Black and White Masquerade Ball - Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is such a magical time of year and so, it’s only natural that you’d want a dazzling Christmas party theme to match! For a theme that oozes sophistication this festive season, why not turn the glamour up a notch and opt for a stunning Black and White Masquerade Ball theme? It’s the perfect mix of fun, elegance and mystery and will be sure to equip you and your guests with an unforgettable evening that’s filled with mouth-watering food, sumptuous drinks and some stunning entertainment!

Masquerade balls date back as far as 14th and 15th century Europe, where villagers would gather to celebrate Carnival season and would wear masks and costumes, ready to take party in elaborate pageants and glamorous processions. The masquerade balls that we’re perhaps most familiar with took place in 16th century Renaissance Italy, where members of the Venetian Aristocracy would enjoy a scandalous and decadent party night filled of anonymity.

Fast forward to the present and the 21st century, and masquerade balls are still highly popular with guests looking to experience a spectacular evening of celebration for their Christmas party night. But if you’re feeling a bit unsure about where to start with the planning process for your Black and White Masquerade Ball, then don’t worry! Here, the expert team at Fizzbox will lead you through everything you’ll need to know to plan the perfect Black and White Masquerade Ball with their top tips and advice. Covering everything from what venue works best for the theme to food and drink options for your guests, it’s time to get comfy, so read on and get some great Christmas party ideas for your event!

What kind of venue would work best for a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

The great thing about a masquerade ball, is that any venue would work for this theme! Whether it’s a hall, a function room or a conference room within a hotel or other venue, you’ll be able to decorate it to your own style to keep in with the theme. If you’d prefer not to be left in charge of the room décor, speak to the events team at your chosen venue to see if they’d be able to organise the theming and décor and set it up for you on the night of your event.

How can you make a venue look like a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

There are many props and accessories that can be added to your event space to make your party stand out from the crowd, including:

  • Black and white tablecloths
  • Sparkling fairy lights
  • Striking table centrepieces
  • Black and white satin backgrounds (makes the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities)
  • Masquerade arches
  • Masquerade columns
  • Cocktail tables
  • Giant 3D mask props
  • Crystal look beaded ceiling drapes
  • Black and white velvet drapes
  • Black and white floor candelabras
  • Cocktail tables
  • Latex balloons

Are there any drinks that are specifically suited to a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

If you wanted to in keep with the theme of your Black and White Masquerade Ball, you could offer signature cocktails during the event such as a Black Russian or a White Russian cocktail. Of course, do ensure that the bar serves a good selection of beers, wine, sparkling wine, cider, spirits, mixers and soft drinks so that there’s a drink out there for everyone to enjoy.

What should the dress code be for a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

The dress code for this event is easy! Black and white. Guests should come wearing a suit, tux, evening dress or cocktail dress to ensure an elegant and sophisticated look to match this dazzling theme! Don’t forget a striking mask too to complete your outfit!

Is there any entertainment that’s ideal for a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

As for entertainment, you could include anything you want (providing your chosen venue is happy to accommodate your ideas). From masquerade dancers and casino tables, to live bands and DJ and discos, your party will be sure to stand out from the crowd with some exciting entertainment. If your budget permits, you could also include a selfie station or a photobooth with props

Christmas food options for a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

Depending on what your chosen venue’s catering department are happy to create for your festive event, there’s plenty of food options out there. Bowl food is great if you’re seeking a less formal atmosphere and would like to mingle with your guests as you dine. Bowl food is smaller portions of main meals, so that guests can enjoy a few different options for their Christmas feast. There’s plenty of options such as mini fish and chips, vegetable curry or Vegan mac and cheese – be sure to chat with your venues catering team to see what ideas they have for bowl food options.

If you’d prefer to opt for a seated meal, then you could opt for a classic two or three course meal featuring traditional festive dishes such as turkey and all those tasty trimmings and Christmas pudding. If you don’t want to stick with the usual festive food, then perhaps you could introduce dishes with a contemporary twist or host a two or three course buffet?

Serving canapes at the start of the event is always a stylish way to welcome guests to the party; from mini bruschetta to salmon on cream cheese blinis, your guests are sure to be impressed with these sophisticated and tasty canapes on offer!

Are there any extras that you’d recommend for a Black and White Masquerade Ball?

A midnight snack or survivor’s breakfast is always an extra special touch for guests. There’s no need to go over the top with options. Simply offering a meat and a vegetarian/vegan option with suffice. Consider offering bacon baps or vegetarian sausage baps for hungry guests to fuel them ready for the journey home!

We’d also recommend having a selection of Masquerade masks available for any guests who haven’t come to the event wearing one – there’s bound to be some guests that would have forgotten to bring theirs on the night!