With a buzzing annual carnival that's without doubt the most famous in the world, Rio really does do a great party, so why not host your very own Rio Carnival themed Christmas party this year? With that thought in mind, we thought that we’d do a bit of research into our favourite Brazilian cocktails, ideal for some cocktail making and bring you a nice list of our top three drinks. They’re fruity, refreshing and the perfect way to celebrate all the fun of Rio at your festive carnival themed party this year. so read on and channel your inner mixologist as you knock up these tasty carnival inspired cocktails!


Probably the most famous Brazilian cocktail (but by no means the only one!) this drink is made from Cachaca and really gives a true taste of this vibrant country!

  • 50ml Cachaca
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 3tsp caster sugar
  • Crushed ice
  • Start by removing the top and tail of the lime with a knife and cut it into eight chunks, before placing it into a glass (the thicker the glass, the better!)
  • Next, add three teaspoons of caster sugar over the lime
  • Crush the lime and the sugar together using a muddler, but make sure you twist it so that the sugar cuts into the lime skin and allows the oil to be released
  • Once all the lime chunks have been crushed, introduce a little crushed ice so that the glass is half full
  • Finally, pour 50ml of Cachaça to the glass and fold into the ice, lime and sugar. Finish off your drink with more crushed ice and voila! You’ve got your very own Caipirinha.


An alternative on the original Caipirinha which substitutes the lime for various other fruits. We love this one and reckon it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

  • 50ml cachaca
  • strawberries
  • pineapple, cubed
  • watermelon, cubed
  • Sugar cube
  • crushed ice
  • This recipe follows a similar story as the Caipirinha above, however this time start off by adding in the fruit into the glass instead of the lime
  • Add in the sugar cube and muddle into the fruit
  • Once you’ve got some good juice going, add in some more ice until the glass is full
  • Add in 50ml of Cachaça and mix well. Finish off the drink with some crushed ice and get ready to enjoy this fruity sensation!


The Porradinha cocktail is thought of as a ‘youthful’ cocktail and uses once again the classic Cachaca for one flavoursome tipple combined with a traditional glass slam!

  • 30ml Cachaca
  • 1 tsp Lime Juice
  • 50ml Soda (Coca cola or Sprite are good options!)
  • This one’s pretty simple; throw in the Cachaca and the lime juice in the glass and ensure you give it a good mix around
  • Top it up with your choice of soda and get ready for the final step which is a massively important part of this cocktail!
  • Place your hand over the top of the glass, raise it in the air, then slam it back down onto the table causing the mixture to froth and increase in size!

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