At this time of year, it’s likely that your place of work is dancing on Christmas spirit. Everyone is getting ready for their holidays, the chocolate is being passed around and festive tunes are playing repeatedly on the radio. Meanwhile, you’ve got projects to finish up, invoices to chase and payments to be made, all whilst thinking about those Christmas presents that you should have bought months ago. 

It can be stressful. That’s why the work Christmas party is the perfect time to de-stress, have a bit of fun and bond with your co-workers. It is not a time to embarrass yourself or fall out with your desk buddy. Don’t stress because Fizzbox is here to help you. Here is our guide on the do’s and don’ts at the work Christmas party.

Christmas do's and don'ts

Do get to know your colleagues

This bunch has been with you through thick and thin. You work together for most of the week, in fact, you practically live together. The annual Christmas celebration is a good time to reflect on how much you really know each other. You know what favourite smelly foods they like to eat at lunch; what their daily tea-drinking schedule looks like and how well they deal with demanding customers over the phone, but what about their world outside of work? There is no need to interrogate your co-workers about their personal life, but it is a good chance to check-in and make sure they are doing okay. Offering yourself as a platform of support may ultimately improve your working relationships.

Don't get over excited with the booze

Who doesn’t love an open bar? It is far too easy to forget about the consequences of a heavy night when there are free shots flying about and alcohol flowing steadily. Lips loosen and the last thing you want to do is to say something that will land you in hot water. Whatever your Christmas party themes, enjoy yourself but drink sensibly. Moderation is key and if you know your limits, you’ll have a fantastic time. Maybe you’ll even find yourself on the karaoke machine!

Do show appreciation for the food

Someone has made a lot of time and effort to prepare the free food you’re about to devour – and your company has probably spent a fair bit of money making sure you lot have a great meal. Even if the turkey is a bit dry, or the Yorkshires have fallen flat, it’s always best to speak positively about the best bits rather than make a fuss over how gross the Brussels sprouts are! 

How Do You Throw a Good Christmas Party at Work?

Don't leave early (or not show up at all)

As with the food, hours of thought have been put into what you and your colleagues will enjoy the most this Christmas. Decisions over the best venue, negotiating prices and juggling multiple food requirements is not easy. At Fizzbox, we know how stressful it can be to plan an event like a Christmas party in Brighton or another city. Therefore you should always try your best to be there and stay for the duration. We understand that personal commitments can get in the way; travelling home might be difficult or you just don’t fancy it, but it’s great for morale if all employees are in it together.  Of course, there are multiple reasons why this might just not work for you, and there shouldn’t be any pressure if it’s simply not possible.  

Do dress appropriately

The work Southampton Christmas party is probably not the best time to bring out those skimpy leather shorts that you’re dying to show off, no matter what gender you are! Its always fun to have a play around with your clothes; to get out the glitz and glamour and dazzle your co-workers with that florescent green suit that just isn’t suitable for the office. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this is still a relatively professional environment so sophistication is key. Ugly Christmas jumpers are the exception, of course.

Don't talk about topics that could offend

Avoid discussing controversial or sensitive topics during the work Christmas party. While lively discussions are part of a vibrant workplace, remember that the Christmas party is not the place to engage in heated debates or dive into sensitive subjects. Keep the conversation light and inclusive to ensure a harmonious atmosphere.

Christmas do's and don'ts

Do participate in activities

Participating in activities at the work Christmas party is a fantastic way to break the ice, foster camaraderie, and create memorable experiences with your colleagues. Engage in the planned activities and games with enthusiasm. Whether it's a friendly competition or a team-building exercise, embrace the opportunity to have fun and showcase your team spirit. It’s a great chance to have fun and get to know your co-workers better. 

Don't monopolise the conversation

Give everyone a chance to join in and contribute to conversations. Avoid dominating discussions or interrupting others. Active listening and respectful dialogue are key to fostering a positive and inclusive party atmosphere.

Do keep personal boundaries in mind

While the party may be a relaxed setting, remember to maintain appropriate professional boundaries. Avoid gossip, inappropriate jokes, or overly personal conversations that may make others uncomfortable.

How Do You Throw a Good Christmas Party at Work?

Don't use the photocopier

Don't attempt to photocopy your face or any other body parts! The office copier should be treated with respect and avoided in any situation where alcohol might be involved. Engaging in any shenanigans involving copying body parts can lead to awkward conversations with HR and a potential loss of dignity. Just imagine how hard you’d cringe the next day!

Do capture memories responsibly

Feel free to take photos to capture the joyful moments, but be mindful of others' preferences. Always ask for consent before taking someone's picture and respect those who may not want to be photographed or posted on social media.

Don't spend all night on your phone

While in today’s digital age it's tempting to check your messages or scroll through social media, try to be present and engaged during your work Christmas party. Limit the use of your phone to essential matters and enjoy the company of your colleagues in real-time. Be attentive and actively participate in conversation and activities. 

How Do You Throw a Good Christmas Party at Work?

Do follow up after the party

After the party, take the opportunity to follow up with colleagues and thank them for the enjoyable evening. A brief email or message expressing your appreciation will help solidify the connections made during the event.

Don't bombard management

While it's great to network and engage with higher-level colleagues, avoid monopolising their time or bombarding them with work-related enquiries during the party. Equally avoid trying to impress them excessively or seeking out opportunities for career development. Instead, engage in genuine conversation and express gratitude for their leadership. Respect their need for socialising and relaxation.

Do avoid office gossip

The party may create a more relaxed atmosphere, but it's essential to maintain professionalism as well as a positive and respectful atmosphere. Avoid engaging in or spreading office gossip, as it can negatively impact relationships and trust among colleagues. Instead, focus on uplifting and inclusive conversations. Talk about shared interests, holiday plans, or positive aspects of work. By avoiding office gossip, you contribute to a more fun and supportive work environment.

How Do You Throw a Good Christmas Party at Work?

Don't hog the limelight

If you have a karaoke session in the office, it’s important to remember to share the limelight with your fellow party-goers, even if you have a desire to be the next karaoke superstar. There's a time and place for your musical talents, and hogging the microphone all night might lead to some disgruntled colleagues. This applies to any activities where people have a chance to shine. Let everyone have a go.

Do have fun!

This is the most important tip of them all. It's been a long year. You and your work buddies deserve a good night together out of the office for your Birmingham office Christmas party or in your chosen city in the UK or Europe. Enjoy every minute of it!

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