Going on a hen weekend is a big deal. It’ll probably be the best girl’s night out of the year and will be totally focused on the bride. And, with so many fantastic destinations to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to know what to pack!

The weather, the location and the hen activities will play a large part in determining what items to take with you. However, with all the excitement, you don’t want to forget the absolute essentials! 

Here are some of the practical – but certainly not the most exciting – items you’ll want to remember so that the hen weekend runs smoothly.
Mains Plug Adapter 

If you’re heading abroad, remember to take a mains plug adapter for the country you’re visiting. 
There’s nothing worse than remembering all your electronics but not being able to plug them in – good buy luscious curls! 
If you do forget to pack yours, be prepared to pay a little bit more for one at the airport or when you reach your destination.


A girl’s best friend! You may be able to get away with sharing a set with some of the other girls, but, ideally, make sure there is more than one set between you.
Straighteners will especially come in useful if you embark on any thrilling outdoor hen do activities. Experiences such as bubble mayhen or quad biking are certainly going to get you all muddy and sweaty! Straighteners will be your saviour if you, quite literally, want to straighten yourself up before you head into town. 

If you’re heading abroad, check your straighteners to see if they are dual voltage or will work abroad. Due to the high voltage they need, sometimes they don’t work well or, in the worst case, don’t work at all! If this happens and you don’t want to buy a new pair just for the hen trip, you might need a plan B for your hair dos.
Comfy Clothes
After a night out, there’s nothing nicer than being able to lounge about in some comfy clothes and chill in your hotel room while your body tries to recover. Trust us on this one!
Phone charger

This is another practical one, but it’s easy to forget to take your charger with you as you’re usually too focused on remembering your phone. 
 By remembering your charger, you’ll not only be able to keep your battery topped up, but you’ll avoid having to pay out for an expensive replacement or begging one of the girls to borrow theirs.
Money / Currency

Wherever you go you’ll need to remember to take money for eating out, drinks and a spot of shopping, but if you’re heading abroad you’ll need to get hold of foreign currency.
Ideally, you should do this before you leave as you’ll get a worse rate of exchange at the airport or your destination than if you plan ahead and get it in the UK.
Taking a mix of cash and debit/credit cards is a good idea, and, having a card stashed in your luggage could save you in an emergency if you lose your purse or spend a little more than you’d expected. If you’re planning on spending a lot while you’re away, you might consider looking at prepaid credit cards or a card with a lower charge for spending abroad.
It’s a popular idea to set up a kitty for the trip whereby you all put in a set amount and then drinks, food and group expenses all come out of it. This can be a handy alternative to splitting the bill between individuals or all queuing at the bar for your order.
A note of warning though, don’t leave all the money with one person as they could be a target for someone looking to get their hands on your cash! Instead, split it between two or three of the girls.

Photo ID

Although it can be a pain, it’s also flattering to be asked to show your ID to prove your age.
It’s easy to forget to carry it, especially if you swap between a couple of different purses, but if you are heading out on the town for a big night, make sure to carry photo ID as there’s nothing worse than being the only one turned away from a pub or club because you can’t prove your age.
Make-Up Wipes

Perfect for when you get in after your night out, you’ll be able to quickly remove any make-up before your head hits the pillow.
Gel Inserts

Dancing at a nightclub during a hen night is mandatory, so you’ll want to pack some gel inserts to add to your favourite heels that will not only save your feet from agony, but keep you grooving all night.
Vitamins and Minerals 

Some people swear by different remedies for the nausea and headache of a hangover, but with your body lacking in sugar and certain vitamins, you could do worse than give it a boost.
 Try something like Berocca or other flavoured tablets that dissolve in water and don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Popping some of these nutrient-packed tablets in your bag could help give you the kick you need the morning after.
If you remember to take all these little bits you’re more likely to relax and have fun. So, what are you waiting for? Get booking your hen party experiences today!