Hola chicos! It's time to get your stag on and warmer climates are calling. Enjoy beaches, booze, brilliant activities and Spanish babes for a legendary stag do in Spain! 

Why is Spain Good for a Stag Do?

Spain is the perfect place for your stag do. It's sunny, it's warm and the women are hot! You can do so many fun things in Spain: you can go surfing in Magaluf, party with the guys in Ibiza, sightsee in Barcelona, visit a sports bar in Benidorm or just relax on the beach in Marbella.

If you're a group of sporty lads, there are awesome activities to try out here, from golf to snorkelling. And if you're looking for something more out of this world, this country is home to some seriously crazy clubs where you can dance until dawn. Just imagine all that food, fun and flamenco dancing! What better way to spend that infamous last weekend of freedom?

Best Spain stag do ideas

Top 10 Stag Do Ideas in Spain

If you like the sound of spending your stag weekend in Spain, check out our most popular activity ideas to help celebrate the groom-to-be’s last weekend of freedom in the most epic way.

1. Beer Bike

All aboard the beer bike! This quirky mode of transportation combines a drinking session with sightseeing and a bit of a workout. You can finally make up for missing leg day, lads! You’ll pedal the beer bike around your chosen city, taking in some stunning sights along the way and, the best bit, you’ll also be drinking loads of refreshing beer. Some of these bikes even include unlimited beer so you can sink as much as you want during your boozy bike ride! Prices start at £51 per person.

2. Party Boat

Take your stag do in Spain on to the ocean and get yourselves on a party boat. Get ready to relax to the max as you sit back, top up your tan and enjoy watching the world go by. You’ll get some seriously pretty views on the boats…and we don’t just mean the hen parties onboard! But it’s not all relaxation, you’re also going to party with free food and drink included on the boat. There will also be a bar where you can buy more drinks if you get thirsty. A DJ will get everyone dancing. Prices start at £49 per person.

Best Spain stag do ideas

3. Bar Crawl

There’s no better way to go wild in your chosen Spanish city at night than with a lively bar and pub crawl. A friendly guide will show you around the best watering holes in town. They know the city like the back of their hand so will be able to take you to some awesome places that your whole group will love. Some bar crawls include free drinks and shots and drink deals for a wallet-friendly night out. Your guide can even lead fun party games that’ll see you drinking, dancing and mingling with like-minded party people. Prices start at £10 per person.

4. Go Karting

Get fast and furious with your mates as you race against each other on a challenging indoor or outdoor go kart track. You’ll take on hairpin bends and speedy straight sections where you can try to overtake and claim first place. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular go karter or have never been before because full instruction will be given and the karts are easy to drive. Just put your pedal to the metal and try your best to prove your driving skills are the best in the group.  Prices start at £38 per person.

Best Spain stag do ideas

5. Female Strippers

Ready to lay your eyes on stunning senoritas? Then you’ve got to pay some female strippers a visit. These beautiful women will make you feel like the luckiest guys in the world as they perform a sexy striptease for you, taking off all their clothes and leaving you blushing. You can watch these gorgeous girls perform in a strip club or even have them come to your accommodation to perform a lapdance on the groom-to-be. Whether he loves every minute or it embarrasses him half to death, you’ll all have a right laugh! Prices start at £45 per person.

6. Bubble Football

Play the beautiful game in the funniest way possible with bubble football where you’ll play in giant, inflatable, one-man zorb balls. An event coordinator will split you into teams for your quirky footie match. Tackle by bumping into each other and shoving your opponents over. You’ll all be in hysterics as you scramble for the ball, knocking each other flying like huge, inflatable beach balls. Will you be left like an upside down tortoise, struggling to get up? And will you be able to stay on your feet long enough to score a goal? Prices start at £39 per person.

Best Spain stag do ideas

7. Watersports

Make the most of this gorgeous location and get out on the water with an adrenaline-pumping watersport. With Spain’s amazing, sunny weather and loads of sea to explore, you’ll have a blast as you try something new. Watersports we offer include banana boats, jet skis, surfing, kayaking, cable skiing, jet boats, water skiing, wakeboarding and even more. Full tuition is given so all our watersports are suitable for all abilities. All equipment is provided so you just need to rock up at the beach, ready to have an awesome afternoon. Prices start at £25 per person.

8. Paintballing

This is a must do stagtivity! There’s a reason that all stags love paintball. It gets your adrenaline and your competitive juices flowing as you split into teams to do battle in the great outdoors, feeling like you’ve stepped into a real life video game. You’ll be split into teams to go head to head in an immersive game. Shoot as many of your opponents as you can, splattering them with paint and gaining points for your team. There will be obstacles to hide behind and plan your attack. Prices start at £40 per person.

Best Spain stag do ideas

9. Brewery Tour

Are you a fan of Spanish beer? We don’t blame you; it’s delicious! If you’re not already a fan, you soon will be. And what better way to get your hands on some than with an entertaining and educational brewery tour. You’ll learn to appreciate every sip of beer from now on as you learn exactly how it’s made and what goes into that amazing flavour. A friendly, English-speaking guide will show you around the brewery, sharing fun facts and samples and answering any burning beer-based questions you have. Prices start at £45 per person.

10. Nightclub Entry

Let’s get this party started! When night falls, there’s only one place you want to be, in one of Spain’s legendary nightclubs. The country boats dozens of party cities thant are jam-packed with clubs that’ll give you the best night of your life as you drink, throw shapes on the dancefloor and make memories with your mates, mingling with your fellow party lovers. But will you be able to keep up with the locals in the party stakes? Trust us, they party hard so it’s time to go big or go home! Prices start at £5 per person.

Best Spain stag do ideas

The Best Cities in Spain for a Stag Do

You’re totally spoilt for choice when it comes to where’s best to celebrate your Spanish stag do with more fun cities than you can shake a stick at. It’s not easy to narrow down the hottest destinations so we’ve done the hard work for you: 


Calling all party animals who love their home comforts! If you like kick starting your day with a full English breakfast wherever you are in the world, you’ll love it here! This is a home away from home with traditional pubs and fish and chip shops with a beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Not to mention an epic party scene with famous cabaret clubs, sports bars and seriously wild party venues where you’ll enjoy cheap beer prices, boozy games and even a bucking bronco if you’re feeling adventurous!

Best Spain stag do ideas


Welcome to the clubbing capital of Europe! Prepare yourselves to experience some of the very best nightclubs in the world! Ibiza, the Balearics’ second biggest island, is famous for its nightlife all over the world and, trust us, it doesn’t disappoint as you celebrate your stag do, dancing to famous DJ’s sets until it’s light out. Spend days on one of the 57 beaches here, taking advantage of the gorgeous, sunny weather with activities such as boat parties and pool parties that’ll make you feel like a VIP. You’re going to love every minute!

Best Spain stag do ideas


Barcelona combines a sightseeing city break, a beach holiday and a party weekend, all rolled into one. Technically a municipality of Spain and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona gives stags tons of versatility with 4.5km of beaches, historic points of interest (9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 60 museums) and loads of activities to try out by day and a massive range of bars and clubs to party in by night, you’re in for an amazing time. This is the ideal location for stags who want something a bit classier than some of the infamous Spanish cities offer.

Best Spain stag do ideas


Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the biggest cities in Europe. This charming and historic city is a great place to visit, especially if you’re a bit of a culture vulture. Visit the Golden Triangle of Art with its three museums (Reina Sofis, Prafo and Thyssen-Bornemisza), home to some of the biggest artists ever including Picasso, Goya and Dali. However, don’t mistake Madrid for being boring as it really comes to life when the sun goes down with cutting-edge nightlife that’ll have you drinking and showing off your best dance moves all night long.

Best Spain stag do ideas


Magaluf, also known as Maga, is on the island of Majorca, the biggest Balearic Island. We’re sure you’ve heard of Magaluf's infamous reputation before as this is one of the wildest party cities in Europe! More than a million tourists head here every year for a hedonistic weekend. This definitely isn’t the place for a siesta, but if you want to escape the madness for a while, you can chill out on the beach or in one of the many sports bars. Nothing says last weekend of freedom quite like Magaluf! 

Best Spain stag do ideas


Get ready to rub shoulders with the rich and famous! Marbella (or Marbs if you watch The Only Way is Essex) is an Andalusian coastal town that boasts 25 gorgeous beaches, palm tree-lined streets, luxury restaurants, swanky bars and a multitude of banging nightclubs. You’ll feel like a celebrity here as you rub shoulders with a classy crowd. There’s still plenty to do to keep you busy by day including watersports, boat parties, sports and even hiking up La Concha mountain before you hit the nightlife hard with the guys, visiting either the glitzy Golden Mile or the more chilled out Old Town.

Best Spain stag do ideas


Head over to the Canary Islands to celebrate in popular Tenerife. This volcanic island, near the equator, off the coast of Africa, boasts gorgeous weather all year round and fascinating scenery. The South is packed with stunning beaches and all the tourist hotspots that’ll give you the chance to either relax to the max or party hard. After you’ve soaked up the sun, it’s time to explore the party scene in Las Americas with a huge number of live music venues, cabaret bars, stylish bars and buzzing nightclubs that’ll give you a night to remember. You’ll also find plenty of other stag and hen groups here who are always fun to mingle with.

Best Spain stag do ideas

Stag Do Nightlife in Spain

The nightlife you’ll experience depends on the destination you choose but you’ll be happy to hear that Spain is home to some of the greatest party cities in Europe and maybe even the world! There’s a pub, bar or club to suit every kind of stag group, whether you want to chill out with a few beers on the beach, drink fancy wine in a classy pub, downing shots and playing games in a lively bar or dancing all night in a club. And what’s more, in many of these cities you’ll enjoy mega cheap booze prices compared to the UK. What a result! 

Eating Out in Spain

Spain is well known for its delicious food. You'll want to try every bite of it while you're here. Make sure to tuck into some tapas, smaller dishes that can be enjoyed on their own or combined to make a feast. Other traditional foods you’ll all love chowing down on include paella, gazpacho, patatas bravas, tortillas, churros, jamon and more. Be sure to eat your weight in Spanish food and sangria (a signature and tasty Spanish drink) before your trip is over! 

Best Spain stag do ideas

Getting to Spain

You can get to most of the cities we’ve mentioned in between two and four and three quarter hours from the major UK airports including London, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Benidorm, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, Magaluf, Marbella and Tenerife and many of the other Spanish cities are well served by international airports making it easy to get to here and enjoying your stag party in Spain ASAP! 

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So, there you have it, our complete guide to stag do’s in Spain. If you’re ready to party in paradise, check out our listings now to see exactly what kind of mischief you and the lads could be getting up to! 

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