What if we told you at least 80% of the people in your office had at some point discovered romance with one of their co-workers? Or that ONE IN FOUR people in the UK has found love with a colleague at the office Christmas party?

With these kind of statistics, it's not surprising to find that love in the workplace is quite common these days, especially during the festive season! Did you find romance with one of your colleagues at work? If so, did it happen at the annual Christmas party? Read on and discover what percentage of surveyed office workers fell head over heels for a member of their team or for another colleague in the workforce!

The Breakdown

We surveyed more than five hundred office workers from all across the UK and quizzed them on a variety of questions ranging from simple office crushes to marriage, and this is what we discovered...

Question 1: Have you ever been romantically involved with a colleague?

YES – 80.65%

NO – 19.35%

Question 2: Are you currently harbouring an office crush?

YES – 24.88%

NO – 75.12%

Question 3: Have you had to change jobs due to the fallout of an office romance?

YES – 7.83%

NO – 78.80%

N/A – 13.36%

Question 4: Has the romance in question led to a relationship, engagement or marriage? If so, which?



MARRIAGE – 12.44%

NEITHER – 55.76%

Question 5: Was the romance at work premeditated or spontaneous?



N/A – 15.67%

Question 6 Did you aim to keep your romantic liaisons secret from your peers?

YES – 63.59%%

NO – 21.2%

N/A – 15.21%

Question 7: When partaking in an office romance did you spend more time getting ready in the mornings to impress said partner?

YES – 49.31%

NO – 36.41%

N/A – 14.29%

Question 8: Would you avoid eye contact with your partner when at work to diminish suspicion?

YES – 37.79%

NO – 48.85%%

N/A – 13.36%

Question 9: Did your office romance spark into life at the Christmas party?

YES – 25.81%

NO – 60.37%

N/A – 13.82%

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