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A stag do in Cambridge beautifully blends history and famous sights with legendary nightlife and student haunts for a weekend you’ll never forget.
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15 activities found in Stag Do's Cambridge

Why is Cambridge Good for a Stag Do?

Educate the groom-to-be on how to celebrate his last weekend of freedom in style! A stag do in Cambridge blends beauty and brains with historic, world-famous sights and a young and dynamic nightlife scene where you can party hard amongst those fun-loving students.

Forget any preconceived notions of Cambridge being stuffy or snobby; it’s far from it! The city is packed with party goers, so you better be able to keep up! You’ll find a ton of comedy clubs here; not surprising considering this city has birthed hilarious comedians like Richard the Monty Python guys, Stephen Fry, Sacha Baron Cohen, Robert Webb and David Mitchell. What better place to have a laugh with your mates?

Go for a daytime stroll on your Cambridge stag do and soak up some of the stunning sights including the University of Cambridge, the English-speaking world’s second oldest university. After that, you can sink some quality drinks in a riverside boozer or head for a punt on the River Cam. There are more punts here than on any other UK river, so you’ll be in good company. Plus, there’s no better way to relax with your mates and do a bit of people watching. Just try to keep afloat without bumping into the other boats or totally capsizing yourselves!

Once night falls, the party loving students and locals will show you how it’s done for a night you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our awesome stagtivities and get planning your Cambridge stag do today!

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Cambridge

1) Bubble Football

Bubble football is a unique experience that combines two of the greatest things in life, football and zorbing, into one crazy, hilarious game that's guaranteed to get everyone laughing and rolling around the pitch. It's a great way to burn off some energy and have fun doing it. If you like to play hard and laugh harder, climb into your one-man, big, inflatable zorb and run around on the pitch like a giant beachball. To tackle, you’ll be bouncing and barging into your opponents, trying to avoid falling over and flailing around on your back like a tortoise!

2) Bar Crawls

If you’re planning a stag do in Cambridge and want to make the most of your night out, why not go on a pre-booked bar crawl? You’ll get shown around by a friendly, outgoing guide who knows all about the city and will take you to bars and pubs you’ll all love. Forget spending hours researching where to go, waiting outside in queues or struggling to find somewhere that lets stag groups in. Your guide will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to just have an awesome, hassle free night with your mates. You’ll even get a few drinks thrown in!

3) Nude Life Drawing

Drawing is easy, right? You just put a pencil to paper and start drawing shapes. But we’ve got something very saucy for you to draw today! You’re going to learn how to draw a totally naked (and gorgeous!) female model. This tongue-in-cheek, laid-back art class is led by a professional art teacher who’ll share loads of hints and tips to help you create a masterpiece. They’ll also ensure that your models pose in ways that make your drawing experience even more fun. Ask the model to pick a winner at the end if you’re feeling brave! You’ll have a right laugh as you compare drawings.

4) Footgolf

Footgolf is the perfect blend of two epic sports, football and golf. This hilarious twist is something you’ll all enjoy. Leave your golf clubs at home and hit the course with a football instead. The rules of golf apply but you’ll be kicking balls into larger holes to sink nine holes in the fewest number of shots possible. If that isn’t enough for you, there will be a referee on hand to challenge you with extra games such as the longest drive and closest to the pin. They’ll even dish out fun forfeits if you lose! Will you be crowned the footgolf king?

5) Footdarts

Footdarts is the ultimate team activity for sports lovers. Do you love a game of football and darts with your mates? If so, we’ve got the best game for you, footdarts! It’s reminiscent of those games but way more fun! You’ll play against a giant velcro target, trying to get the highest score and also completing a range of hilarious challenges such as spinning around before kicking the ball or trying to dodge balls kicked by the other stags. Get ready to smash and score with your mates to gain as many points as possible.

6) Battlezone Archery

Unleash your inner Hawkeye or Robin Hood with battlezone archery, a wild combination of archery, paintball and dodgeball that you’ll never forget. You’ll be armed with a bow and arrows and kitted out in safety gear before being split into teams to do battle. The aim of the game is to hit as many of your rivals and their targets as possible to score points and get them out of the game. To do this, you’ll be firing arrows at them. Yep, you read that correctly. Fire rounded, rubber tips arrows at your mates to get them out and catch their arrows to win back your eliminated players.

7) Goggle Football

Get ready for your whole world to be turned upside with goggle football where you’ll play a footie match with special goggles that’ll make everything look topsy turvy. An event coordinator will lead your activity that’ll take place on a outside pitch or indoor sport hall. They’ll explain the rules and give you your goggles that make the ball look closer or further away than it really is. Prepare yourselves to take a tumble and laugh as you scramble around. This game is a great skill leveller because everyone’s ball skills are going to be skewed by the goggles.

8) School Sports Day

Let the school days take over your adulthood in the best way possible! School sports day sees you compete in hilariously retro games you used to play as kids. Go as fast as you can through a range of races including sack, three-legged, Space Hopper and egg and spoon. You’ll ever race with a bean bag on your head! These games come with all equipment provided, including coloured headbands and bibs to get you looking retro to meet the theme. It's all about teamwork if you want to win. Do you have what it takes?

9) Meal Out

Nothing says “special occasion” like a slap-up meal out. It gives you a chance to slow down the pace and take a load off before the drinking and partying starts again. Tuck into your favourite dishes from a range of menus with loads of cuisines available from traditional British to US favourites and further afield. There’s something to suit all tastes whether you like your food meaty, veggie, vegan or gluten free; no one has to miss out. You can even go for a boozy brunch where you’ll get unlimited drinks throughout your sitting. Day drinking doesn’t get much more fun than this!

10) Cocktail Making

Learn how to shake up a storm and get merry on your stag do in a classy way with a lively session of cocktail making. A professional mixologist will take you under their wing and show you all the tricks and tools of the trade. You’ll whip up around three cocktails each, drinking everything you make. The mixologist will also lead fun party games that’ll get you all in the mood to celebrate. Do you reckon you could make a cocktail blindfolded with your mate giving you directions? Or make a cocktail in the quickest time?

More Stag Do Ideas in Cambridge

You’ve come to the right place, lads! Fizzbox is jam packed with awesome activities that’ll make your Cambridge stag do the stuff of legend. This world-famous city is full of history, culture and sights that you’ve just got to explore but why not break it up with some unique experiences?

Daytime Stag Do Ideas in Cambridge

School Sports Day is a hilarious series of games that’ll get everyone going back to their primary school years. You’ll balance an egg on a spoon, hop around in sacks, balance bean bags on your heads and fall over in hysterics during the three-legged race. There will be a referee there to count up the points and dish out forfeits to the losers! If you fancy playing the beautiful game during your stag weekend in Cambridge, we’ve got loads of quirky activities that make your kickabout more memorable. How about climbing inside giant, one-man, inflatable zorbs for bubble football or putting on eye-blurring binoculars for a hilarious game of Goggle Football?

Go for a daytime stroll on your Cambridge stag do and soak up some of the stunning sights including the University of Cambridge, the English-speaking world’s second oldest university. After that, you can sink some quality drinks in a riverside boozer or head for a punt on the River Cam. There are more punts here than on any other UK river, so you’ll be in good company. Plus, there’s no better way to relax with your mates and do a bit of people watching. Just try to keep afloat without bumping into the other boats or totally capsizing yourselves!

Night Time Stag Do Ideas in Cambridge

What stag do would be complete without a drink or two (or three or four!)? Break the ice and get the conversation and drinks flowing with a spot of cocktail making. This might not be the activity that immediately springs to mind when you envision the stag’s last night of freedom but it’s a great way to sink some quality drinks and try your hand at making them too with expert guidance from the professional mixologist. That all-important banter will start to flow as you take part in hilarious games, racing against each other to make the tastiest concoction. You’ll also get to taste a couple more samples and even some snacks. What better way to kick start your epic last night of freedom? Stick with us and your stag do in Cambridge will become the stuff of legend!

Once night falls, the party loving students and locals will show you how it’s done for a night you’ll never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our awesome stagtivities and get planning your Cambridge stag do today!

Getting Around During Your Stag Do in Cambridge

Getting to your Cambridge stag weekend is nice and easy, whether you’re travelling by car, bus, coach or train. The city’s located around an hour and a half’s drive from London, and once you get there, it’s easy to navigate by foot with bars, clubs, restaurants and tourist attractions a short stroll from each other. You can even hire a bike if you feel like getting active and, of course, the nightlife hotspots are well served by taxis through the night.

If you fancy something that’ll really get your adrenaline pumping on your stag weekend in Cambridge, we’ve got some awesome options.

Archery - Paintballing is a quintessential stag do activity but why not up the ante but using something other than a paintball gun? Xtreme Archery sees you split into teams to compete against each other. This action-packed game works similarly to paintball except for you won’t be shooting paint, instead you’ll each get a bow and arrows that you’ll fire at your opponents. Yep, you read that right; you get to fire arrows at your mates! Luckily no one will be impaled as these are special arrows with round, rubber tips. They pack a nice punch but won’t leave holes in anyone!

Bubble Football - If you’re a group of guys who love a kickabout, you’ve got to try Bubble Football during your stag do in Cambridge. This brilliantly bonkers game gets each of you wearing a giant, inflatable zorb ball. The normal rules apply except when it comes to tackling. If you want that ball, you’ve got to run at your enemies, knocking them over and rolling down the pitch. The zorbs take a bit of the impact so get ready to bounce, bump and barge!

Goggle Football - If footie is your thing, you’ll love Goggle Football. You’ll all don special binoculars that’ll confuse your eyes, making things look closer up or further away than they really are with hilarious results. You’ll play five a-side, penalty shoot out, fastest sprint and keep ball and laugh your socks off as you tumble and scramble for the ball.

Nude Life Drawing with a Female Model - With gorgeous surroundings and a laid-back atmosphere, it’s only natural that you’ll want to try some laid-back activities during your Cambridge stag weekend. Why not kick start the fun with a very cheeky activity that’ll set the light-hearted mood from the get-go? Fun Life Drawing is led by a professional art tutor who’ll give you loads of handy hints and tips. You won’t be drawing boring old bowls of fruit though, lads, you’re to draw a real life, fully nude, professional, female model! She’ll be your muse as she assumes a range of poses for you to draw.

Footgolf - Unleash your competitive sides and see who creates the best drawing. You could even ask the model to pick a winner. We predict a lot of blushing, boys! Golf is a famously chilled activity but why not inject a bit more fun by combining it with another popular sport? Footgolf in Cambridge gets the laughs going as you kick a football across a golf course and attempt to get it in the specially adapted, larger holes in as few kicks as possible. An event coordinator will set you fun challenges and give the losers forfeits to up the ante.

Cocktail Making - Cocktail making might not be the first activity that crosses your mind when you’re planning your stag do in Cambridge but hear us out; it’s a lot of fun! You’ll learn how to make a bunch of drinks from scratch, taste test everything you make and even play some hilariously competitive games that are sure to unleash that all-important banter. What better way to warm up for the last night of freedom?

The Best Bars and Pubs in Cambridge for a Stag Do

The city centre is always buzzing come nightfall but here’s a few of the top areas to head to if you’re looking for a good time on your stag do in Cambridge

Downing Street and Regent Street

With its lively atmosphere and party loving students, these streets are great if you’re looking to celebrate hard on your stag do in Cambridge. With loads of pubs, bars and clubs within walking distance, why not go on a crawl? Another bonus is that you’re sure to bump into a few hen parties here.

Market Passage

It’s pretty likely that’ll you’ll end that epic last night of freedom in this area as it’s home to some of the best, biggest and busiest nightclubs in the city. If you want to drink and dance the night away, there’s nowhere better.

Cambridge Leisure

This leisure complex is conveniently located right next to the train station and includes chain bars, restaurants, a theatre, cinema, bowling alley, supermarkets and even a hotel, making it a one stop shop for a night out

Chesterton Road

If you like the sound of a few pints with a riverside view, this area is a must visit. Soak up gorgeous views in a traditional pub or swanky cocktail bar, whether it’s the start of your big night out or a wind down from a busy day.

Cambridge Nightlife

There are so many great pubs, bars and clubs where you can celebrate your stag party in Cambridge. With eclectic watering holes, there really is something for everyone but here’s a few hotspots we think you’ll like:


38-39 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, CB2 3AR

You know what to expect when you visit Wetherspoons – cheap drinks and an easy-going atmosphere – but this one ups the fun factor. This isn’t just the biggest ‘Spoons in the UK, it also features DJs after 10pm, making it a great place to kick start your stag night in Cambridge.

Fez Club

15 Market Passage, Cambridge, CB2 3PF

With its cool Moroccan-themed décor, this is one of the most popular venues from the city’s underground music scene. Expect a massive range of music here from indie to R&B and occasional sets from famous DJs. With a chilled out atmosphere, this is a fave amongst students and visitors alike.

Cambridge Brew House

1 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LH

Sip on local and international craft beer, watch live sports and munch on traditional pub grub with a twist at this gem of a pub. If you fancy some quality drinks with your mates, this is an awesome place for it.


22 Sidney Street, Cambridge, CB2 3HG

With its cheesy tunes, retro interiors, VIP booths and a light-up dancefloor, Vinyl brings the fun to any night out. It’s really popular with hen parties. If you’re fans of 80s, 90s and 00s music, there’s no better place to throw shapes until the early hours.

Fancy a Stag Do in Cambridge?

Whatever you’re into, one thing’s for sure, you definitely won’t run out of things to do on your stag do in Cambridge! Take a look at our activity listings to see what tickles your fancy. Whatever you choose, you’re about to become very popular with your mates!

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