how to make the most mouth-watering drinks.

How Much Should a Hen Party Cost?

The average hen party cost varies massively depending on the destination, group size, time of year, whether you're celebrating for one night or a whole weekend and the activities you take part in. If you're celebrating the hen party in the UK, costs tend to be around £100-£300 per person but this can rocket up if you have your hen do abroad. Remember this is a super special occasion though so it will be worth every penny. Trust us, the memories you'll come home with will be priceless.

Should you pay for the bride at a hen party?

It's pretty common for the hens to split the costs so that the bride can party for free. It's a nice touch to treat her on her special weekend and the smile on her face will be so worth it. Remember, she's already forking out for a wedding and it shouldn't cost too much if there's a few of you going. If you're a bit strapped for cash, you could always count your contribution as your wedding gift!

How to plan a hen party on a budget

Want to celebrate that final fling without breaking the bank? Here's our guide on how to keep hen party costs down.

Set a budget and stick to it

Price things up as early as possible so people have time to save. Break down the costs so all the hens know exactly what they're getting for their money. You might need final numbers to confirm activities but try your best to give everyone a ballpark figure at least.

Limit the guest list

You don't need to invite the whole world! The hen do is a very special occasion for the bride-to-be to celebrate her last weekend or night of freedom with her closest friends. Another bonus of keeping things intimate is that others will feel less left out if they're not invited.

Book hen party activities early

With Fizzbox, if you book early, you can pay a 20% deposit on your hen do activities to avoid paying the full balance in one big, lump sum. This gives everyone time to save up before the final payment is due. If you're travelling for your hen party, you could also consider going at an off peak time to save some pennies on flights and accommodation.

Stay at home

OK, stay with us on this one! Don't underestimate how fun a girly sleepover can be! Stay at home hen do ideas are limitless! Put those PJs on, pop on a cheesy chick flick, crack open a few bottles of fizz, grab a takeaway, indulge in a spot of pampering, play games and share hilarious stories about the bride.

Choose a central location

A hen do abroad can be loads of fun but there's still plenty of fab places to the party in the UK. If the hens are travelling from different parts of the country, try to choose a central location that's easy to get to for as many people as possible. If you're all from a similar area, keep it local. If you're all from down south, why spend precious time and money trekking up north and vice versa?

One night only

Instead of a whole weekend, have one epic hen night out. Pull out all the stops to make the bride's last night of freedom legendary. You'll probably be too hungover to celebrate the second night anyway!

Get crafty

If there's an arty hen in the group, make the most of their skills! Cut down on costs by making your own sashes and decorations. If you're buying any bits including fancy dress costumes, do your research and look out for those online bargains.

Hen Do Etiquette

Hen party do's and don'ts

Want to know how to avoid hen party hell? Here's our top tips:


Drink too much

It's a hen do so, of course, you want to let your hair down and enjoy yourself but don't go overboard with the alcohol. Know your limit and don't drink on an empty stomach. You don't want to peak too early and end up in bed at 9pm or, even worse, steal the bride's limelight with your drunken antics.


Be a henzilla!

If you're feeling overwhelmed or need advice, just ask one of the other hens for some help. Delegating a few things will make everything easier for you.


Leave anyone out

Hen party guest lists often include friends from different circles. Try your best to make sure no one's left out and that all the hens are mingling. Get that ice broken straight away with an interactive game, workshop or activity. This benefits all of you in the long run as it means you won't be meeting for the first time at the wedding.


Make it all about the bride

Remember that the hen do is all about the bride. Think hard, what would she like to do? It's not really fair if she likes afternoon tea and relaxation and you give her shots and strippers! Don't surprise her if she'd rather know what's going on. Make the whole experience personal to her.


Take loads of photos

You're going to want to remember this hen party forever so make sure to take loads of piccies. But be careful when uploading them to social media. Remember the ending of The Hangover? Some nights are best kept to yourself. If it seems like something someone might not want shared on Insta, repeat after us, what happens on a hen do, stays on a hen do!


Drink plenty of water

This is probably going to be a weekend where you won't get much sleep and are likely to be overindulging on the drinks. Whether you've got a fun, outdoor activity planned or are going to hit the prosecco hard, keep hydrated ladies!

How to survive a hen party if you're an introvert

Want to celebrate your friend's upcoming hen do but worried or stressed about being with a group of people you don't know that well or at all? You're not alone. We bet there'll be someone else at the event who feels the exact same way. If there's someone you know, even if it's not that well, buddy up and agree to ‘look after' each other until you relax into the fun. You can still join in with the activities, but you've got the comfort of having someone to sit next to and chat to if you need a break.

Giving yourself a role is a great way to get involved. How about volunteering to take the photos for the night? The role will take your mind off feeling anxious and you get the bonus of helping out the bride. Finally, don't be afraid to take a little step back if you need to. Introverts need a break to recharge. Have a sit down in the club or a nap at the hotel if you need it. You'll soon be back to having fun, feeling refreshed.

If the bride's an introvert, that's no problem. Make sure to liaise with her on the hen party activities to see what she's happy to do and consider keeping the guest list smallish. Let her know that she can always be open about her concerns and that you want to give her the best send-off possible.

Hen do ideas

What activities are best for a hen do?

Hen do activities that work best are inclusive, getting everyone involved. Also, something that you don't need any prior experience or existing skill level to be good at. Be considerate of any pregnant hens, older guests and those with medical conditions when you make your choices.

Instagrammable hen do ideas

Let's face it, you're all going to want to brag about that epic last weekend of freedom on social media! If you're looking for the most photogenic hen do ideas, we've got some great options that'll make your followers go green with envy!

Magical Cocktail Making

Immerse yourselves in a magical world at The Cauldron where you'll whip up the most amazing cocktails that'll wow your social media followers. Don your wizard's robe and get to work, mixing a range of ingredients and elixirs that'll bubble, smoke and change colour before your eyes. These molecular cocktails don’t just look good, they also taste delicious!

Prosecco Bikes

Combine a drinking session with sightseeing on this portable pub on wheels! You’ll pedal through the city streets, taking in the most famous sights as you sip on unlimited glasses of prosecco. An upbeat playlist gets everyone in the mood to party and sing along. Everyone you pass will wish they were on the bike with you!


An immersive theatre experience is another great option. Welcome to Alcotraz where you’ll step into a US prison, put on an orange jumpsuit and spend time behind bars. You’ll smuggle in your own liquor, just make sure that the warden doesn’t catch you! Actors play a range of fun roles and will even whip up cocktails for you.

Zen do ideas

A zen do takes a healthier approach with relaxing activities that guarantee a laid-back atmosphere all weekend long that's focused on wellbeing and helps everyone recharge their batteries.


Feel any aches, tension and stress leave your body with a Yoga Class, available in the UK and Europe. Yoga in Brighton takes place on the famous Brighton Beach so you can breathe in that fresh sea air as you perfect your downward dog.

Thermal Baths Spa

Unwind in gorgeous surroundings at the Thermal Baths Spa in Budapest where you'll unwind in the warm water of the baths, pool and jacuzzi. Take loads of pictures of this scenic location as you try something you couldn't do at home. Well, unless you live in Bath! All together now, say aaah.

Laid-back hen do ideas

Carrying on the relaxing theme, these activities are perfect if you're looking to spend some peaceful quality time with the bride and her hens.

Spa Day

Spa Days are quintessential hen party ideas, treating everyone to a good old pampering in luxurious surroundings. You can even add a treatment, such as massages or facials, and a glass of champagne to help you feel even more like VIPs as you relax to the max.

Afternoon Tea Bus

Combine sightseeing with munching on delicious food, yes please! Hop onboard a vintage, 1960's Routemaster bus to tour the sights of your chosen city from Brighton to Dublin. You'll tuck into sandwiches, pastries, scones with clotted cream and jam and more, all washed down with tea, coffee or even a glass of fizz if you're feeling fancy!

Perfume Making

Have you ever thought about making your own signature scent? Now you can with a perfume making workshop. This laid-back experience sees you play around with fragrances, blends and ingredients to make your very own perfume. You’ll be led by a perfume expert who’ll take you on a sensory journey through the wonderful world of perfumery. You’ll even get a bottle of your perfume to take home!

Active hen do ideas

Fancy some sport-based fun on your hen party? It's a great way to break the ice and inject some friendly competition and banter into your weekend.

School Sports Day

It doesn't matter if you loved or hated School Sports Day back in the day, it's so much more fun to do as an adult! Split into teams, don your coloured bibs and sexy headbands and compete against each other in some gloriously retro games including the egg and spoon, sack and three-legged race.

Bubble Mayhen

Look out for bubble trouble! Transform your hen party into massive, inflatable beach balls as you climb inside your one-woman zorbs to play some brilliantly bonkers games. You'll be in hysterics as you bounce and wobble all over the pitch, competing against each other for glory in British Bulldog, Queen of the Ring, football and more.

Dance Class

Why not put on a real show with the girls with a fun-packed Dance Class? Whatever destination you're heading to in the UK or Europe, you can get your group dance floor ready. The professional dance tutor will teach you a dazzling choreographed routine with themes ranging from Pole to Burlesque, Lip Sync Battle to Bollywood, Grease to Dirty Dancing.

Alternative hen do ideas

Fancy some quirky hen do ideas? You got it, ladies!

Murder Mystery

Immerse yourselves in an alternate world where you’ll be tasked with solving a gruesome murder. It’s like stepping into your favourite true crime TV show! Talented actors will perform a range of roles, giving you clues and red herrings. Some of you will even be given speaking parts. Will you be innocent or guilty? And most importantly, will you be able to figure out whodunnit?

Flirt and Seduce

This cheeky, 90-minute workshop is led by an expert sexpert who'll teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about flirting, body language and seduction. With interactive games that'll get everyone giggling, you'll have the best time with the hens as you all learn how to unleash your inner temptress. She's been hiding way too long!


Planning a Harry Potter hen do? This is a must do activity! Even muggles can join in with this energetic game that takes inspiration from the wizarding world. You'll ride around the pitch on broomsticks (unfortunately, not the flying kind. Cheers gravity!), dodging bludgers, shooting quaffles through hoops and trying to catch that illusive golden snitch! Come dressed as your fave character to get some really funny photos.


You might think this is a quintessential stag do activity, but a good old session of hen party Paintballing will get your whole group laughing as you get super competitive in the countryside. After all, why let the men have all the fun? Split into teams and hunt down your enemies. See someone? Ready, aim, fire! Trust us, you'll love every second of splattering the other hens with paint!


Where are the hen activity venues located?

There are hundreds of venues all around the UK and Europe that host exciting hen activities. Capital cities like London, Prague, Amsterdam or Lisbon are perfect for nights out on the town, fine dining and cookery classes. Or, if you’re looking to head out of town and down to the beach, then why not take a look at locations such as Newquay, Ibiza, Albufeira or Benidorm?

Can I book a hen do activity last minute?

Many activities can be booked last minute, provided there is still availability. Most activity providers will be more than happy to welcome your group into their diaries, even if you are leaving it a little later than usual. Make sure to check the activity listing – any unavailable dates will be greyed out on the calendar.

Where are the hen activity venues located?

Anybody arranging a hen do knows that being organised is essential to the smooth running of a pre-wedding celebration. Whether you’re planning a big night out or a weekend retreat away, having time to prepare is important to make sure you have all aspects covered. Give yourself a good 4–6 months to plan and book your activities. This will also give the activity providers plenty of notice if you have any special dietary or access requirements

How much time should we have between the hen party and the wedding?

Around 2–3 months is ideal. It’s close enough to the big day to feel like a run up to the festivities while leaving enough time for the bride to recharge and for guests to be able to afford both events. However, give as much notice as you can to ensure as many of the invitees as possible can come.

Which UK cities are best for a hen party?

The top 10 cities to have a hen do in the UK are Liverpool, London, Brighton, Manchester, Bath, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bournemouth, Leeds and Birmingham, all bringing a different vibe to your celebrations.

How much does a hen do normally cost on average?

The average cost of a hen do in 2024 was just over £200 per guest. Naturally, it will vary depending on the location and the time of year. You’ll have to factor in travel, accommodation, food and drink as well as any fun hen activities. If you’re going abroad it can be more expensive. Think about the budgets of your invitees when planning hen do ideas.

Can we wear fancy dress to a hen do activity?

Fancy dress is a fun hen party tradition. Many hen activities actively encourage it! You’ll need to check with your hen do activity provider or venue as some places, such as restaurants and casinos, have dress codes in place. If that’s the case, you could always opt for a chic theme, like accessorising with the same colour or wearing all-white, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

What should I do if my hen group have special requirements?

It’s important that as many of the bride’s friends and family are able to attend as possible. This means finding fun activities that cater to a wide range of people who may differ in age, physical ability and dietary needs. If your hen group has special requirements you should inform your hen do activity provider on booking. Check disabled facilities at venues, ability requirements of activities and restaurant menu options.

Can we book multiple activities?

Of course! With so many great activities to chose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one. If you’re on a hen weekend, you might want to book a daytime hen activity followed by something for after dark. The Fizzbox platform makes it easy for you to enquire about as many activities as you like. When you’re happy, you can book them altogether with minimum fuss!

What are the most popular activities for hen dos?

Hen dos are all about bringing the girls together and celebrating before the big day. Some popular activities include: Cocktail Making, Nude Life Drawing, Spa Days, Afternoon Tea, Bubble Mayhen, Bottomless Brunch. All of these can be enjoyed with or without alcohol – mocktails anyone? – and will give everyone the chance to unwind and have an unforgettable time.

What is the most popular location for hen dos?

Here are the top ten hen do destinations in Europe: Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Albufeira, Hvar, Madrid, Lisbon, Magaluf, Budapest, Prague

How many people should I invite to a hen do?

According to our research, the average number of people in a hen party is 12, but this is your special day so you should invite whoever you want. A lot of people celebrate with a smaller group of 4, all the way up to 50 hens. Forget about the headcount and invite the people you want there the most.

When do most people book their hen party?

The most popular month for booking a hen weekend is January in the year you’re getting married. It’s a good idea to book your activities in advance for the best prices and availability.

What are the best hen party games?

The most popular hen party game is Mr and Mrs Questions (or Mr and Mr Questions or Mrs and Mrs Questions), giving you a chance to laugh as you compare your and your bride or groom to be’s answers with your own. Visit our blog for more inspiration on hen party games and hen party dares that we think you’ll love.