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Frequently asked questions about Spa Days, Activities & Experiences

What is a Spa Day?

A spa day is an utterly relaxing experience designed to help you unwind and destress. As the name suggests, spa days last for the duration of a day and will consist of several different activities that pamper your body, skin and mind.

The main goal of a spa day is to improve health and wellbeing through a series of relaxing activities. Whether you want to decompress during a hen do, or want to pamper yourself during your birthday party, there’s nothing not to love about a spa day.

What is Included in a Spa?

Most spa experiences will include everything you need to feel totally at ease, so that you can relax and benefit from the full experience. This will often include refreshments, gowns and slippers along with a team of professionals who will guide you through your various treatments and leave you feeling wonderful.

The majority of spas have a pool on site, along with showers, saunas, jacuzzies and more. There really is something for everyone during a spa day experience!

What Are the Types of Spa?

Some popular spa experiences include beer spas, luxury spas and thermal spas. Check through our listings to find the one that suits you.

How Much Does a Full Spa Day Cost?

The price for a spa day will vary depending on the location and the types of treatments you want to include. Our spa experiences range from £24 per person to £570 per group. Have a browse and feel free to send your enquiry through to find out more.

What Do I Wear for a Spa Day?

We recommend wearing something that makes you feel comfortable. It’s likely you’ll be able to rent a robe to wear for a massage, but you’ll need your bathing suits if you want to dip in the pool. Make sure to check out individual listings for more information on what to wear.

What Should I take to a Spa Day?

If you’ve booked a full spa day, it’s always good to bring a bottle of water, extra towels and spare clothes. It’s more than likely that your activity provider will provide you with refreshments — including champagne! — however, it’s always better to be overprepared. If you’re unsure, please send us an enquiry and we can answer any of your questions.

How Long is a Spa Day experience?

Spa day experience durations vary depending on the treatments you choose. Most spas will give you a pass that’ll last the entire day, but make sure to check with the activity provider before booking.

What is a Beer Spa?

A beer spa is a special type of experience that will see you and your friends literally bathing in beer!

Well… not quite. The relaxing beer spa experience in Prague contains natural royal oak tubs that are filled with extracts made to create Czech beer. It is said to have fantastic benefits to your health, so don’t be shy to take a dip! You’ll also get to drink unlimited beer for an hour, so you’ll feel truly immersed in everybody’s favourite beverage.

What is a Luxury Spa?

A luxury spa experience is just that little bit extra! If you’re celebrating a hen party, a luxury spa is ideal for treating your best gal and allowing yourselves to totally unwind. You may be sipping on bubbly in a thermal pool or toasting to the bride-to-be in a whirlpool. You’ll also get to pick a treatment such as a full-body massage, so you’ll feel truly pampered at the end of the day. Bliss!