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Frequently asked questions about Escape Room Experiences

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a real-life adventure game where you and your friends will need to work together to unlock the door to your freedom. You’ll be placed in a locked room where there will be clues, puzzles and riddles that you’ll need to complete in order to progress. Often, there will be more than one room that you’ll need to work through and there will be specific themes and storylines that’ll make the experience all the more immersive. Sound simple? Well, there is a catch. You’ll have just 60 – 90 minutes to escape. As the clock ticks, you and your friends will need to combine your brainpower and logic skills to solve some tricky challenges if you have any chance to escape.

Can You Leave an Escape Room?

Yes, absolutely. These escape rooms are designed to be fun and immersive, however, your wellbeing is the number one priority. So, if you need to get out at any time, there will be a member of staff just outside of the door who can let you out.

What Happens if you Don’t Escape an Escape Room in Time?

Unfortunately, if you don’t escape the room within the 60-minute time limit then you won’t win the game. Some venues may extend the time for you but if you don’t escape before the experience is over, you cannot claim victory! But don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in there forever. You’ll be able to leave the room even if you haven’t cracked the puzzles.

What Can You Bring into an Escape Room?

Escape rooms vary from venue to venue. A lot of activity providers will ask you to place your belongs — such as phones, cameras, purses and bags — into a secure container which they’ll put somewhere safe for you while you play the game. This is so you avoid carrying around baggage and to make sure you’re not tempted to look up puzzle answers on your smart phones!

Do Escape Rooms Have Toilets?

Of course! There will be toilets just outside of the escape room, usually where you check in on arrival. However, be warned: the clock won’t stop ticking if you slip away to the toilet, so make sure you go before the game starts!

What is the Trick to an Escape Room?

Our top tip for escape room success is to work as a team. We all have different skills so make the most of the people in your group and listen to everyone. Try to keep calm and focused as you battle against the clock. Don’t waste a minute; get hunting for clues and codes right away and search every corner of the room. If you find something, tell the rest of the team. In a lot of escape rooms, you can ask for hints so make sure to do this is you get stuck.

How Long Do You Get in an Escape Room?

Most escape rooms usually last between one hour and 90 minutes but how long you’ll be inside depends upon how quickly you can solve the puzzles, complete tasks and crack the codes. All escape rooms present a challenge so don’t expect to get out in 10 minutes. Even the 2019 world champions took 27 minutes!

Will I Be Playing With Other Participants?

Minimum and maximum numbers vary from room to room, but you’ll always be playing with the people you came with rather than strangers. You’ll often have the chance to take on an escape room all together or to split up into mini teams to tackle different rooms and see who’ll get out in the shortest amount of time.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

The escape room craze has spread all over the globe. There’s even an escape room world championship! Part of what makes these games so popular is that they’re suitable for all abilities. You don’t need any previous experience and you certainly don’t need to be a rocket scientist to beat the room; just use common sense. Escape rooms help you immerse yourselves in another world. In one escape room, you could be solving a mysterious murder and in the next, you could be trying to pull off a bank heist. They’re also great for boosting team morale and encouraging bonding and provide a fun activity for a birthday, stag do or hen party. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment you feel when you escape the room in time. What’s more, this is an activity that won’t break the bank with prices starting at around £12 per person.

Are Phones Allowed in Escape Rooms?

No! No cheating allowed; that spoils the fun. Plus, they won’t help you to find specific things in the room. Work as a team and put your detective caps on and you’ll do just fine.

Are Escape Rooms Claustrophobic?

The size of the escape room varies from venue to venue. Check out individual listings for any warnings about claustrophobia. If you’ve got any concerns, please let the activity provider know when you place your enquiry and they’ll get back to you. Remember, you can of course leave the room at any moment should you want to.

Are We Really Locked In?

No. Don’t worry, your safety is the most important thing so you won’t be locked in and will always be able to leave the escape game at any time, but we find it adds to the tension if you pretend you’re locked in.

Escape Rooms

Enjoy watching all the puzzle and challenge game shows on TV? Thought they might be a lot of fun to try out for yourself? Well, you’re right! Now you can try escape rooms with a range of puzzles and challenges, both physical and mental, to try and ‘escape’ from the room you are locked in, only to enter into another locked room! Work your way around the maze of rooms with a new challenge to solve before you can get out.

This event is great for a quirky and unique birthday party, a hen or stag do, or a team-building exercise that will have everyone communicating and working together to escape. There will be an event coordinator on hand at all times in case anyone in the group would like to leave. Just be sure to wear comfortable clothing as you never know what new challenge you will face next!

With a range of escape rooms on offer there is something for everyone. From a science-based escape room with elementary science puzzles you must solve, to a horror escape room where you are locked in old prison cells trying to find your way out! This event is great fun for all celebrations and parties from London hen parties or Cardiff stag dos, Bristol birthday party ideas, a London team building day out, or just an excuse to get all your friends together for a different experience!

Make sure you swot up beforehand and either watch some game shows or try some puzzles to really get into the spirit of things and practise your problem-solving skills! The escape rooms are in a range of locations for you to choose from, so why not check out the various listings below and see where you can book onto one today.