This is an age-old tradition that many brides still follow. The saying goes; something blue, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 

Here are our top 11 ideas for something blue! 

1) HeadPiece

This might not work if you have a particular colour code for your bridal clothing, however, this can be an easy way to sneak it into your costume. It could also be a gold or white headpiece, with blue jewellery inserted into the piece.

2) Flower Girl

You'd be surprised how many flower girl dresses come in blue (wow, that was the least manly sentence I have ever had to say). It is actually the most common colour used in UK weddings for flower girls, as this is an easy option, while they are normally happy to wear whatever you provide for them.

3) Temporary Tattoo

A number of people have been taking snaps at their wedding of their blue temporary tattoos. While this seems like a good option, I do have two issues with this. Firstly, anything 'temporary' symbolising your wedding seems to be setting the wrong tone. Secondly, if they aren't dried properly, they could rub off on to the actual dress and be a very expensive stain. If you're on a Brighton hen party there are plenty of places that offer temporary tattoo's, while they also offer designs you can take home with you.

4) The Garter

This is a good option if you don't want it to be obvious to everyone, you can easily sneak a blue garter on under your dress. With a cost of around £40-£60, you can get some really nice garters, while many come in blue due to the common tradition.

5) A Clutch

As I've previously said, adding blue to your clothing can be an issue as it could clash with the colour code you've chosen for your wedding. This is where accessories can work quite well, while a turquoise clutch will work wonders, while it will also allow you to keep that back-up make-up incase it spreads at all or incase you become teary eyed.

6) Lucky Horseshoe

...Well, this one floats over my head a little, however, it is a common British symbol of luck which is quite often placed at weddings. These are often gifted to the bride from a guest, so you could always ask for it as a gift from someone close. If you're having a hen do in Bath, there are a number of wedding stores that actually have horseshoes which are embroided and have blue jeweller and ribbons attached.

7) Paint Those Nails

If you've hired a makeup artist, you can be a bit more experimental (practice first at a trial) and get a nice blue design on your nails. If you want any advice on finding on this area, take a look through our wedding makeup guide, where we interviewed the amazing Jenna West.

8) Flowers

It could be a single bouquet or it could be the entire floral design you opt for, however picking blue flowers can look great. There are also an amazing range of blue flowers available (check out sky blue hydrangeas) that mean you can go for the look you're after.

9) Handkerchief

I don't mean a dirty old tissue, but you could get a personally embroided handkerchief, which will look stunning and will also be useful if the tears run, or a slight spill happens. This could also be a nice added gift for all the bridesmaid, to get a personal message printed for each one in blue.

10) The Fella's Shoelaces

Why keep it all on you, swap his usual shoe laces for some baby blue ones. This will often work quite well with the suit he is wearing, so he shouldn't have too many complaints (maybe ask him first).

11) The Pet's Clothing

If you plan on bringing a dog down the aisle (I don't mean your husband to be) then you can always sneak a little tie on him or a top hat (OK, my imagination is running away...I really want a pet dog). Opt for a bit of blue on your pet and this would remove the awkwardness of asking someone else to wear something blue.