Add your own mark at the table this Christmas with your very own handmade crackers. They’ll add a lovely touch of personalisation and they’re also great fun to make too!

What you’ll need

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or other decorative materials
  • Festive wrapping paper (or whatever you want – it could be pretty paper, crepe paper, newspaper etc).
  • Thin card (minimum of 20cm long)
  • Cracker bangers
  • Sticky tape (you’ll be able to find some nice glittery festive tapes in craft shops if you want that extra sparkle!)
  • Fun items that are small enough to fit into the crackers

Step 1:

Put one of the toilet roll tubes on the long edge of your desired cracker paper in the middle, and place some sticky tape to keep intact. Then, place a cracker banger through the toilet roll and secure it with some tape to one side of the paper.

Step 2

Once this has been done, get the tube and roll it across the paper – you’ll then place a piece of sticky tape down the seam, on the centre and on the ends, which makes sure everything’s nicely in place.

Step 3

Next, use the scissors to cut two strips of the thin card which measure 20x5cm each. Then, curl each strip of thin card into a circular shape and pop it inside both ends of the cracker, with approximately 2cm left visible at the ends. Apply some sticky tape at the ends to keep things secure.

Step 4

Looking at the gap between the toilet roll and the card and the end of the cracker, create an ‘okay’ signal with your hand and give this a gentle squeeze and twist with your thumb and forth-finger.  The other hand will be able to firmly hold the card in shape. Once you’re happy with the look of your Christmas cracker, stop the squeezing action. Next, choose a festive and jolly piece of ribbon to tie around the neck of the cracker to complete the look!

Step 5

Before you do the same and seal off the other end of the cracker, get your contents prepared (if you’re not too sure what to pop in your cracker for the filling, then check out our great ideas below for some inspiration). Once you’ve sealed off the open end of the cracker, then voila! You’re good to go and make a start on the next crackers – wasn’t so hard after all was it?

Ideas for Christmas cracker fillings


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a cheesy Christmas joke, so make sure that these jokes are very much present in your DIY crackers! If you’re struggling to think of some terrible Christmas jokes, then why not look online and get some printed out (there will be literally hundreds!). You’ll then be able to roll these into the crackers ready to make your family cry with laughter (or cringe at how bad they are) at your festive dinner!

Scratch cards

If you’re after a little bit of fun, then why not buy a selection of £1 scratch cards and pop them in your crackers? You never know, a member of the family might strike it lucky and win the jackpot. Failing that, someone may win £1! It’s all a bonus and there’s always the saying that goes “every little helps”.


Cracker hats are also one of those classic items associated with the Christmas meal, so definitely be sure to put some of these in! After all, a photo of everyone enjoying their lunch just won’t look the same without these colourful hats! A number of our London Christmas parties have fun and vibrant hats included.

Fun Novelties

Head to your nearest toy shop and check out their range of tiny stocking filler toys and novelties. There’s bound to be plenty including little games and puzzles such as marbles and mini shoe horns to tiddly winks and fun-size jigsaws – they’ll provide plenty of entertainment at the table between courses!

Personalised gifts

If you want to add a bit more of a personal touch, then why not buy specific gifts for particular people? They don’t have to be expensive (they can if you want) but they do have to be able to fit inside of the cracker. This is a really thoughtful idea that your guests will really appreciate during their dining experience!

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