Hen Do Dares are both a great way to get the whole group laughing, as well as softly humiliating the bride-to-be on her final night of freedom. They're also a great ice breaker to help connect the members of the group that don't know everyone as well. You can also alter the challenges so that it isn't just the main girl completing them. You could set each dare as a double-header, meaning she has to complete it alongside 1 member of the group.

Scoring Metrics

With so many challenges, it is important to let her know how she is doing, therefore we have come up with a scoring metric based on how many she manages to complete. You should also bring a prize along for each time she passes on of the barriers, e.g. from 'pretty good' to 'getting better'.
 1-10 – Poor
 11-20 – Pretty Good
 21-30 – Getting Better
 31-40 – Go On Girl
 41-50 – You Animal
 51-53 – Time To Take Her Home!!

Hen Night Dares

This is a hefty list, so you don't have to take on all of these. I'd recommend picking your favourites and adjusting our score metric to suit you and your group. Think which ones she will realistically do and which ones will make the group laugh the most.

Find a cutie behind the bar and give him a great big kiss (on the cheek, obviously).

Get a photo taken with a policeman, wearing his hat.

Order a drink in a foreign accent.

Find someone who looks just like your soon-to-be hubbie and get him to propose to you.

Stand in front of a crowd (your hen group doesn’t count) and begin singing your favourite song.
Sing along to a local football team chant.

Go up to a random guy and get down on one knee. Earn extra points if you give him a ring made of something (think hula hoops or a paper ring).

Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink.

Go behind the bar and ring the bell for last orders (extra points if you’re not thrown out).

Wear a bridal veil completely made up of toilet roll.

Get a stranger to serenade you.

Kiss a bald man’s head.

Flirt with someone outside of your group in a funny voice

Sing a song for your bride’s maids to show how much you love them.

Eat an entire chilli in one go.

Your hens are allowed to ask you any 3 questions and you have to answer honestly.

Like the name sounds, you have to put a condom on a courgette using just your mouth.

Drink something green

Fake an orgasm

Get a guy to flash his bum

Collect a guy’s boxers

Blow kisses to a stranger at the bar

Lie on your back and count to 30 out loud

Convince a stranger you’re from Italy

Have a wee in the men’s toilets

Do a shot without using your hands

Perform a choreographed dance with all the girls

Exchange a piece of clothing with a man

Ask someone to talk dirty to you

Hump someone’s leg

Talk in a Scottish accent for 10 minutes

Stand on a chair or table and pretend to be a statue

Have a piggy back ride off a stranger or give one

Make someone believe your dad was in Led Zeppelin

Shout “I’m a horny squirrel” in a busy area

Get someone to drink a shot off your stomach

Explain to a stranger that you used to be a man

Walk up to someone you’ve never met in the bar and pretend you’ve known them your whole life.

Have a random guy sign your body with his autograph. You choose the body part.

Lick a random guy’s nipple.

Get a photo of you on the front of a really nice car, posing provocatively.

Sing the alphabet backwards in under 20 seconds.

Get a guy’s business card.

Down a drink in one

Find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Dance on the table

Build a penis shaped object out of things you can find around you. The hen group are the judges of how well you have succeeded.

Everyone has to help you convince a stranger that you are actually famous.

Share a deep dark secret with everyone

Take off your bra without removing your top

Drink 3 shots in a row

Get a photo with a male equivalent of each Spice Girl member (Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Sporty)

Do an impersonation of the groom

Kiss a man with a bald head 

Convince a stranger that you have a weird fetish 

Get the bride to ask you a random question, you must answer honestly 

Crack out your best ‘Dad dancing’ skills on the dance floor 

Photobomb a stranger’s photo 

Be the first to find a picture of the Queen 

Swap phones and send a text to the last person on the message list 

Prank call the groom 

Everyone has to buy a bride a shot that she has to down 

Get as many phone numbers as you can in under 30 minutes 

Draw a moustache on your face – you’ve got to wear it for the rest of the night! 


Of course, if she refuses to complete a challenge, you can always provide a forfeit to prevent her from failing again. We have a list of some punishments you could dish out to her: Down your drink 

 Drink a cocktail of everyone else's drinks 
 Wear your clothes inside out for the rest of the night 
 Prepare multiple coloured shot, every time she fails she has to down one. Try to vary the colours as much as possible 
 Hop in between each bar/club...The entire journey! 
 Make her eat a type of food that she hates (garlic, tomato, whatever it is she can't stand, have some ready) 
 Have a marker pen on you and every time she fails a task, you can write something on her face 
These should leave her petrified about failing the task! Do you have any additional challenges you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below, and enjoy your hen party!