For a long time now we all know there’s been a very specific type of woman walking the Earth, those which seem completely normal at first, but then only a few moments after they have uttered the word ‘yes’ to the man kneeling eagerly in front of them, their eyes widen, nostrils flare up and they become what we all know today as a ‘Bridezilla’.

It’s a well-known fact that David Attenborough once described Bridezilla’s as ‘the most fearsome and panic-inducing human beings of the land’ while observing one before a wedding, however more and more here at Fizzbox, we are finding out about a much earlier incarnation of the fully-fledged Bridezilla appearing at hen weekends all over the country…The dreaded Henzilla.

We decided to survey our previous brides, to find out if this was a national plague and whethere there were any similar occurrences. We therefore asked 1,000 recently married women a set of questions, with some really interesting results!

36% of brides stated they felt their maid of honour was guilty of being a 'Henzilla'. When asked what the biggest reasons were for the maid of honour falling under this category, below were the top 5 reasons given:

Demanding which activities were chosen Forcing a location that didn't match everyone's needs/abilities Forceful with financial payments Pushing fancy dress / clothes styling onto the group Becoming short tempered when organising

For the brides that answered yes to their maid of honour being a henzilla, we then asked if they would choose them again to be their main lady, of which 66% said they wouldn't! This should be an unforgettable and mind-blowing experience, so don't let your over-attention to details cloud what should be a great experience and make your BFF regret picking you.

We then asked what tips the brides would give to any future hen. Below were the most common areas of response:

Set a maximum budget and communicate this with the group. Don't go over this price, as not everyone can affort high cost hen parties Decide on the location first, with everyone's input, but ultimately the brides choice Don't force people to wear ridiculous clothing they won't like Consider whether adult activities would be suitable for older members of the hen party Consider whether activities are too 'active' for older members of the hen party Set a limit on the number of invites and stick to the list. Don't invite people who the bride doesn't want Ensure details are kept quiet, not everything should be fed back to everyone, some of it should be secret

You might have already been worrying about turning into a Bridezilla and have been taking every precaution possible to avoid it, but without knowing are you already taking over planning of your hen night and making your maid of honour feel like she’s walking on eggshells around you? It’s easier to happen than you might think, as your hen do will be one of the biggest nights or weekends of your life… and of course it’s only going to come around once.

We asked the brides whether they felt they took over of their own hen party, of which 11% claimed they did take control, a relatively high amount, but understandable considering how important it is the weekend goes well. This does however highlight how important it is to pick the right person for your maid of honour.

Enjoy it

This sounds simple but as it’s your hen night, it can be hard to actually enjoy it all without preoccupying yourself by constantly thinking ‘is this good?’, ‘will tonight be remembered?’, ‘how do I look in these photos’ and ‘is that David Attenborough watching us from over there?’ Just enjoy what your friends have planned for you through the night and stick to these rules and there won’t be a Henzilla in sight.