So it’s just a few weeks away until the highly anticipated office party and you know that it’s going to be an absolutely cracking night. You also know that your office crush will be in attendance at the party, and you realise that this will be a great opportunity to get to know them a bit better outside the office environment.

One problem though, how do you approach the situation? You don’t want to make a fool of yourself and come across too strong, but you also don’t want to be too shy and miss what could be the ideal opportunity to speak to them. But never fear, we’ve got some great advice for all of you out there looking for some top flirting tips, so sit back, relax and read on as we talk you through how to woo your office crush at the Christmas party!

1. Build up the momentum

Why wait until the actual date of the party to talk to the one you fancy? We definitely recommend divulging in a bit of harmless chit chat during the office hours in order to build up momentum. There’s nothing wrong with saying hello and flashing your best smile as you pass them during the day, or if you see them head to the kitchen to make a brew, then why not use this situation to casually initiate conversation and ask them how their day’s going? You never know, you may just make a lasting impression whilst innocently replenishing your coffee.

2. Look your best

This one’s probably a bit of a no brainer, but definitely put some effort in on the evening and look your best. Take some time to plan your evening attire in advance and get yourself feeling tip-top. A little bit of effort goes a long way, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show everyone what you look like out of your usual work clothing. Just remember, dress to impress!

3. Appear funny

There’s nothing more attractive than someone funny, so we say crack a few jokes and get your colleagues laughing and grab your crush’s attention. It’s the ideal way to get noticed – just make sure that the jokes aren’t offensive because then things could go completely the wrong way and then it’s completely awkward. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants that at all.

4. Have a bit of courage

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two to help you loosen up at the start of the party. I mean, it is a massively anticipated work celebration so why not? It’ll also make you relax when you want to approach your crush for a chat and may lessen any nerves. So drink up, stroll over and initiate a friendly bit of chat – what could go wrong?

5. Don’t get too drunk

No one wants to be that person, so don’t. We’re all for having a little bit of Dutch courage (see tip 4) but don’t go over the top and get out of control. That’s just embarrassing. Not only will you potentially repel said office crush, but you’ll also be the main topic of conversation at work the day after the party. All in all, we say excessive drinking is not recommended.

6. Body language

Use positive body language! This one is subtle yet effective and you’ll be able to gage whether or not your office crush is open to your flirting. Obviously a face adorned with a frown and folded arms is a no go, but if there’s a lot of smiling going on, direct eye contact and head tilting then you could be on to a winner here. If there’s some light body contact as in touching your arm, then that’s a really good sign for going full steam ahead!

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