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Bright, brash and British, a stag do in Blackpool is one you’ll never forget, jam-packed with activities and attractions.
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14 activities found in Stag Do's Blackpool

Why is Blackpool Good for a Stag Do?

This stretch of Lancashire coast is home to one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts where you’ll find the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, three piers, world famous Illuminations, wicked nights out and so much more. If you’re planning a Blackpool stag do, the groom-to-be and his mates are in for a real treat. It’s no surprise that visitors have been flocking here for donkey’s years.

By day you can soak up the sun on the sandy beach, go wild on the rides and visit loads of top attractions and if you want to party hard, this is a must visit destination for that epic last night of freedom. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’re also going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities to help you celebrate.

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Blackpool

1) Bubble Football

Bubble football is an exciting sport that combines the best of football and zorbing with hilarious results. You'll play a regular game of footie but your body will be encased in a big, inflatable, one-man zorb that’ll cover the top half of your body. You’ll bump and barge each other out of the way to tackle, laughing at each other when you realise you look just like giant lollipops on legs! Run full pelt at your mates, knocking everyone flying around the pitch like inflatable beach balls. Someone’s bound to get stuck on their back, flailing around like an upside down tortoise!

2) Bar Crawls

If you want to see as many of Blackpool’s hottest watering holes as possible in one night, then a fun-packed bar crawl is for you. You're not going to find all the best places on your own and might waste time researching where's best to go or have the stress of winging it on the night and hoping they let you in. Blackpool is a seaside resort that's been attracting visitors for over 200 years. It's got something for everyone, from the lively bars along the Golden Mile to the quiet spots tucked away in residential areas.

3) Nude Life Drawing

You don't need any artistic skills for nude life drawing. These tongue-in-cheek art classes are all about having a laugh with your mates. You get a friendly art teacher and a professional female model then it's up to you to capture said model in all their glory. And we do mean ‘all’ their glory as your gorgeous model will be totally naked. The teacher will help you draw a masterpiece while the model poses for you, giving you plenty of eye candy. Whether you’ve always fancied sharpening your drawing skills or just want to do something quirky with the lads, nude life drawing is bound to be a highlight of your stag weekend in Blackpool.

4) Battlezone Archery

Have you ever watched Robin Hood or Hawkeye in The Avengers and thought, “I could do that?” Well, now’s your chance to prove it! Arm yourself with a bow and arrow and go to war with your mates! A friendly event coordinator will get you kitted out in safety gear, explain the rules and keep score. You’ll be split into teams so make sure to identify your allies and your enemies. Then it’s time to have some fun as you fire arrows at your enemies. Don’t worry, they’ve got round, rubber tips so no one will get impaled!

5) Footgolf

Mix golf and the beautiful game with a lively nine holes of footgolf. The rules are similar to golf; you have to get the ball in the hole in a few shots as possible but you can leave the golf club at home because you’re going to use your feet to kick a football into these special, bigger holes on the course. Will you be able to get a hole in one? A referee will accompany you, giving out fun challenges including the longest drive and closest to the pin. They’ll also hand out hilarious forfeits to the losers. Try to make sure you’re not one of them!

6) Footdarts

Get ready to combine two of the world’s best sports with footdarts. This blend of the beautiful game and the pub classic is great fun, getting the banter and competitive spirit flowing/ Who wouldn’t enjoy kicking a football at a giant velcro dartboard to score as many points as possible? This epic activity sees you play classic darts as well as a range of other fun games where you’ll dodge balls that your mates kick at you and spin around and around before kicking the ball at the target. It’s even more fun than it sounds!

7) Bar & Club Pass

We know how much planning a big night out can take but fear not, we’re here to help you! Get yourself and the lads a bar and club pass for one or two nights or even the whole weekend. This will give you access to a range of the town’s best pubs, bars and clubs where you’ll enjoy queue jump and VIP entry. No more waiting outside in the cold for you, guys! If a venue isn’t to your liking, you can just go on to the next one, creating your own bar crawl for an epic night out that none of you will want to forget.

8) School Sports Day

Head back to primary school for an energetic activity that’ll give you all the nostalgic feels. Did you love sports day at school? We can still remember the adrenaline rush it gave us as our parents looked on proudly…or laughed! Relive the good old days with these hilarious retro games. You’ll get competitive as you take part in a selection of races such as three-legged, sack, Space Hopper and relay. You’ll even race with a beanbag on your heads, looking ridiculous every step of the way! Coloured headbands and bibs make you look the part so make sure to grab a photo before you get started.

9) Cocktail Making

Cocktail making might not be the first activity you think of when planning your stag do but hear us out! Cocktail making is super fun, giving you all a chance to make delicious concoctions that you’ll get to drink afterwards. Competitive games make things even more enjoyable and raise the banter levels. Do you think that you could make a cocktail while blindfolded? What about making a cocktail in the quickest time? Best of all, you’ll learn a range of recipes that you can recreate when you get home. Are you ready to get tipsy on your own creations?

10) Virtual Experiences

If you want to celebrate the groom-to-be’s upcoming wedding with a group of friends and family who don’t live in the same town or even country, why not consider a virtual experience? There’s a massive range of activities to choose from such as virtual casinos, race nights, whisky tasting, murder mysteries, escape rooms, stage fighting, comedy shows, quizzes, gameshows and much more. And all of these activities take place online via video call. We know, we spoil you!

More Stag Do Ideas in Blackpool

One thing’s for sure, you won’t be short of things to do on your Blackpool stag weekend. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find an activity that’s perfect for your group and budget whether you fancy something indoors or outdoors, chilled out or heart pounding, sophisticated or cheeky. Why not kick things off with a bang and get that all-important banter flowing right away with a lively session of bubble football?

Instead of your regular kick about, you’re going to play in big, inflatable, one-man zorbs that cover your whole upper body including your head, torso and arms. You’ll quickly find out that your usual Premier League-style moves are seriously hindered by your lack of balance with hilarious results. The best part of all, stag do bubble football in Blackpool lets you tackle by running full pelt at your mates and knocking them flying like inflatable beach balls and flailing around on their backs like tortoises.

When you think of stagtivities, cocktail making might not immediately come to mind but, trust us, it’s a great way to warm up for a big night out. You’ll learn how to make delicious drinks under the supervision of a professional mixologist, whipping up at least two cocktails each and enjoying welcome drinks, samples, snacks and more as you get competitive and play party games. What’s not to like, guys?

Battlezone Archery - Get your stag do in Blackpool off to an awesome start with an activity that’ll get everyone’s adrenaline going. For a quirky activity that works like an archery, paintball and dodgeball hybrid, you’ve got to try battlezone archery. You’ll be split into teams and each armed with a bow and arrow. Yep, you guessed it, you’re going to be firing arrows at each other! Don’t panic, you’ll be kitted out in safety gear including goggles and the arrows are specially made with round, rubber tips so no one will get impaled. They still pack a satisfying punch though! Get together to plan your attack before stalking and shooting at your opponents, but keep your wits about you; you never know who’s lurking behind a nearby obstacle waiting to fire.

Footdarts - How about an exciting twist on a pub favourite? Footdarts is irresistibly fun. Forget about that tiny, wooden dartboard because it’s being replaced by a giant inflatable one! It has a bullseye on one side and segmented challenges on the other. You’ll take it in turns to kick the football at the board, trying your hardest to get the highest score. You can also take part in hilarious games such as 301, Closest to the Bull and Dizzy Bullseye that’ll have everyone unleashing their competitive sides.

Footdarts - If you fancy something a bit more laid-back for your stag do in Blackpool, there are plenty of options to help you kick back and relax. We all know that there’s nothing quite like a day at the seaside so head to the sandy beach to catch some rays or have a beer in one of the many promenade pubs. How about upping the ante a bit with a fun activity? Mix the relaxing sport of golf with the excitement of footie with an action-packed game of footgolf.

The aim of the game is simple; you’ll be using your foot instead of a golf club to kick a football around a golf course and into specially made, larger holes in as few attempts as possible. An event coordinator will be with you throughout, keeping score and setting you fun challenges. Who do you think will be able to complete the longest drive (kick) or get closest to the pin? You better give it all you’ve got because funny forfeits will be given to the losers and you’ll never live it down!

The Best Bars and Pubs in Blackpool for a Stag Do

Blackpool is a trail blazer when it comes to epic nights out. There’s a reason it’s affectionately known as the UK’s answer to Las Vegas, you know! From long-established cabaret clubs to bang-on-trend new bars, there’s something for everyone once the sun goes down. The best night-time hotspots are generally within walking distance from each other, perfect for a prenuptial party crawl.

The Promenade

This buzzing area is a must visit on your Blackpool stag night. It really comes to life around the North Pier area where you’ll find some of the most banging bars and clubs for unadulterated hedonism, perfect for a bar crawl. If you want to party hard until it’s light outside, here you’ll find a range of watering holes to suit all tastes from cheesy nightclubs to Bavarian-themed beer halls, traditional pubs to glitzy cocktail bars.

Queen Street

Head to this lively street for some of the most fun bars in town from popular chain establishments like Walkabout and Slug and Lettuce to quintessentially Blackpool venues like The Flying Handbag and Crazy Horse party pubs. You’ll also find superclubs here like Flamingo with its five party-packed floors and famously good DJ sets.

Blackpool Nightlife

Now you know a little bit about this stag do Mecca, we bet your wondering which pubs, bars and clubs are best to visit? Let us share a few of our favourites:

The 1887 Brew Room

137 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3NX

Fancy a decent brew? This cosy pub boasts the best selection of local ales and ciders in town. With leather couches, oak panelled walls and loads of old-world charm, this is a great spot for any stags looking for quality drinks in a laid-back atmosphere.

Viva Blackpool

3 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 1HJ

There’s so much choice when it comes to things to do at this hugely popular venue. Get the LOLs in at their comedy club, enjoy some spectacular Vegas-style cabaret shows, watch a footie match on the big screen or sit back and relax in the outside seating area.

The Tache Rock Club

22 Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 4NY

If you fancy something a bit different, this long-standing rock club has been a firm favourite with visitors and locals alike for more than 30 years. If you’re a rock fan, head here to watch some great live acts or to throw some shapes on the dancefloor at one of their many club nights.

Club Domain

168-170 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1RE

Fancy a night to remember in one of the North West’s biggest nightclubs? Club Domain boasts five rooms, guest DJs, state-of-the art sound and lighting and festival-style production alongside a party-loving crowd each and every night.

Fancy a Stag Do in Blackpool?

If all that has got you keen for a stag weekend in Blackpool, check out our full activity listings now to see exactly what you could be getting up to. You won’t regret it!

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