Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re a little forgetful, don’t worry it’s on the 18th June! It can be tricky to know what to get that special man in your life, but why not treat your Dad this Father’s Day with an experience to remember? Forget little presents and take him for a fun day out, indulge in food or try something new. Whether you’ve got a classy Dad or a thrill seeking one, we’ve got something you can wow them with. So, here’s some activity ideas for every type of Dad to get your creative juices flowing.

Top 10 Father’s Day Activities

Help to make this Father's Day epic with one of the best Father's Day activities around. Whatever your dad's like, we've got something he'll love. 

1. Escape Room

If your dad has a knack for solving puzzles, what better way to put his skills to the test than with an escape room adventure on Father's Day? It's a thrilling and brain-teasing activity that'll have him cracking codes, searching for clues and unleashing his inner Sherlock Holmes. Watch as dad becomes the hero of his own action-packed movie, working together with the family to beat the clock and escape. With heart-pounding excitement, laughter and some friendly competition, an escape room is ideal for a special occasion like Father's Day. He’ll feel so proud of himself when he escape…or should we say if?


2. Go Karting

Looking to rev up your dad’s day? Look no further than go karting! It's the perfect activity to ignite his inner speed demon and create unforgettable memories together. What dad doesn’t love showing off their driving skills, zooming through twists and turns like a pro? Go karting offers a thrilling blend of adrenaline, competition and quality time. Whether he's a seasoned racer or a first-time speedster, this exhilarating experience guarantees laughter, friendly rivalry and a day that'll leave him grinning from ear to ear. Buckle up and give Dad the ride of his life this Father's Day!

Father's Day Activities

3. Meal Out

Father’s Day calls for a scrumptious feast that'll make dad's taste buds happy and bring the family together for some foodie fun! Going out for a meal is the ultimate treat; no dishes to wash, no cooking stress, just pure enjoyment. Your family will gather around a table, sharing laughter and mouth-watering dishes that cater to every palate. From sizzling steaks to filling pizzas, traditional British grub to gourmet burgers, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Either pick his favourite restaurant or surprise him with somewhere new. Wherever you go, let dad sit back, relax and let the chefs work their magic. Bon appétit!

Father's Day Activities

4. Comedy Club

Get ready to laugh till your sides hurt this Father's Day with a hilarious comedy or theatre show that the whole family can enjoy! It's the perfect way to celebrate dad's cheesy sense of humour and let your hair down together. Imagine the joy of sharing belly-aching laughter, snorting with glee and elbowing each other during those cheeky punchlines. From witty one-liners to slapstick comedy or captivating performances, a live show will keep everyone entertained and in stitches. So, grab some popcorn, settle into your seats and enjoy the show. It's the ultimate gift of joy and laughter for the best dad ever.

Father's Day Activities

5. Beer Tasting

Cheers to Dad on his special day with a beer tasting session that'll tickle his taste buds as he learns more about the drink he loves. This is a hop-filled adventure where you can sample a variety of craft brews, from crisp lagers to bold IPAs. Watch Dad's eyes light up as he explores the flavours, aromas and unique characteristics of each brew. He can take mum, a friend or any of his kids who are over 18 and they can bond, share stories and engage in some friendly banter while sipping on delicious libations. Raise those glasses high and toast to the coolest Dad with a beer-tastic Father's Day experience.

Father's Day Activities

6. Quad Biking

A quad biking adventure that'll make Dad feel like the king of the off-road! Strap on your helmets and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience that'll have you tearing through rugged terrains and conquering obstacles together. Picture the thrill of bouncing over bumps, splashing through muddy puddles, and manoeuvring those four-wheeled beasts like a pro. It's a chance for your father to unleash his inner daredevil, feel the wind in his hair and create memories that'll last a lifetime. So, get ready to rev those engines, kick up some dirt and give dad the off-roading escapade he deserves! Let's quad and roll!

Father's Day Activities

7. Treasure Hunt

Celebrate Father's Day with an epic treasure hunt that'll unleash your inner Indiana Jones and have the whole family on a thrilling quest for hidden riches! Get your dad deciphering clues, leading the charge and embarking on a wild adventure through parks, neighbourhoods or even the garden. It's a chance to bond, laugh, and create memories as you unravel riddles, overcome challenges and search for the ultimate treasure. From pirate-themed escapades to mystical quests, let Dad's imagination run wild. So grab your magnifying glass, put on your explorer hats and get ready for an unforgettable Father's Day filled with excitement, teamwork, and a dash of mystery.

Father's Day Activities

8. Paintballing

Looking for a splat-tastic way to celebrate Father's Day? Look no further than paintballing! It's the ultimate bonding experience that unleashes your inner warrior and brings out the kid in dad. With a rainbow of vibrant paintballs and a battleground full of obstacles, it's like stepping into a real-life video game. Imagine the laughter, the strategy and the sheer joy of nailing dad with a colourful explosion. It's a chance to ditch the ties and toolboxes and embrace the adventure. Dad will thank you (and maybe even forgive you for those teenage shenanigans!).

Father's Day Activities

9. Axe Throwing 

This Father's Day, let's take aim at an unforgettable adventure with some axe throwing fun! Head to your nearest axe throwing venue for an epic competition that'll have dad feeling like a Viking warrior. Watch his face light up as he hones his skills, mastering the art of axe throwing with each satisfying thud. It's a chance for friendly rivalry, laughter and some seriously cool photo ops. So, channel your inner lumberjack, perfect your aim and cheer your dad on as he unleashes his axe-throwing prowess. It's time to celebrate Father's Day with a bullseye. Do you reckon he’ll get one?

Father's Day Activities

10. Bowling

Strike! This Father's Day, let's roll with the perfect activity that'll have dad feeling like a champion, bowling! Lace up those bowling shoes and unleash your inner bowlers in a vibrant alley. Watch dad show off his trick shots, celebrate those strikes with wild victory dances and enjoy some friendly competition. It's a chance for laughter, high-fives and bonding as you cheer each other on and aim for that coveted perfect game. So, grab a colourful ball, embrace the retro vibes and let the pins tremble in anticipation. Get ready to bowl Dad over with a memorable and fun-filled Father's Day!

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day Activities to Suit Every Type of Dad

Still unsure which activity will suit your dad best? Then read on for more inspiration, whether your dad is brainy, funny, a thrill-seeker sophistication or anything in between.

For the Brainy Dad

Does your dad love puzzles, challenges and game shows? Well an escape room could be a brilliant activity for a dad who fancies themselves as a bit of a brain box. Challenge yourselves to solve the puzzle, crack the code and escape. Will you be able to face the pressure of working against the clock as the time slowly ticks away as you work out the best way to get out? With a variety of themed escape rooms to choose from, you could be escaping the Titanic, a horror themed room or even a jungle and it’ll be your challenge to solve the puzzle and riddles, crack codes and escape!

For the Thrill-Seeker Dad

Gear up, dads, for a Father's Day mission that'll have you feeling like a futuristic secret agent, laser quest! Step into the laser tag arena with the whole family and prepare for a heart-pumping adventure filled with lasers, tactics, and epic battles. Watch dad strategize, duck and dive through a maze of neon-lit corridors, all while dodging enemy fire. It's a chance for thrilling teamwork, friendly competition, and loads of laughter as you tag and evade with superhero-like agility. So, grab your laser guns, embrace your inner spy, and let the epic laser quest unfold. Get ready for a Father's Day adventure that's out of this world!

Father's Day Activities

For The Foodie Dad

Want to please a foodie with a delicious gift good enough to eat? Then why not treat your Dad to a slap-up meal out? Afternoon tea isn’t just for Mum’s you know. Take your dad for an afternoon of indulging in cakes, scones oozing with clotted cream and jam and sandwiches. It’s the perfect gift for a catch up and something different to the usual meal out. You can even have afternoon tea on a bus! Alternatively, take him for dinner at his favourite restaurant. We have loads of meals out that include a drink or even unlimited drinks if you really want to treat him.

For the Funny Dad

If your Dad likes to crack the jokes, why not take him to a comedy night? Swap the dad jokes for hysterical laughter and celebrate with a comedy night in a city of his choice. Enjoy the hilarious material from several comedians with styles to suit everyone with a line up that includes newbies, seasoned professionals and even some comics you might recognise from the TV. Prepare yourself for audience participation as you get up close and personal with the comics in an evening that’ll leave you laughing your head off!

Father's Day Activities

For the Sophisticated Dad

An activity gift idea designed for a father who enjoys the more sophisticated and finer things in life is tricky, but what’s more fitting than wine tasting? Treat your dad to wine tasting, indulge and taste a variety of wines, learn something new and have a great time. Enjoy the appetisers as you sit back and relax with a glass of wine, what a brilliant treat! If your dad isn’t the wine drinking type, then you can always treat him to beer tasting, led by a beer master! Alternatively, a cocktail masterclass is a brilliant way to learn something new and have a great time. Learn the art of mixology in a class full of delicious cocktails, games and challenges as you put your skills to the test and make some delicious cocktails. 

For the Adventurous Dad

This Father's Day, let's take Dad on a wheely cool adventure with a Segway tour that'll have him gliding through the city or countryside like a modern-day explorer! Hop aboard these futuristic machines and zip through streets, parks, and scenic spots with ease. Watch your dad's face light up with joy as he effortlessly balances on two wheels, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Effortlessly navigate through the urban jungle or city streets as you grab your helmets, embrace your inner Segway pro and get ready for one of our epic Father's Day experiences that's both exhilarating and fun. 

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day Gift Vouchers

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift experiences, you’ve come to the right place. Say goodbye to the same old ties and socks and hello to an experience he'll remember forever! A Fizzbox gift voucher for an epic experience day or activity is the ultimate way to show dad you care. Whether he's a thrill-seeker itching to skydive, a foodie eager to embark on a gourmet cooking class or a speed demon yearning to race a sports car, there's an adventure to suit every dad's wildest dreams. It's the gift that keeps on giving, delivering priceless memories and laughter. So, ditch the mundane and give dad an unforgettable experience that'll leave him grinning from ear to ear!

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