Christmas Party Ideas

Looking to throw a Christmas party that will stand out from the rest? If so, look no further than our choice of the best Christmas party themes and party ideas, which will be sure to get you into the spirit of things and planning the ultimate Yuletide bash!

25 Fun Christmas Party Ideas and Themes for an Unforgettable Celebration

Whether you're after a classic seasonal theme or something that’s a little more unique and creative, we’ve got loads of inspiration for you. From fun themes and festive decor to food and drink ideas and dress codes, we've thought of everything to make your party planning a breeze; why settle for a dull Christmas party when you can make it completely unforgettable? Check out our brilliant themes and ideas and make this festive season one that sparkles!

1. Winter Wonderland

Treat your guests to an enchanted Winter Wonderland theme this festive season and get set for one incredible night!

You’ll immerse yourselves in stunning surroundings with faux snow, glistening lights and polar twilight. This party idea is perfect for those who love the beauty and wonder of winter, and want to add that magic to their Christmas celebration.


We’d recommend using white, blue and silver decorations, snowflakes, and twinkling ice blue lights. Use fake snow to create a snow-covered landscape, and set up a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows and whipped cream for a touch of luxury.

Food & Drink

Serve winter and Christmas themed cocktails, hot chocolate and a selection of seasonal themed treats, such as warming soup, mini quiches, sausage rolls and festive bakes!

Dress code

Serve winter and Christmas themed cocktails, hot chocolate and a selection of seasonal themed treats, such as warming soup, mini quiches, sausage rolls and festive bakes!

2. Festive Silent Disco

Festive silent disco adventures are available in our major UK cities, including London, Newcastle, Manchester and Cardiff.

Get ready to rock out to all your favourite Christmas tunes with an epic festive silent disco!

This quirky idea is brilliant fun for everyone and is perfect for appeasing the neighbours if you’re hosting at home. You can easily hire headsets with mixer channels that connect to your smartphone or why not opt for one of our brilliant festive silent disco tours where you’ll dance your way through the city centre and take in some great sights on route - expect a passionate and enthusiastic host who will be dropping all those big moves along the way! It’s time to boogie on down with some of the cheesiest Christmas music ever!


Obviously you’ll need a disco ball for this one along with disco lights if you’re hosting at home!

Food & Drink

A Christmas style buffet with festive nibbles, mocktails and cocktails will be well received by your guests

Dress code

Anything goes! Smart, casual or Christmas jumpers! Make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes if you’re opting for a silent disco adventure in one of our offered cities!

3. Christmas Trivia Quiz

Our organised quizzes are available in Leeds, London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Gather up your group and get ready to put your general knowledge to the test!

For this one, you’ll need to compile a list of questions and be willing to be the quizmaster, while your pals battle it out. You can add a prize into the mix for the winner or you could keep it simple with bragging rights. Alternatively, why not consider one of our organised quiz experiences? They’re perfect for large groups and are brilliant fun for work colleagues looking to enjoy something fun and festive for their celebration.


If you’re hosting at home, festive decor will add to the Christmas theme. If you’re opting for an organised quiz and hiring a venue, please speak to the venue manager about adding decor.

Food & Drink

Hot and cold party nibbles are always a winner! For drinks, a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks will be perfect.

Dress code

There’s no strict rules for a Christmas quiz, come wearing whatever you’re comfortable in, although festive jumpers and fancy dress will always be encouraged!

4. Rio Carnival

Experience all the energy and vibrancy of Rio De Janeiro's iconic Carnival this Christmas and prepare to turn up the heat!

Sure, this theme isn’t very festive, but it’s a fun and colourful way to celebrate with friends, family or work colleagues and adds a unique vibe to your event!


If you’re holding your party at a big venue, then why not go all out with Rio style theming such as backdrops, lights and feathers? You could even include entertainment like carnival drummers on arrival, along with Rio themed dancers and entertainment. If celebrating at home, why not hang some brightly coloured drapes and add some fairy lights and big feathers!

Food & Drink

Now this one is super fun when it comes to food! We suggest serving up Brazilian dishes such as barbecued meats, vegetable skewers, fried snacks and beautiful salads. And don’t forget mixing up some Caipirinhas, Brazil’s national cocktail.

Dress code

Anything summery and bright - don’t forget the face paint!

5. Prohibition

Nothing says Merry Christmas like mobsters and flapper dancers!

If a prohibition themed Christmas bash sounds like a bit of you, then make sure you transport your guests back in time to The Roaring Twenties in style with this fun and unique theme. And don't forget to have some jazz music playing in the background to add to the authenticity!


Set the scene by decorating your home or venue with black and gold accents, feathers, and vintage style posters.

Food & Drink

For drinks, why not create your own speakeasy and serve classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Gin Rickey - if you want to make them alcoholic, ensure you keep the booze stashed in a teapot for full effect! Food wise, we recommend offering a variety of finger foods and small bites, such as deviled eggs, sliders, and mini quiches.

Dress code

Fancy dress will of course be encouraged here, so get your guests to unleash their 1920s flare by wearing flapper dresses, feathers, fedoras, and brace suits to really get into the spirit.

6. Murder Mystery

Organised murdery mystery parties are available in most major cities including Sheffield, Brighton, London and Glasgow.

If you’re looking for something different and interactive this festive season, then a murder mystery Christmas party is sure to fit the bill!

There’s two ways of hosting a murder mystery party. The first is self hosted, where guests are assigned characters and provided with clues and scripts to solve a fictional murder case. The second, is where you’ll hire a function room and actors who will bring a thrilling and exciting drama to life - it’ll be up to you and your guests to solve the mystery and find out whodunnit! This type of party is perfect for those who love solving puzzles and enjoy a good challenge, while still being festive and having fun in costume!


Decorate with Christmas themed decor and incorporate elements of the murder mystery theme, such as crime scene tape, faux murder weapons (we’re talking plastic knives people!) and "wanted" posters. You could even throw in a few red herrings to make it more challenging!

Food & Drink

Why not provide food and drinks that fit the theme, such as "bloody" cocktails and finger foods?

Dress code

Invite your guests to dress up in 1920s or detective-inspired attire to really get into character.

7. Land of The Sweets

A 'Land of The Sweets' Christmas party is a fun and whimsical way to celebrate the Yuletide season with friends, family or work colleagues.

Expect bright and colourful decorations, sweet treats and plenty of festive merriment all round! This one’s perfect for those that have a sweet tooth and love all things Christmas. Think Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ video, but with a whole lot of fake snow and a Christmas theme!


Create a sweetie land setting with bright decorations, giant candy canes and lollipops and plenty of fake snow.

Food & Drink

Set up a tasty dessert table with loads of sweet treats, but also include some savouries too, like pastries, quiches, finger sandwiches etc. For drinks, serve fizzy pop, cocktails or colourful slushies!

Dress code

Encourage your guests to wear their favourite candy-inspired attire, such as a gingerbread man costume or a candy cane striped dress.

8. Festive Cocktail Making

Mobile festive cocktail making experiences are available in cities nationwide, including Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Southampton.

Take your party night to new heights by making your very own, festive themed cocktails and drinks!

This theme is sure to be popular with your guests; after all, who doesn’t love a Christmas concoction? From seasonal Mai Tai’s and creamy Eggnog, to mulled wine and cider, the possibilities are endless! Alternatively, why not enjoy one of our organised, mobile Christmas cocktail making experiences, where a professional mixologist will come to your home and teach you and your guests how to mix up a variety of Christmassy tipples. ‘Tis the season after all!


Traditional festive decor

Food & Drink

If you’re hosting a festive cocktail making party at your home then we say pizza is always a winner, or hot and cold bites like mozzarella dippers, sausage rolls, salads and crisps and dips.

Dress code

Christmas glam, festive jumpers, smart, casual - you choose!

9. Boozy Bottomless Christmas Brunch

Bottomless and brunch. Two words we adore dearly. But ‘tis the season to be jolly, so why not add a festive theme to your bottomless brunch?

You can either host this one at your home for your guests or head to one of our top venues and let the dedicated team do all the hard work for you. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the year, and you’ll get to dig into a tasty brunch dish and bottomless booze while you’re at it - Merry Christmas indeed!


Traditional festive decorations will work for this theme. And make sure you have the cheesiest Christmas tunes playing in the background to add to the atmosphere.

Food & Drink

Add a contemporary Christmas twist onto your favourite brunch dishes, like a brie and cranberry ciabatta or perhaps a turkey and stuffing club sandwich? Prosecco is normally served with bottomless brunch but if you’re hosting at home, you can enjoy whatever alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks you like!

Dress code

Brunch takes place during the day, but that doesn't mean you can’t glam up! We’d say dress up as much or as little as you like for this one!

10. The Greatest Showman

Add a theatrical flair to your Christmas celebration this year with a ‘Greatest Showman’ theme.

This party idea brings all the excitement and energy of the circus to your home or your chosen venue and will be sure to create a fantastic spectacle for all guests! If you’re organising an office Christmas party, then why not include themed entertainment like aerial artists, stilt walkers and fire eaters to add that wow factor?


Decorate your party room or venue using gold and red accents, display ‘vintage’ style posters or how about a red and white stripe big top backdrop if you can find one. You could even set up a designated ‘photobooth’ area, with a Polaroid or other instant camera. Include fun dress up items such as top hats, feather boas and props on sticks like moustaches!

Food & Drink

As for food, think circus and funfair food, such as burgers and hot dogs, candy floss, sweet and salty popcorn, and a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Dress code

The dress code for a greatest showman party could be anything circus related! Whether that’s dressing up as a ringmaster or wearing a sparkly leotard - you could even come in festive colours to make it feel more Christmassy!

11. Apres Ski

Cosy yet sophisticated, an Apres Ski themed Christmas party is definitely one of our favourite festive party ideas!

Recreate a ski lodge with chic, rustic decor, delicious food, hot chocolate, boozy winter cocktails and some chilled jazz music to set the scene. If you’re hosting your Apres Ski night at a venue, you could even see if they could add a firepit outside for you to make things extra special.


Faux fur blankets, plaid throws and rustic decorations

Food & Drink

Hot and cold canapes, finger food, hot chocolate, mulled wine and Schnapps!

Dress code

Dress to impress or ski fancy dress!

12. Christmas Party Boats & Cruises

Christmas party boats are available in London and Bournemouth.

Take the festive fun off of dry land and into the water with one of these incredible Christmas party boat cruises!

These Christmas events are sure to be a real crowd pleaser and a world away from a traditional festive celebration. You’ll cruise through the water as a DJ plays an epic mix of all the best party anthems, floor fillers and of course some cheesy Christmas tunes for good measure. Food may also be included, along with a welcome drink. There will also be a pay bar on board so you can get suitably merry with your friends, family or work colleagues!


Party boats will generally feature subtle Christmas theming such as twinkling fairy lights and a Christmas tree.

Food & Drink

If your party boat includes food with your ticket price, then it will usually be a hot or cold buffet. Please see your preferred listing to see exactly what’s included.

Dress code

Dress to impress!

13. Back To The 80s

Experience those glory years once again with a ‘Back To The 80s’ party. Think bright colours, big hair, bright make up, oversized fits and a LOT of Spandex.

Fancy dress is essential for this one, along with a soundtrack featuring all of the 80s biggest artists - we’re thinking Blondie, Salt-N-Pepa, Aha, Madonna, Duran Duran, Kajagogoo or anything with a whole load of synth.


Keep it bright and cheerful with neon decorations, inflatable props and even Rubik Cube bunting!

Food & Drink

For food, we say bring back all those classic party food items such as cheese and pineapple sticks, cocktail sausages, sandwiches with tinned salmon and cucumber and plenty of crisps; pickled onion space raiders and cheesy puffs are highly recommended. And don’t forget about dessert! How about a sherry trifle or Arctic Roll?

Dress code

80s fancy dress!

14. Ugly Christmas Jumper Party

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love digging out their Christmas jumper for the festive season? And we say the uglier, the better!

Don’t have a Christmas jumper to hand? No problem! Just make your own hideous mess using a standard sweater and stitch on tinsel, baubles and anything else that you think is fitting!


Traditional Christmas decorations are a must for an ugly Christmas jumper party. In fact, you could even extend the theme to your decor and use the most garish, tackiest decorations you can find. Think tinsel that doesn’t match or inflatable snowmen. That kind of thing.

Food & Drink

Anything festive! You may wish to do a sit down Christmas meal for your guests or alternatively you might fancy putting on a buffet for ease.

Dress code

Christmas jumpers of course!

15. Alcotraz Prison Bar Experience

Alcotraz is available in Brighton, London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Discover a world of crooked guards and delicious cocktails with this prison bar experience known as ‘Alcotraz’.

This one of a kind, immersive experience will land you and your pals behind bars and see you don orange jumpsuits in the process. On arrival, you’ll need to sneak bottles of liquor past the prison warden and subtly pass them to the crooked guards, who will mix you up all kinds of tasty concoctions. This exciting and unique experience filled with drama and set in an American style prison environment is brilliant fun and great for a Christmas celebration.


Do you really think there’s Christmas decorations in this prison?

Food & Drink

No food will be provided, however the team will mix up cocktails for your group using the spirits you’ve smuggled in!

Dress code

Orange jumpsuits will be provided

16. Christmas Karaoke Bash

Why not check out one of our offered karaoke experiences in London, Cardiff, Newcastle or Brighton?

A festive karaoke party is a great way to bring friends and family together to celebrate the best season of all!

Set up a karaoke machine with a variety of cheesy Christmas hits and encourage guests to sing their hearts out (we choose Mariah!). Alternatively, if you don’t want to host it at your home, then why not hire a private booth and make a night of it at one of our great venues?


However you’d like to decorate! Whether that’s all out festive or like a standard party event. We’d suggest including some fun props and inflatables for some comedy photos!

Food & Drink

A buffet, pizza or nibbles! You could even create your own drinks after your favourite artists!

Dress code

Christmas fancy dress, festive jumpers or all out glam - you choose!

17. Festive Mobile Pamper

Mobile pamper sessions are available in Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Let’s be honest, the Christmas period is stressful. Sure, it’s the best time of the year, but all that present buying, rushing around and finishing off those important work tasks at the end of the year can take its toll.

But why not take some time out with your friends or family and enjoy a little ‘Me Time’ with a mobile pamper session? A team of professional beauty therapists will visit you in your home and treat you and your group to a choice of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures - what a great way to get ready for Christmas!


No decor is required for this one, unless you want to decorate the room especially.

Food & Drink

Some nibbles for your guests to enjoy after their treatments will be greatly appreciated. Why not do healthy snacks like salads, hummus and carrot sticks? Also, ensure there’s plenty of water available too. Add cucumber or lemon to your water to make it flavoured!

Dress code

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing such as jogging bottoms and sweaters.

18. Magic in Marrakech

Add a little Moroccan enchantment to your festive bash this year!

This exotic and opulent theme will be sure to make your event stand out and is perfect for enjoying a taste of Morocco’s rich culture and beauty. Include bright, lavish decorations and play modern fusion beats to set the scene and add to the experience.


Colourful fairy lights, lanterns, oil lamps, vibrant drapes and satin cushions - anything that gives the impression that you’re in Morocco!

Food & Drink

Moroccan themed canapes, tagine, humous and cous cous. For drinks, serve cocktails and any other alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks you would like.

Dress code

Dress to impress or Moroccan inspired style.

19. Masquerade

Experience all the opulence and glamour of a Venetian ball with this masquerade Christmas party theme.

Intriguing and mysterious, this one will require all of your guests to wear beautiful masks which will add a touch of elegance to your festive event.


This theme is all about decadence, so be sure to add black and gold accents to your party room or venue, along with feathers and various masks for decoration.

Food & Drink

Festive cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Dress code

Tuxedos, glamorous dresses and of course, venetian style masks!

20. Christmas bake off!

One of the best things about Christmas has to be the yummy food, but let’s focus on the sweet treats and desserts for this one!

Why not invite your friends or family round and everyone brings a festive bake. Whether this is iced snowflake biscuits, Yule logs, festive cupcakes or just about anything else you can think of that fits the theme, this event will be sure to get those cosy, Christmas vibes flowing nicely!


Traditional Christmas decor will work perfectly for a Christmas bake off event.

Food & Drink

Whatever festive bakes you and your guests would like to make! You could even serve seasonal drinks too, like hot chocolate, mulled wine and mulled cider.

Dress code

Casual, festive fancy dress or Christmas jumpers - the dress code is completely up to you!

21. Grinchmas

Celebrate your love for this favourite Dr. Seuss character with a Grinch themed Christmas party!

This playful and whimsical theme is the perfect way to celebrate the festive season and will be sure to add some mischievous fun to your Christmas party night. Grinch themed decor, food and drink will set the scene - you could even play the soundtrack from the animated movie or other Christmas tunes to amp up the fun factor!


Decorate with green and white accents, Grinch-themed decorations, and Who-ville inspired decor.

Food & Drink

Serve festive cocktails and mocktails, such as Grinch punch or candy cane martinis.

Dress code

Guests should come dressed as the Grinch or their favourite Who-ville character from the movie!

22. We Love Disco!

Love disco? Then this fun and colourful theme is perfect for your upcoming Christmas party!

It’s a great opportunity to play all your favourite disco hits from the 70s and cheesy hits from the 80s and 90s too. Be sure to look the part with 70s fancy dress and glam, sparkly decor. This exciting theme will be sure to add some retro flair to your Christmas celebration this year, so get ready to boogie all night long with the biggest disco tunes!


Decorate with disco balls, colourful lights, and retro-inspired decor.

Food & Drink

Finger food or a buffet would be great to fit this theme - think devilled eggs, sausage rolls and salads. For drinks, why not create your very own signature disco cocktail?

Dress code

70s fancy dress such as bell-bottom trousers and platform shoes. Oh and lots of sequins too!

23. Christmas in Vegas

Experience all the bright lights and glamour of Vegas this festive season with this exciting party theme.

It’s flashy, fun and an all round great excuse to glam up and sip upon some flutes of fizz! If you’re looking to go all out, you could even set up a game of ‘fun’ poker or roulette!


Make sure you decorate with neon signs, playing cards and any other Vegas themed props and decor you can think of.

Food & Drink

Appetisers, finger food and canapes will work well with this theme, or you could opt for a classic Vegas style buffet! Think burger sliders, fries and mini pizzas and salad. For drinks, serve fizz, cocktails and mocktails.

Dress code

Encourage your guests to dress up and look sharp for this exciting themed party.

24. Tropical Christmas

Transport yourself somewhere more exotic and enjoy a slice of paradise with a tropical themed Christmas party night!

Your guests will love this exciting theme, which will make them feel a million miles away from the cold, winter weather. Don’t forget to play music to fit the island theme, such as Reggae or Calypso music.


Decorate with inflatable palm trees, coconuts, and tropical flowers. You could even offer your guests a floral lei on arrival!

Food & Drink

Obviously you’ll have to serve up some exotic cocktails and mocktails for this event such as Pina Coladas and Mai Tai’s! You could even make your own Tiki bar if you’re looking to go all out! As for food, tropical salads, rice dishes and meat and vegetable skewers will work nicely.

Dress code

Summer clothing such as Hawaiian shirts and dresses with an optional floral lei, flower crown or hula skirt! (You may have to turn the heating up to keep your guests warm!).

25. Festive Cabaret Show

Festive Cabaret Shows are available in London and Brighton.

Unfortunately not one you’ll be able to recreate at your home, but why not organise with your friends, family or work colleagues to visit a stunning, festive themed cabaret show this year?

Get ready to experience some amazing entertainment which includes dazzling dance acts and incredible singers. There might even be some festive drag queens too!


The venue will usually be decorated in a glamorous, yet tasteful way.

Food & Drink

Food provided will normally be a festive, contemporary fusion, while drinks will usually include prosecco, cocktails or soft drinks. Please check your preferred listing for full details.

Dress code

Dress to impress for this experience. A cabaret show is always a sophisticated event, so make sure you look the part!

What type of party night are you looking for?

The first thing that you’ll need to decide is whether you’re looking to experience a shared or exclusive Christmas party night. A shared party (also known as a joiner party) is the ideal option for small to medium sized groups of colleagues or friends who are looking to enjoy the atmosphere of a larger-scale party night. The great thing about these events are that you and your group will join other groups of festive party goers on the night of the event and will come together to create the ultimate Christmas experience.

Alternatively, you may be a larger group, seeking a private celebration for your Christmas do. If so, then our choice of exclusive Christmas party nights will be the ideal option for you and your guests. With an exclusive celebration, you’ll be able to enjoy your very own private event space that’s strictly for you and your group, so you won’t have to worry about sharing your space with others.

The great thing about exclusive Christmas events is that you’ll be able to make things feel that touch more bespoke and intimate; perhaps your managing director would like to make a quick speech after dinner or perhaps you’d like to display your logo in the venue? Whatever ideas you have, why not share them with your preferred venue’s event team and see if they can make your visions a reality?

Should I theme my Christmas party or keep things traditional?

The answer to that question is completely up to you! Both traditional based and themed Christmas parties are brilliant fun and you can rest assured that your guests will have an amazing time with either type of these events.

Our venues offering more traditional celebrations will include more of a classic set up; think beautiful festive décor such as twinkling fairy lights, Christmas trees, tinsel, festive centrepiece on your dining table and illuminated LED Christmas decorations. Traditional events will also include a classic two or three course meal, along with entertainment from a DJ and disco to guide guests through the night and into the early hours.

Our choice of venues offering more specific, themed festive events will vary when it comes to decorations and what’s included. As standard, your chosen party venue will include theming and décor to transport you and your guests away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into a spectacular world for the night.

Many themed Christmas parties will also include entertainment, specifically focussing on that theme. A DJ and disco will normally come as standard, but some events may also include a live band or musicians.

What are Fizzbox’s favourite Christmas party ideas?

Here at Fizzbox, we’ve got so many great Christmas party ideas that we literally can’t decide on one favourite theme! Of course, a traditional festive celebration is up there, but we also love a themed Christmas bash too.

Some of our favourite themed Christmas party ideas include disappearing down the rabbit hole for an Alice in Wonderland style party night, along with discovering all the mystery and intrigue of a sophisticated Black and White Masquerade Ball.

But if you want to make things extra special for your festive celebration, then we suggest you make sure that the coast is clear and utter the secret password to gain entrance into a hidden speakeasy for a 1920’s Prohibition party. If you’d prefer the glamour of the slopes, then get ready to hang up your skis and chill with an Alpine Ski Lodge Christmas party! Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of schnapps and watch in awe as the snow machine creates an authentic and magical atmosphere!

These are just some of the many themes you could find on our extensive Christmas party section; at Fizzbox, we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the best selection of themes, along with top quality venues to match, so you’ll know that you’ll be in good hands when you search for your perfect Christmas party on our site!

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