OK, I know you love the girl, but a prank is just a bit of harmless fun, plus it will help everyone else at the party to join together in fits of laughter. This is fast becoming a staple part of the hen weekend, so don't hesitate to stitch up the bride-to-be on her night in every possible way you can think of!

So what prank should you pull? How far do you go? Do you pull a soft one which you can all laugh about or do you go extreme? We have some like sexy wake-up call as part of our Lisbon hen activities that will shock the bride with an out of the blue striptease! Well, if you can't decide how hard to go, we have listed some potential practical jokes you could try out.

1. The Wedding is Off!

A good Hen prank that will need a bit of thought and careful planning.

The idea here is to get the Hen’s mobile phone while she in the toilet, or better still if she takes a shower or bath. Scroll through her phonebook and change the contact name of one of her friends to be her Husband’s name (this won’t work if she remember numbers).

Then you simply text her phone with something like “I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore, the Wedding is off”. This will appear on her phone as her “Husband” .

To top this prank off, try and get her to ring her “Husband” and watch her face as your phone rings!


2. The Face Painting

Another old favourite which can be used when your Hen has had a few glasses of wine and has passed out on a sofa, is to crack out the pre-purchased face paints and go to work on writing and drawing all over her face. 

You gain extra points if you leave the house without her realising she has something on her face. Bring some face paint or a pen with you, so you can get strangers to write on her face and arms. She will eventually become a scrap book of the night and all the people you meet.

3. Hand in Warm Water

If the face painting just isn’t enough, then you can get a bowl of warm water and place her hand in it while she is sleeping. This has been proven to relax your bladder, and erm, well, it will result in the Hen wetting herself!

This obviously relies on you all being capable of pulling off a prank at 4am, so this task might be delegated to the designated driver (who am I kidding, there are no sober people on a hen party).

4. Leg in Plaster

I think this is probably more cruel than anything else. Again, it will take advantage of the Hen while she is out cold, however this time you can plaster one of her legs and let it set. If she has had so much to drink she can’t remember, then you can tell her that she fell off a table while dancing and broke her leg.

The beauty with this prank is that you can let it go on for a day or two, or you could let her get married and go on her honeymoon thinking she has broken her leg.

If you want a calmer version, you could just put her arm in a sling, then convince her she had to go to the hospital the night before. You need to stop the group from giggling and giving it away, but remind her not to move her arm at all and to keep it in that safe position.

5. Big Stripper

Are you hiring a stripper for the evening? Did you know you can also book big strippers (and I don't mean like that you naughty things). Why not get a larger than life stripper to dance away for her. This isn't for the sensitive souls, I feel a bit bad for them, so there is a moral dilemma here, but a definite option which will bring a laugh and a smile to everyone's face.

6. Fake Mistake

If you have a mate you know well (who doesn't know the bride), convince him to arrive in the morning. You then need him to climb into bed alongside her and pretend he slept their the whole night (this will require her to be a deep sleeper). Convince her she headed home with one of the Adonis guys and they slept together. Just don't hold this prank for too long, her heart will be in her mouth!

7. Target Practice

Are you doing any active activities? Why not force her to wear a giant target, or a ridiculously embaressing costume all day. Some of my favourites include wearing a gun target on a paintball course or wearing a giant willy costume around town.

8. Devilish Dares

Stitch her up with some hen do dares, all available on a printout list. Why pull a prank when she can do all the hard work for you. Sit back and watch as she makes a fool out of herself, from flirting to others in a fake foreign accent to faking an orgasm in a public area. Enjoy!

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