Remember when you used to practice dance routine with your friends when you were a little girl? I certainly do and as far as I remember they were awesome (O.K. the dance routines probably weren’t that awesome but I’m going to continue deluding myself.) And whilst I don’t do that anymore, I still dance with my girlfriends (admittedly nowadays it’s around our handbags in a crowded club.) However it got my thinking, why don’t we do this anymore?

It’s just a bit of fun after all, and I remember the laughs and the sense of achievement we all felt afterwards.So in an attempt to bring that that girl power dancing spirit, I’ve had a dig through all our dance themed hen parties and listed some of my favourite, along with our customer’s favourites!

Dirty Dancing

A firm favourite with our customers this hen do activity sees you and yours learning some of those classic dance moves that made the film so iconic and memorable. Riotously good fun and a must-do for any Dirty Dancing film fanatic so why not learn the moves? After all, you’ve seen the film, you’ve memorised the lines and baby… nobody will be putting you in a corner once you’ve mastered these dance moves!

Pole Dancing

Once a sleazy dance routine, now a fantastic way to tone up, learn some sexy moves and have a giggle with the girls; pole dancing has reinvented itself and is now one of our best-selling hen party activities. Admittedly it can be a bit embarrassing trying to looks sexy in front of your friends but once you’ve had a glass of bubbly you’ll all be cheering and encouraging one other to strut their stuff. Believe me when I say that one afternoon doing this fun activity normally converts hens practically overnight.


My personal favourite, Burlesque is cheeky, fun and diabolically sexy. It’s also one of the few dance activities where you can get all properly glammed up in stunning silky things and be unashamedly girly. Contrary to belief, Burlesque is more about the art of teasing than stripping so there is very actual little removal going on. Rather you and your friends will be taught how to shimmy and wiggle in a way that’ll have you attracting more admirers than you can shake a feather boa at!


Speaking of shaking, shaking your poms poms (don’t be dirty!) is becoming the next hot thing as cheerleading is making a return to the social scene. I’m sure you remember the film “Bring It On” way back in the early 00's and if you didn’t don’t worry about it. Cheerleading is all about positivity and being close to your group which is basically what hen parties are all about! So throw away your misconceptions about b*tchy cheerleaders because it’s had a make-over and now it’s friendly, fashionable and fun.

Belly Dancing

Now I know the idea of getting your midriff out fills some of you with horror but it’s just you and your friends and if you really didn’t want to you don’t have to. Anyway, back to the art of belly dancing! It’s been considered an exotic dance since well… way waaaaay back. So if you fancy learning how to isolate your torso and move in ways a man can only imagine then sign up you and your girls for a giggle inducing lesson of belly dancing.

If you like the idea of booking a dancing themed hen party then why not take a look at our **dancing themed hen parties**? Or **get quote** to see where you and your hens could be dancing off to!