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Frequently asked questions about The Best Bar Crawls & Pub Crawls

What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl or bar crawl is where you and your mates go to a series of pubs, one after the other, all in one night. You’ll usually spend around 30 — 60 minutes in each bar before moving onto the next. You’ll buy a drink at each stop, so the word ‘crawl’ is perhaps not too far from the truth! We offer lots of organised bar crawls in some top European cities. These are led by English-speaking guides who’ll be able to help with language barriers and get you meeting up with other partygoers.

How Many Bars in a Bar Crawl?

Typically you’ll go to around four or five bars. Some of our experiences offer bar crawls with a twist such as a VIP entrance to a popular nightclub at the end or even a three-course meal! There’ll be cocktails, shots, beer, wine — basically anything with alcohol in!

Are Bar Crawls Fun?

Yes! Bar crawls are as fun as you make it. If you’re celebrating a stag weekend or hen do, it’s a great opportunity to experience the city you’re staying in and enjoy several toasts to your special occasion.

How to Plan a Bar Crawl?

At Fizzbox, we take all the planning away for you. Our bar crawls are organised by an experienced guide who’ll have a list of bars to take you to, as well as a reasonable time limit at each one. So, you don’t need to do anything. Just turn up and have a good time. Bottoms up!

Are Baw Crawls Worth It?

We think so! A bar crawl is a great way to experience a new city. It can be daunting trying to navigate a busy and foreign city if you’ve never been there before. A bar crawl will ensure everyone sticks together and that you get to sample some great pubs as well as get a feel for the local area. Think of it is as a tour, but with lots and lots of booze!

Pub Crawls & Bars Crawls in the UK & Europe

Heading to a new place in the UK or Europe, want to go out but have no idea where to start? The last thing you want to be doing is scrolling through your phone, trying to find somewhere half way decent that doesn’t cost a fortune and lets groups in. Pre-book your bar crawl with Fizzbox and we’ll arrange everything for you so you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re all going to have an awesome time, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hen party or stag do or just a weekend away with the guys and girls. You won’t have to rinse your data on Google maps either because a friendly guide will show you around and make sure you all have the best time ever on your night out.

A bar crawl on a Dublin hen do shows you exactly why this Irish city’s nightlife is so famous as you visit a minimum of five pubs, get free shots and other exclusive offers. Our pub crawl in Budapest takes you around the city’s best pubs and bars for three hours where you’ll get a free beer and shot each before heading to the spa party where you can dance in the water and get two more drinks. You’ll never forget partying at this combo of a thermal spa and a nightclub

How about discovering Krakow’s best watering holes, visiting only the best cocktail bars in the city? You’ll go to at least three bars and sip on two cocktails each. Yum! From Liverpool to Berlin, get ready to explore an awesome range of bars, enjoy some delicious drinks and party hard as you explore the city streets at night and make long lasting memories.