Whether you’re relaxing on a beach on holiday, enjoying weekend drinks with your friends in a swanky bar or just having a go at mixing up your own concoctions in your kitchen, we think it’s safe to say that we all love a cocktail in the UK. But here comes the big question; what’s your favourite cocktail?
Of course, we wanted to know the answer to that very question, so with that in mind, we ran a survey in December which revealed that the UK’s favourite cocktail was indeed the irresistibly refreshing Mojito – the delicious Cuban highball that consists of mint, white rum, zesty lime, sugar and soda water.
The winner of the UK's favourite cocktail went to the zesty and refreshing Mojito
The UK’s Favourite Cocktails – 2024

Drink Rank 2024

| Mojito  | 1st  | +2  | 3rd
| Pina Colada  | 2nd  | -1  | 1st
| Long Island Iced Tea  | 3rd  | +5  | 8th
| White Russian  | 4th  | +12  | 16th
| Cosmopolitan  | 5th  | -  | 5th
| Black Russian  | 6th  | +11  | 17th
| Dark & Stormy  | 7th  | +12  | 19th
| Martini  | 8th  | -4  | 4th
| Screwdriver  | 9th  | +9  | 18th
| Sex On The Beach  | 10th  | +4  | 14th
A similar survey was conducted back in the summer of 2022 by long haul travel specialists Hayes and Jarvis, who reported that the most popular cocktail in the UK was the mighty Piña Colada, which this year slipped down to the position of number two!
The Pina Colada was voted the UK's most popular cocktail in 2022

The UK’s Favourite Cocktails – 2022

1. Piña Colada
2. Margarita
3. Mojito
4. Martini
5. Cosmopolitan
6. Whiskey Sour
7. Manhattan
8. Long Island Iced Tea
9. Singapore Sling
10. Cuba Libre
Interestingly enough, the popularity of the Long Island Iced Tea increased quite drastically since the 2022 survey and moved up five positions to number three this year, whilst the Margarita was one of the least popular cocktails with under 1% of the votes and has been knocked off the top ten completely! However, the overall winner of most unpopular cocktail was the Appletini which received just 0.5% of the votes!

Long Island Iced Tea has grown in popularity since 2022

Men's Top Three Cocktails

1. Long Island Iced Tea
2. Sex on the Beach
3. Screwdriver

Women's Top Three Cocktails

1. Piña Colada
2. Mojito
3. Martini

Martini's were favoured by females and made it into this year's top 10 most popular cocktails
Furthermore, when the results were broken down specifically by gender, Long Island Iced Tea was voted number one by male participants, whereas the survey revealed that females selected the Piña Colada as their favourite cocktail. With these gender demographics combined however, Mojito came out on top, indicating that the Mojito was the most popular drink enjoyed by both sexes and overall winner of this survey.

Favourite Cocktails by Age

25 and under
1. Martini
2. Cosmopolitan
3. Long Island Iced Tea
Ages 26 – 45
1. Mojito
2. Piña Colada
3. Long Island Iced Tea
46 and over
1. Sex on the Beach
2. White Russian
3. Screwdriver

Sex on the beach was voted favourite cocktail in the over 46 category

Breaking down the results even further by age range showed yet more variety in terms of the UK’s favourite cocktail. For the under 25’s, the Martini was the most popular, whilst the 26 – 45 age bracket chose the Mojito as their favourite. The 46 and over category went old school and selected the classic Sex on the beach as their number one cocktail. Long Island Iced Tea was voted the third most popular cocktail in both the under 25’s and the 26 – 45 age brackets, making it a strong contender throughout the survey.
1. Mojito
2. Long Island Iced Tea
3. Piña Colada
1. Martini
2. Sex on the Beach
3. White Russian
1. Cuba Libre
2. Black Russian
3. Pisco Sour

Cuba Libre was London's favourite cocktail

Statistics were also analysed based on survey participant’s location and revealed that Southerner’s voted for the Mojito as their favourite, whilst up North the Martini won first position. What is surprising is that participants from London selected the Cuba Libre as their favourite cocktail, which didn’t make the overall top ten, yet received a whopping 16% of the votes!
But the overall winner of the UK’s favourite cocktail 2024 was of course the brilliant Mojito, which proved to be a massive hit with everyone thanks to its deliciously minty and refreshing taste. If all this talk of cocktails has got you feeling thirsty, then why not have a go at mixing up your very own Mojito at home? It’s super easy to make and tastes amazing, so follow our easy steps below and enjoy a bit of delicious sunshine right here in Ol’ Blighty!

Five Easy Steps to Make the Perfect Mojito


50ml of White Rum
1 dash of Soda Water
2tsp Caster Sugar
Two Wedges of Lime
A small handful of Mint Leaves
Crushed Ice


• Place the lime wedges into a highball glass, pressing down on the lime to extract the juices, before mudding together with the caster sugar
 • Next, crush your mint leaves using a rolling pin and add it into the glass containing the lime juice and sugar, ensuring you muddle it together   well
• Fill the glass with crushed ice ¾ of the way, before pouring in the white rum and adding just a dash of soda water
• Using a bar spoon, stir your mixture well to ensure that all the ingredients are well combined
• Finally, add a little more crushed ice and a sprig of mint to top it all off with and voila! Your delicious Mojito is ready to be enjoyed!

The Mojito was voted your overall favourite cocktail in the UK 

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