Who doesn’t love getting up and having a dance? It’s a great stress-reliefer, it makes us feel happy and shakes off any hangovers that might be lingering from the night before. Sounds like the perfect hen do activity, right? 

You’ll be ready to hit the dance floor during that all-important last night of freedom, but it’s worth picking up some tips beforehand form the professionals! We have lots of great dance experiences that you and the girls can really let your hair down to. 

Dirty Dancing

This one is a firm favourite and will see you and your mates learning some of those classic dance moves that made the film so iconic and memorable. It’s riotously good fun and a must-do for any Dirty Dancing film fanatic, so why not learn the moves? After all, you’ve seen the film, you’ve memorised the lines and baby… nobody will be putting you in a corner once you’ve mastered this!

Pole Dancing

This is not a sleazy dance routine. Pole dancing is actually a fantastic workout that’ll get you toning up your muscles and learning some killer moves that nobody could resist. Pole dancing has certainly reinvented itself and is now one of our best-selling hen party activities. Admittedly, it can be a bit embarrassing trying to look sexy in front of your friends but once you’ve had a glass of bubbly, you’ll all be cheering and encouraging one other to strut their stuff. 

Burlesque Dancing 

If you’re a fan of the Moulin Rouge, either the Paris Cabaret House or the film, then you’ll love a burlesque dance class during your Liverpool hen weekend. This dance was designed to be both seductive and comedic so you and the girls can have a giggle as you wiggle your hips and show off your stuff. Don’t worry, you won’t be striping off. This is all about theatrics and teasing the audience. You’ll also be in a private venue so you can really let your inhibitions go as you learn set routines taught be an experienced instructor. 

80’s Dance Class 

No matter how old you are during your Brighton hen weekend, there’s nothing like some good ol’ 80’s bangers to get you in the party spirit. You’ll learn classic movies such as running man, Footloose, Vogue and the moonwalk. You’ll be encouraged to don your fluorescent leg warmers and headbands as you dance to the centuries best (and worst) routines.  

Strictly Come Dancing 

 It’s time to show off your best moves during this ultimate Strictly Come Dancing competition. Yep, that’s right, this one isn’t just about letting lose and having fun. You and your mates will pair up and you’ll have to practise to become the best dance partners. An instructor will teach you two classic dance genres, ballroom and Latin. You’ll get a fun warm up before you learn the top techniques that’ll give you a chance of winning the competition. The judging will come at the end, so you’ll have to pull out the stops if you want to win!