With virtual activities on the rise in 2022, there’s plenty of great ways to keep connected with our friends, family and colleagues whilst we’re living through lockdown.

And for those big foodies out there, the good news is that we’re offering a brilliant selection of food and drink-based activities that are available virtually, so you won’t have to miss out on all the fun of trying new and delicious products!

One food and drink related activity that we’d definitely recommend trying is virtual wine and cheese tasting. What’s great about these activities is that they’re ideal for everyone, no matter what your level of expertise is! So whether you consider yourself a wine and cheese connoisseur or whether you’re new to tasting experiences, you and your group will love these activities which take place in the safety and comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking to learn more about our virtual wine and cheese tasting experiences, then do read on, as we’ve put together a great guide providing you with all the info on the subject that you could possibly need!


How does a virtual wine and cheese tasting experience work?

A virtual wine and cheese tasting experience will take place online via Zoom (other video calling applications may be available) and will be hosted by a fun and friendly wine expert.

You’ll have decided on your group numbers before booking the activity and will have provided the supplier with each person’s details, so that they’re able to receive a tasting kit in the post. This will be sent ahead of the experience, to allow enough time for safe arrival of the package.

The kit will contain everything necessary for each person to enjoy their activity and will include wine, cheese, crackers, tasting notes and a guide sheet. Each of our offered experiences by Inflorescence lasts for 90-minutes, during which time you and your group will be taken on a wine tasting journey, where you’ll discover new and delicious wines, along with some fun facts and background about them.

Who is virtual wine and cheese tasting for?

Our offered virtual wine and cheese tasting experiences are for everyone (providing that they’re over the age of 18!) and make a particularly good activity choice for a variety of occasions, including;


Why not treat someone special to a virtual wine and cheese tasting experience this year for their birthday? Sure, you may not be able to celebrate in person as you’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate at all!

We love the idea of a virtual experience for a birthday event, as it means you can invite friends and family from all over the UK to join in with the fun and celebrations – just imagine the look on your loved one’s face as the big surprise is revealed!

Stag and Hen Parties

Maybe your plans for the big stag and hen party have been postponed? If so, why not arrange for you and your group of friends to enjoy a virtual stag do or hen party online to make up for the disappointment? It’ll be great fun and is a brilliant way for everyone to get to know one another ahead of the physical stag do or hen party!

Team Building

Whether you’re a small team or a large team, a virtual experience is an ideal way to connect during this strange time! Perhaps you’ve got multiple offices across the UK and you’ve never taken part in a mass team building session before? If so, a virtual event is a great way to enjoy your first one, especially one that involves cheese and wine!


How many people can attend a virtual wine and cheese tasting session?

Because these activities take place remotely from your home via Zoom, the maximum number of people able to participate is typically much larger than that of a physical wine and cheese experience. Expect maximum numbers of up to 200 people per class, making it a great activity choice for large families or companies looking to try something different during lockdown

When is the best time to run a virtual wine and cheese tasting session?

We’d say the best time to enjoy a virtual wine and cheese tasting experience would be either in the evening on a weekday or anytime during the weekend! Our provider Inflorescence is flexible and able to offer a variety of dates and times to enjoy any of their virtual products.

Please ensure that you do not drive after enjoying one of these wine and cheese tasting sessions.

Recommended virtual wine and cheese tasting activities

Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting Experience – Inflorescence

Duration:  90-minutes     Price:  £65         Minimum Group Size: 6

If you’re looking to catch up and connect with friends, family and colleagues during lockdown, make sure you do it the right way with this virtual wine and cheese tasting experience. Suitable for groups of between 6-200 people, this fun and informative class will be led by a professional wine expert, who will teach you everything you need to know about the wines you’ll be tasting.

Each member of the group will be sent a wine and cheese kit in the post, containing everything you’ll need for the experience. Look forward to receiving 5 x 100ml tasting bottles of wine, 5 x delicious cheeses that pair perfectly with the included wines, crackers, tasting notes and guide sheet.

Your virtual wine and cheese tasting activity will take place online via Zoom and will be a private event for you and your group.

Why not send an enquiry through to the activity provider today and book a fun session to enjoy with your friends, family or colleagues?


Recommended wine tasting activities

Alternatively, if you’re not big on the cheese, but are rather partial to the wine element, then you may prefer some of Inflorescence’s virtual wine tasting experiences. We’ve detailed their offered product range below, where you’ll find the perfect activity to match every occasion!

Virtual Wine Tasting Experience – Inflorescence

Duration: 90-minutes     Price: £45           Minimum           Group Size: 6

Tiring of the endless Netflix streaming and Zoom quizzes with your friends? Then why not arrange to something a bit different with this virtual wine tasting experience?

Perfect for groups of 6 people up to a maximum of 200, this fun, wine based activity will introduce you to a variety of different wine products. Your online session will be hosted by a friendly wine expert who will provide some fun facts and background into each wine product along the way.

Each member of your group will be sent a kit to their home address in advance of your virtual activity, which will contain 5 x 100ml tasting bottles of new, seasonal wines. Whether you’ve done wine tasting before, or whether you’re just starting out, you and your group will love this session which takes place over Zoom.

Make it a virtual catch up with friends to remember with this virtual wine tasting activity – make a booking via Fizzbox today!


Pop The Bubbles! – Inflorescence

Duration:  90-minutes     Price: £50          Minimum Group Size: 6

Perfect for those that like the finer things in life, this ‘Pop The Bubbles’ virtual tasting experience promises plenty of fun and the perfect way to keep connected with friends, family and colleagues!

Taking place over Zoom, this 90-minute class will be hosted by a professional wine expert, who will teach you and your group all about the world of bubbles.

You’ll each receive a kit in the post ahead of your virtual session which will involve everything you’ll to need, including 1 x 20cl bottle of Champagne, 1 x 20cl bottle of Prosecco and 1 x 20cl bottle of a seasonal, sparkling wine. Tasting notes and a guide sheet will also be included in every kit.

Fancy popping the bubbles with this fun virtual activity? Then make sure you send an enquiry through to make a booking for your preferred date!


Pyjama Party – Inflorescence  

Duration: 90-minutes      Price: £60 per person    Minimum Group Size: 6

We never need an excuse to put on those jammies and get all snug and cosy. But just in case you do need one, then look no further than this fab pyjama party wine tasting experience, that’s quite literally the ultimate night in! Here, you’ll round up your friends and get ready for a night of pure fun and pampering over Zoom.

Each guest will be sent a kit in the post, containing everything needed for a memorable night in. Look forward to 1 x 20cl bottle of bubbles and 3 x 100ml tasting bottles of wine. Chocolates will also be included with the kit, along with a glitter face mask, tasting notes and a guide sheet too!

Your evening will be hosted by a friendly wine expert, who will talk you through each wine included in your kit. You’ll learn all about the wine you’re tasting, along with some fun facts! There will even be time to ask any wine-related questions that you may have!

Make this the best night in yet with this brilliant pyjama party wine tasting experience – send an enquiry through today!


Valentine’s Wine Tasting – Inflorescence

Duration: 90-minutes       Price: £75 per couple Minimum Group Size: 2

Get ready to indulge with this Valentine’s wine tasting experience that’s perfect for two! With this fun activity, you and your partner will be sent a wine tasting kit ahead of the class in the post.

Each kit will include four bottles to share, including 1 x 20cl bottle of Champagne and 3 x 20cl bottles of wine (red, white and dessert). A box of tasty chocolate truffles will also be included within your kit, that’s perfect for pairing with your dessert wine!

The experience will take place over Zoom and will be hosted and led by an expert in everything wine! They’ll talk you through each of the wines in your kit and will provide info and background into each product. A mini wine quiz will also be included to put you and your loved one head-to-head!

Please note that this is a shared event that will take place with other couples – you’re welcome to turn off your camera if you’d prefer not to have your video running during the session.

Treat your love one this Valentine’s Day with this indulgent virtual wine tasting experience!


How do I organise a virtual wine and cheese tasting experience?

Getting a virtual activity organised for your group really couldn’t be easier with Fizzbox! Simply take a browse of the above experiences and see which one is the best fit for your group.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite, simply select the amount of people within your group and select your preferred date and time. A new screen will then load confirming your details and will ask you to submit your enquiry to the activity provider.

The activity provider will then be in contact with you via our messaging hub to discuss your enquiry further and confirm availability for your requested date and time. From here, you’ll be able to pay for your experience if you’d like to proceed and that’s it! After that, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and look forward to your upcoming activity!

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