Some hens want the spas, others want the guys but have you ever dreamed of having a 'fantasy rock concert' hen party, with all your favourite bands playing the music you love, live, just for you and your friends?

How about strutting your stuff to The Rolling Stones, shaking your tail feather to The Beatles, singing along with Adele or showing off your killer dance floor moves to the Kings of Leon - all without buying a single ticket, travelling miles to a venue, or waiting for ages in the queue for the ladies loos!

Hiring a function band could be perfect for any group of girls out for a good time without the hassle struggling to get tickets, reluctant taxi drivers and restrictions on party numbers! All you need to provide is a venue for the band to play in, and that could be anywhere from a hotel function room to a marquee, a barn, a boat or even your own back garden. You can invite as many friends as you can fit in (legally), and they know it won't cost them an arm and a leg once they arrive on sky-high club bar prices or taxis across town.This is ideal for a London hen party.

With a function band for hire, you can release your inner Dance Diva or Club Chick and hear the music you love the best. If you tell the function band well in advance the music you love, the bands that rock your world, they'll usually create a show just for you with favourite songs and non-stop hits from start to finish.

Most entertainment agencies websites have full profiles of the bands with demo tracks, videos and pics of the lads (usually four lads and young fit lads at that...) so you can hear and see them in action. Fancy some giggles and a hassle free gig? This might just be a perfect accompaniment to your hen festivities.