1920’s Prohibition Festive Celebration - Christmas Party Ideas

Picture the scene; you’ve been transported back in time to the roaring twenties. A time when prohibition was in full swing and when groups of friends made their way to top secret speakeasies to revel in the exciting array of forbidden pleasures.

These illicit drinking dens and party spots were cleverly disguised as ordinary businesses, such as cafés, bakeries and social clubs and usually took place in the basements of these establishments to fool the authorities. To enter the speakeasies, visitors would usually have to check the coast was clear, before performing a secret door knock or uttering a password to gain access. Once inside, visitors could look forward to a night ahead of alcoholic tipples, jazz and dancing – think flapper girls and drinks served from teapots!

If you’re looking for some top Christmas party ideas, then we think a 1920’s Prohibition themed event would make an incredible choice for a festive party! Here at Fizzbox, we’ve run through everything you’ll need to include for your event, along with some great ideas for hosting the ultimate prohibition party! From entertainment and props to outfits and food options, we’ve got it all – so read on and prepare to be inspired, speakeasy style!

What kind of venue would work best for a 1920’s Prohibition Party?

If you’re looking to host your very own 1920’s prohibition party for the Christmas period, then you’ll need to firstly think about your venue. Speakeasies were notoriously hidden away from the streets, so a venue which offers basement event space would be ideal for the event. If that’s not possible, then any event space that can be decorated with theming and scenery that will take you back to the time of the glitz and glam!

How can you make a venue look like a 1920’s speakeasy?

With the right theming, décor and props, you’ll be able to turn any space into a stunning prohibition bar and venue. Black and gold décor work best as a colour scheme and really captures the essence of the much-loved bygone era. Why not ask for Art-Deco backdrops and a neon sign to really bring the space alive! Also, remember to opt for low level lighting that’s enough to create a soft glow in the event space and consider the likes of large oak barrels and wooden crates as props. Also include some fun backdrops for your guests so they’ll be able to take some great photos and capture some memories of the evening!

Are there any drinks that are specifically suited to a 1920’s Prohibition Party?

If there’s one drink that was popular during the prohibition era, it was gin! Commonly used to create cocktails and served from a teapot, this spirit was a massive hit with speakeasy visitors, so why should your party be any different? A great idea would be to serve a signature gin cocktail for each guest on arrival to really get everyone in the mood for the festivities! Some classic prohibition gin style cocktails include the likes of The Bee’s Knees, The Gin Rickey, The Hankey Panky and The South Side Fizz. Of course, not everyone will enjoy gin, so do ensure that there’s a good selection of alternative tipples available. Also, don’t forget about the non-drinkers of the party; perhaps you could ask the venue to help you create your own signature mocktail which could also be served from a teapot?

What should the dress code be for a 1920’s Prohibition Party?

For any themed party, costumes should always be listed on the dress code as a choice, in addition to smart/casual attire who those who would prefer not to dress up. When it comes down to costumes for the prohibition period, two main themes stand out; Mobsters and Flappers.

Flappers: When it comes to flapper costumes, think vintage dresses with stunning sequins and tassels, along with feather headbands and feather boas. Blacks and golds compliment each other well and will be sure to recreate that classic 1920’s look. Get ready to swing those hips and kick those calves and prepare to channel your inner starlet! Mobsters: A great look for anyone looking to attend a prohibition themed party! The mobster is a smart look of trousers and a shirt, but the most famous accessory for this style would have to be the braces and hat! Don’t forget to polish your shoes and practice your best gangster talk, as this is the mobster party to end all parties!

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for a 1920’s Prohibition Party?

If you’re looking to recreate all the glamour and razzle dazzle of the 1920’s, then why not consider hiring a live jazz band for your event, or how about some entertainment in the form of flapper performers who could dance the Charleston for your guests? If you’d prefer to keep things more up to date with the current charts, then hiring a DJ who will guide your and your guests through to the early hours with their top playlist is recommended!

Christmas food options for a 1920’s Prohibition Party

When it comes to food choices, there’s so many different options that you could opt for during your celebration. Many venues providing bespoke venue hire will be happy to run through various food options for you and your guests. Canapes are a great way to start off the night and welcome guests on arrival, whereas for your main meal you could choose between options such as bowl food for a less formal occasion, or a three-course seated meal or plated buffet if you’d like something a bit more traditional. Are there any extras that you’d recommend for a Prohibition Party?

If you’re looking to give your party that extra edge and surprise your guests, then you could disguise the entrance of the event space as a bakery or social club. You could also request that your guests utter the secret password to allow them to enter the party.

Chill out areas are always popular at themed party nights, as it gives guests the opportunity to relax in an area away from all of the action – why not create an area with comfortable chairs, pillows or sofas for guests to lounge around on?

If budget permits, then a photobooth at any party is always an amazing idea! Source out vintage looking props for your guests to play about with as they strike a pose for their photograph and let them make some memories of what’s sure to be a truly unforgettable night!