Office summer parties are like shared Christmas parties, they are an important part of the working calendar and because we’ve written the female version of this article already. It only seemed fair to write a version for all the working men out there too! After all, it’s not only women who have to make sure they look sharp and smart at the workplace.

Problem is, men can find summer office parties harder to dress for than women. As you want to appear polished and respectable but you don’t want to be boiling in a suit either. So what’s the right balance? How can you keep cool, look cool and inject a bit of corporate style into your outfit – all at the same time?

Well to help you out we’ve asked all the stylish people here at Fizzbox HQ and we’ve come up with a list of do’s and don’ts to help you make the right impression…


• Plan your outfit -Now we know this may seem a girly but just grabbing the cleanest thing out of the laundry basket (or heaven forbid off the floor…) is not going to cut it. Your peers and your superiors will be at this party, so if it’s that promotion and/or pay rise you’re after then you want to make a good impression. Plus planning ahead will ensure that you won’t be faffing around the next day trying to find something.

• Accessorize – Ok I appreciate that (again) this doesn’t sound very manly but it’s important! So make sure your shoes are smart casual (try to avoid your dirty trainers unless of course you’ve been told otherwise) and that you’re wearing a smart belt with your outfit. As this will help tie your ensemble together and portrays to others that you are well put together individual.

• Ensure your clothes fit – There’s nothing sloppier than a person in clothes that are too big and (come to think of it) there’s nothing more embarrassing than someone who’s wearing clothes that are too small and tight. Avoid this by making sure that your clothes fit you before the day, that way you’ll look respectable.

• Groom the night before – Make sure you look in top condition by grooming any facial hair (if you have any) and making sure that your hair is presentable. No one will take you seriously if you look like a shaggy haired hobo – especially the boss.


• Wear T-shirts with loud/obscene prints on them – Although technically a party, a company BBQ is still “work” related. This means that (whilst at the event) you and your colleagues all represent the company. So put the Spongebob T-shirt away. It’s embarrassing and you should in no way be embarrassing to your company.

• Leave the house in unclean/stained/ripped clothes- This is just not acceptable in any scenario, let alone for a work do. So don’t do it. There are no excuses.

• Socks with sandals/Bum bags/Baseball caps –Not appropriate fashion for a corporate party. So please don’t do it. Unless of course, you want to look like an out of date, 65 year old European tourist.

• Overload yourself with jewellery – You want to look professional and covering yourself with bling is not the way to achieve it. So even if you have a penchant for all that “glistens and shines.” Tone it for events like these as you want to be attracting the admiration of your co-workers –not magpies.

And that’s it for our tips on what to wear for your office summer party! Don’t worry about it though, because if you follow our tips (and maybe get a second opinion from someone you trust.) We’re sure you’ll have no problem!