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Frequently asked questions

Why do team building in Nottingham?

Think of team building as the secret sauce that brings teams closer together. Through interactive challenges, problem-solving activities, and shared experiences, team building in Nottingham creates a sense of camaraderie and strengthens the bonds within your team. It also makes your team feel special and appreciated for all their hard work.

Do team building activities boost productivity?

Absolutely. Team building activities are like supercharged fuel for productivity. By fostering collaboration, improving communication, and enhancing trust, these activities can help your team unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results.

Is team building all about competitive games and challenges?

While we do offer competitive games for those seeking a little friendly rivalry, team building in Nottingham goes beyond just winning and losing. We focus on fostering collaboration, encouraging teamwork, and developing skills that can be applied to real-life work situations. The focus is always on fun.

Does team building break the ice?

Ah, the dreaded ice! Team building activities provide the perfect opportunity for new team members to connect and get to know each other in a relaxed and informal setting. They'll be laughing and collaborating in no time.

Does Nottingham offer any unique team building ideas?

Nottingham is a treasure trove of unique team building experiences! From navigating through Sherwood Forest to solving mysteries at historical landmarks, we offer one-of-a-kind adventures that you won't find anywhere else. Get ready for a memorable team building experience.

Do you have to be physically fit to do team building activities in Nottingham?

Absolutely not! Our team building activities are designed to cater to a diverse range of abilities and interests. Whether you're a super sporty or a self-proclaimed couch potato, there's something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

Do you offer indoor team building activities in Nottingham?

Yes. Nottingham offers a plethora of indoor team building activities, ranging from creative workshops to mind-bending escape rooms. Rain or shine, you can count on having a fantastic team building experience.

Can team building activities accommodate large and small teams?

Absolutely! Whether you have a small, intimate team or a large department, we have team building activities that can be tailored to suit groups of all sizes. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll make sure everyone feels included and engaged.

Team Building in Nottingham

The land of robin Hood, full of great shops, bars and exciting experiences, Nottingham is a brilliant city for team building. Adventure into the countryside of the midlands or explore the city in a team building day out to remember. Nottingham is a historic city, home to Robin hood, city caves, Nottingham castle and of course buzzing and vibrant bars, clubs and shopping experiences.

Nottingham is a great place for your corporate team building day out or evening celebrations, with activities from cocktail making and chocolate making to the Tree Top Challenge and Quidditch, there really is something for everyone and every company! Nottingham is not only full of museums and art galleries, it’s also a city with a modern vibe and surrounding countryside, meaning you can spend the day in the open air and the evening catching up over some delicious food.

Why Do Team Building Activities in Nottingham

The city of Nottingham has a great selection of team building activities, here you can either go on an adventure and explore the city or take a breath of fresh air in the nearby countryside. From braving the high ropes and battling it out in a game of paintballing or even taking it back with a school sports day there are some brilliantly competitive activities for your team building day out in Nottingham. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed and chilled out, then why not learn how to make chocolate or even pizza and catch up over some delicious food!

Day Time Team Building Activities in Nottingham

Get out in the day and see Nottingham with a treasure hunt, explore the cities landmarks and make tourism competitive. This is a challenge that will bring everyone together for a friendly and competitive activity, involving picture challenges and trivia questions, you’ll learn and be tested all about Notts!

Another brilliant activity to get you out in the fresh air, but this time out of the city is the Tree Top Challenge at Go Ape. This activity requires bravery and some good support from your teammates as you take on the high ropes up in the canopy of the forest. Take the leap of faith and release your inner Tarzan on the high Ropes.

Gather your colleagues to take it back to your school days and take part in a school sports day, with all the classic games plus a few quirky extras, you can expect three legged races, bean bags and space hoppers as well as some giant inflatables!

Evening Team Building Activities in Nottingham

Team building doesn’t just have to be a daytime activity why not enjoy the Nottingham nightlife with a fun cocktail making class at one of the many top bars and pubs in the city? Learn from the professionals how to make the perfect cocktail and you too could become an expert mixologist. Make your favourite cocktails and go head to head with colleagues in fun games and challenges.

With Cocktail making, you can also treat your team to some tasty bar snacks or a delicious two or three-course meal. Veggie, vegan and gluten-free options are available to everyone can tuck in and enjoy. This is the perfect team building activity for simply relaxing having a great catch up with your colleagues and what a brilliant way to do it, over cocktails! So, what are you waiting for, learn something new and become an expert mixologist with a team cocktail making class?

Action-Packed Team Building Activities in Nottingham

One way to get your team working together is with some friendly competition and what’s more action-packed and competitive than paintballing and go karting? Head out into the woodlands of Nottingham to battle in a game of paintball, get into teams and plan your tactics and see if you can splatter the opposing team in paint. Paintballing is not only a fun and action-packed day out, but it’s also a brilliant team building activity which requires good communication and team work to win.

Put your foot to the metal in the exhilarating activity of go karting. Race up against your colleagues in a speedy 200cc petrol go kart in a great multi-level track in the city. Reach speeds of up to 40mph as you loop around the track. See who’s the fastest in your team and get fast and furious in this adrenalin pumping team building day out.

Chilled Out Team Building Activities in Nottingham

Your team building day out doesn’t have to be full of action, you could simply chill out! Enjoy a relaxing activity and get to know your colleagues. Cooking classes and chocolate making are both great way to bond, learn how to make some of your favourite foods and catch up with your team. Learn how to make pizza and bond over your love of Italian food, knead the dough and add your favourite toppings to make your perfect pizza. This pizza making class only gets better with a choice of drinks to make things even more fun.

What better way to bond with your colleagues than over chocolate than in a chocolate making class? Learn the art of chocolate making from an expert chocolatier, decorate them and take home a goodie bag of your creations. This is a brilliant activity if you’re looking for a chilled-out activity that will let everyone have a good catch up and most importantly indulge in chocolate.

Unusual Team Building Activities in Nottingham

Want something a little out the box for your team building experience in Nottingham? Why not try playing a game of Quidditch. Quidditch is an unusual team sport from the fictional wizarding world of Harry Potter. So, jump on board your imaginary broomsticks and get playing muggles Quidditch. This is a fantastic team building activity encouraging communication and working as a team, as well as it being a hilarious day out.

Where to Eat and Drink Nearby

A meal and a few drinks out is the perfect way to draw a close to your team building day out in Nottingham. Catch up and talk about the day over delicious food and drinks as you refuel after an action-packed day.

Las Iguanas, Chapel Quarter, 4 Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JS - Las Iguanas is a lively bar and restaurant, fill up on tasty tapas and cocktails at this Latin American bar inspired by the flavours of South America. From cocktail making to a delicious meal out this restaurant is a great place for large groups and has something for everyone.

Revolution, The Cornerhouse, Foreman Street, Nottingham, NG1 4DB - Revolution in Nottingham has a buzzing atmosphere making it perfect for a large group, here you can unwind from the day and catch up with your colleagues, enjoy some tasty food and a variety of drinks. At revolution you can enjoy everything from an afternoon tea, to a meal and a cocktail making class or even a night out.

Happy Dough Lucky, The Lacehouse, 14 Broadway, Nottingham, NG1 1PS - Happy Dough Lucky is a tasty way to end the day, tuck into delicious pizza with a variety of creative toppings. The chilled-out atmosphere makes this venue a great place to end your team building adventure in Nottingham.

Turtle Bay, The Cornerhouse, 12 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4DB - Turtle bay in Nottingham is a Caribbean restaurant and bar, enjoy rum and the zing of Caribbean food for a relaxing evening meal after your team building challenges.

Oaks, 2 Bromley PL, Nottingham, NG1 6JG - Oaks in Nottingham specialises in British meat dishes with a variety of vegetarian options as well. Here you can enjoy an ale and a great dinner; this is a great venue with a classy feel that still serves greasy burgers. Head to the Oak in Nottingham for your work meal for a relaxing evening after a day of activities.

Want More Team Building Ideas in Nottingham

Looking for more ideas and inspiration for Nottingham team building? Why not check out our listings and make an enquiry for a fun day out with your colleagues in Nottingham?

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