The most wonderful time of the year is approaching, and so is the annual work Christmas party. To make things even more fun this year, we highly recommend playing work Christmas party games! These activities not only promote team bonding but also inject a generous dose of cheer and laughter into the workplace. If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry, Fizzbox is here to help. Here’s our top 25 work Christmas party games that’ll leave your whole team feeling merry and bright!

1. Christmas Pictionary

Put those creative and artistic skills to the test with a lively round of Christmas Pictionary. Prepare a list of Christmas-themed words or phrases, and divide the team into two groups. Each team takes turns drawing the word or phrase on a whiteboard or flipchart while their teammates guess what it is. The team that guesses the most words correctly wins the artistic crown and, of course, some sweet holiday treats!

Work Christmas party games

2. Reindeer Relay Race

Unleash your inner reindeer in this high-energy relay race that will have everyone dashing through the halls! Divide the team into groups and provide each with a set of reindeer antlers. One member from each group will wear the antlers and race to the other end of the room while their teammates cheer them on. Once they reach the finish line, they'll pass the antlers to the next reindeer in line. The team that finishes the relay first wins the prestigious title of the fastest reindeers.

3. Santa's Escape Room

Embark on an enchanting adventure as you and your colleagues step into Santa's Workshop escape room. Transform a meeting room into a magical escape room experience with puzzles, riddles and clues that lead to Santa's lost bag of presents. Work together as a team to solve the mysteries within a set time limit, and when you succeed, you'll not only save Christmas but also create unforgettable memories of teamwork. The theme of your escape room can be tailored to fit your Christmas party themes.

4. Ugly Christmas Jumper Competition

Who says fashion has to be glamorous? Embrace the festive charm of the season with an ugly jumper competition! Encourage everyone to don their quirkiest, most garish and outrageously festive jumpers. Have a catwalk-style competition and let each participant showcase their jumper with a little backstory. A panel of judges or a popular vote can decide the winner, who will earn bragging rights and maybe even a prize for their hilarious style!

Work Christmas party games

5. Secret Santa with a Twist

A timeless classic that never fails to bring joy and laughter, the secret Santa gift exchange adds an element of surprise and good-natured mischief to the festivities. Ask each participant to bring a wrapped gift of a predetermined value. Players take turns selecting and unwrapping gifts, but here's the twist: subsequent players can choose to "steal" an unwrapped gift from a previous participant! The game continues until all gifts are opened, leaving the office buzzing with delight and laughter.

6. Office Quiz - Christmas Edition

Test your team's knowledge of holiday traditions, movies and carols with an exciting office quiz, jam-packed with Christmas trivia. Prepare a set of questions related to Christmas history, pop culture and fun facts. Divide the group into teams and let the friendly competition begin! The team that gets the most answers correct will be crowned the ultimate holiday trivia champs, and perhaps a small prize can be awarded as well.

7. Snowman Building Competition

Unleash your team's creativity and teamwork with a snowman building competition. Divide participants into small groups and provide each team with materials like hats, scarves, carrots for noses and other decorative items. Set a time limit and let the snowman sculpting begin! Encourage each group to give their snowman a unique personality and theme. When time's up, gather everyone to admire the snowmen creations and vote for the most inventive and adorable snowman.

Work Christmas party games

8. Christmas Karaoke

Sing your heart out and spread some musical cheer with a Christmas karaoke session. Set up a karaoke machine with a selection of popular Christmas songs. Encourage everyone to participate and let the melodies fill the room with festive joy. To make it even more entertaining, add some friendly competition by having a judging panel or letting the audience vote for the best performance. Don’t forget festive favourites like All I Want For Christmas is You, Last Christmas, Do They Know it’s Christmas, Step into Christmas and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. 

9. Gingerbread House Decorating Competition

Get into the holiday spirit with a gingerbread house decorating competition. Provide each team with a pre-assembled gingerbread house and a selection of colourful icing, sweets and edible decorations. The challenge is to create the most eye-catching and delicious gingerbread house. Set a time limit for decorating and let the teams unleash their culinary talents. Once the timer goes off, gather everyone to admire the sugary masterpieces and crown the gingerbread house champions.

10. Santa Limbo Showdown

Put a holiday twist on a classic game with the Santa limbo showdown! Transform a broomstick into Santa's magical limbo stick and cue up some festive tunes. Participants, dressed as Santa's elves, or other holiday characters, must limbo under the stick without touching it or falling. After each round, lower the limbo stick slightly to increase the challenge. The person who can limbo the lowest without touching the stick is the undisputed king or queen of Christmas limbo. 

Work Christmas party games

11. Santa's Scavenger Hunt

Create a jolly scavenger hunt by hiding festive clues and items around the office. Divide the team into groups and give each a list of clues that lead to hidden treasures, small gifts or Christmas-themed treats. The first group to successfully complete the scavenger hunt and find all the items wins a special surprise from Santa's sack! This is a great one for all UK cities including Cambridge Christmas parties

12. Christmas Charades

Put a Christmas twist on the classic charades game! Prepare a list of Christmas-related words, phrases and activities and write them on slips of paper. Divide the team into two groups and have them take turns acting out the words or phrases without speaking while their teammates guess. It's guaranteed to bring heaps of laughter and festive joy to the office Christmas party!

13. Christmas Movie Trivia Challenge

Test your colleagues' knowledge of classic and modern Christmas movies with a Christmas movie trivia challenge. Create a list of questions about famous movie quotes, plotlines and characters. Add a multimedia element by showing movie clips and sound clips. Have everyone participate individually or form teams to answer the questions. The movie buffs who get the most correct answers win the title of Christmas Movie Masters.

Work Christmas party games

14. Festive Bingo

Add a Christmas twist to the traditional bingo game! Create customised bingo cards with festive-themed images or words. As you call out the items, participants mark them off their cards. The first person to get a full row or a complete Bingo pattern calls out "Santa Bingo!" and wins a prize of your choosing. 

15. Mistletoe Memory Game

Challenge your team's memory with the Mistletoe Memory Game. Place a variety of Christmas-themed items on a tray and give everyone a minute to memorise them. Then, cover the tray and have participants write down as many items as they can remember. The person with the most accurate list wins. Tailor this game to your team’s Birmingham Christmas party or other location by including items of significance to your company or items that evoke memories from the year. 

16. Christmas Trivia Quiz

Host an exciting Christmas quiz that pits teams against each other in a battle of knowledge. Prepare a mix of Christmas-related questions, including history, traditions and fun facts. Use a quiz show format with buzzers or shout outs or simply take turns asking each team questions. Award points for each correct answer, and declare the team with the highest score the triumphant winners.

Work Christmas party games

17. Candy Cane Race

Get into the spirit of the season with a fast-paced candy cane race. Divide the team into groups and set up a relay course. Each participant must balance a candy cane on their finger and race to the finish line without dropping it. If the candy cane falls, they must go back to the starting line and try again. The team that completes the relay first without any mishaps wins. This is a fun, festive twist on an egg and spoon race. 

18. Christmas Office Olympics

Transform your workplace into a festive Olympic arena with the Christmas office Olympics! Organise a series of fun and lighthearted challenges, such as Present Wrapping Dash, Snowball Toss, Wreath Hoopla and Jingle Bell Hula Hoop. Participants earn points for each event, and the team with the highest total score receives the coveted gold medal.

19. Christmas Emoji Pictionary

Bring some digital flair to Pictionary with Christmas emoji Pictionary! Create a list of holiday-themed phrases or song titles and replace them with emojis. Participants must decipher the emojis and guess the correct answer. It's a modern and fun twist on the classic game that will have everyone LOL-ing and ROFL-ing.

Work Christmas party games

20. The Great Christmas Bake Off

Unleash the bakers within your team with The Great Christmas Bake Off! Host a festive baking competition where participants bring in their favourite holiday treats to share. A panel of judges or the entire office can vote on the best-tasting and most creatively presented treat. The winner earns the prestigious title of Star Baker and, of course, bragging rights for the rest of the year.

21. Christmas Talent Show

Unleash the hidden talents of your colleagues with a Christmas talent show. Invite team members to showcase their unique skills, whether it's singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, stand-up comedy, magic tricks or any other fun act. Create a judging panel or have the audience vote for their favourite acts. The talented participants with the most votes or highest scores will be crowned the winner. Who do you think has what it takes during your work Christmas party games?

22. Snowflake Craft Workshop

Host a Snowflake Craft Workshop to embrace the artistry and creativity of the season. Provide the team with materials like coloured paper, scissors and glitter to create intricate snowflake designs. You can also include templates of British landmarks to give the snowflakes a UK touch. Hang the finished snowflakes around the office to create a winter wonderland.

Work Christmas party games

23. Pudding Pairing Challenge

The UK is known for its love of Christmas puddings, so why not have a pudding pairing challenge? Prepare an assortment of different Christmas puddings and a selection of accompanying sauces, such as brandy butter, custard and rum sauce. Participants must taste the puddings and try to match each one with the correct sauce. You could even put a few red herrings in there to throw people off. The person with the most accurate pairings wins.

24. Christmas Cracker Jokes Battle

Embrace the tradition of Christmas crackers with a Christmas cracker jokes battle. Ask everyone to bring their best, cheesiest, silliest and most hilarious Christmas cracker jokes. Divide the team into groups and take turns sharing the jokes with the whole office. Let the laughter and groans ensue as you vote for the funniest joke.

25. Deck the Halls Design Competition

Turn your office into a festive wonderland with a deck the halls design competition! Divide the team into small groups and assign each group a section of the office to decorate. Provide them with a range of holiday decorations, lights and ornaments. The teams will have a set time to transform their designated space into a winter wonderland. After the decorating is complete, gather everyone for a tour of the decorated zones and let the office vote for the most impressive and creatively decked-out area. 

Work Christmas party games

Plan Your Work Christmas Party Games Now!

This holiday season, let your office Christmas party be an unforgettable occasion filled with joy, bonding, and camaraderie. Whether you're racing like reindeer, showcasing your artistic prowess, escaping from Santa's Workshop, embracing the quirky charm of ugly jumpers, exchanging gifts with playful banter or challenging your Christmas knowledge, these games will spread warmth and happiness throughout the workplace.

Whether you’re looking for games for a Bath office Christmas party or somewhere else in the UK or Europe, we’ve got a fun game for you to play. Remember, the true spirit of the season lies in coming together, sharing laughter and creating lasting memories with your colleagues. So, put on your festive spirit, sprinkle some laughter, and make this year's work Christmas party a cherished event for years to come. Merry Christmas!

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