Polish culture is colourful, decadent and delicious. This Eastern European country gives you everything you could possibly want from a stag do; fascinating culture, good food, gorgeous girls and wild nightlife at wallet-friendly prices that give you more bang for your buck. If you’re not immediately in love with the idea of a Poland stag do, we’re about to convince you!

Why is Poland Good for a Stag Do?

If you're looking for a stag do in Poland that's not just a blast but also an education, we've got the perfect activities for you. Poland is one of Europe's most fascinating countries and here, you'll be able to see it all. From the grand gothic callers to the street stands and dives, there are so many amazing famous sights, restaurants, bars and experiences to be had. Not only will the nightlife be wilder than a lot of places in Europe but it’ll also be cheaper!  

While you’re here, you’ve got to get your hands on some refreshing Polish vodka. Poland claims to have invented this delicious drink in the 8th century, originally as a medicine and we think it’s exactly what the doctor ordered for your stag do! Poland is home to loads of fascinating and historic cities that are just begging to be explored, from Warsaw to Krakow, Gdansk to Wroclaw. You really are spoilt for choice. Where will your stag adventure take you? 

Best Poland stag do ideas

Top 10 Stag Do Ideas in Poland

Whatever you’re into, Poland boasts so many activities for you to try out. Here’s the lowdown on some of our most popular stagtivities that we know your whole group will love: 

1. Shooting Experience

With the UK’s stricter gun laws, you could probably never do an activity like this back home so make the most of being in Poland and try your hand at a top shooting experience. Get your hand on a range of epic weapons such as an AK-47, Glock, Magnum calibre revolver and MP5. An instructor will show you how to get the most out of every gun until you become a sharpshooter, destroying a range of exciting targets. Are you ready to unleash your inner James Bond? Prices start at £59 per person.

2. Bar Crawl

Discover the most happening night time hotspots in the country with a fun-packed bar crawl. A friendly, English-speaking guide will show you around the hottest pubs and bars in your chosen city, even giving you free drinks and shots and drink deals along the way. Cheers to that! Some crawls even include strip club or nightclub entry so you can party all night long. You’ll learn all about Polish drinking culture and will mix and mingle with fellow party people including other stag and hen parties who’ll help you have an epic night out. Prices start at £32 per person.

Best Poland stag do ideas

3. Female Strippers

Want to spice up your stag do in Poland? We’ve got just the thing, a sexy female stripper who’ll give you a feast for the eyes as she does a striptease and performs a racy lapdance for the lucky groom-to-be. Get ready to have a right laugh as you see him blush, squirm and not know how to react as she undresses. You can watch strippers in a range of different ways including at a stripclub, steak and strip dinner, on a boat or even stage a fake stag arrest with a sexy policewoman! Prices start at £15 per person.

4. Bubble Football

Bubble football is one of the most popular activities for sport loving stags, giving you all a chance to embrace your silly sides while enjoying that all-important competitive banter. Don a huge, inflatable, zorb ball each for a hilarious version of the beautiful game. You’re going to look downright daft so get ready to laugh! To tackle, you’ll crash into each other, bumping and bashing until one of you rolls down the pitch like a blow-up beach ball. Will you be able to stop laughing long enough to score? Prices start at £57 per person.

Best Poland stag do ideas

5. Party Boat

Partying on land is so last year; don’t you think? Celebrate the Polish stag do of the century in style on a party boat. Soak up some gorgeous sights as you cruise down the river on a party boat that’s banging out party tunes, spun by the onboard DJ.  Everyone the boat passes on land will wish they were on it with you! You’ll enjoy anything from one welcome to drink to totally unlimited booze during your cruise. Some boats even include food and games for a complete party package. Prices start at £55 per person.

6. Vodka Tasting

What’s a trip to Poland without trying their vodka? There’s still a bit of a debate over whether Poland or Russia invented the stuff but trust us, Polish vodka is amazing and made with such passion. Learn exactly what goes into making it with an interactive and entertaining vodka tasting, led by a vodka expert (what a job!). They’ll teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this delicious drink, sharing loads of fun facts samples to get you seriously merry. After this, you’ll know exactly which vodka to pick next time you're at your local pub! Prices start at £36 per person.

Best Poland stag do ideas

7. Quad Biking

Quad biking is a great way to add some adrenaline to your stag weekend as you tear up the great outdoors on a beasty bike. You’ll have full tuition so it doesn't matter if you’re a regular quad biker or have never even seen one up close before. Then it’s over to you to go on a rip-roaring quad safari, travelling over hills, mounds, speedy straights and through muddy puddles. If you’re lucky, the instructor might even show you how to pull off a few tricks! Prices start at £56 per person.

8. Go Karting

Do you fancy yourself as a rival to Lewis Hamilton? Now’s your chance to prove it. Jump in an adrenaline-pumping go kart and race around the track at up to 40mph. Will you be able to handle those corners like a pro and overtake your mates? You’ll take part in a range of races including trying to get the fastest lap time and finish the highest number of laps in the shortest time. If you’ve always wanted to prove that you’re the best driver in your group, this is the perfect opportunity. The winner will get bragging rights for life! Prices start at £32 per person.

Best Poland stag do ideas

9. Nightclub Entry

Party like a local on your stag do! Hitting a club is a quintessential activity for any self respecting stag group, giving you all a chance to let loose and throw some hilarious shapes on the dancefloor, maybe even impressing some pretty Polish ladies in the process! Pre-booking your nightclub entry means you won’t have to spend your night walking around the streets, trying to find somewhere good to go that doesn't cost a fortune and lets groups of men in. We’ve done all the hard work for you so you can just concentrate on having an epic time. Prices start at £17 per person.

10. White Water Sports

Calling all thrill seekers! It’s time for a white knuckle adventure that’ll really get that blood pumping. Take on the rapids with white water rafting where you’ll work as a team to beat the waves. Professional and qualified instructors will get you kitted out and carry out a safety briefing before you take to the water. They’ll then take you down river where you’ll take on the big, speedy rapids, if you’re brave enough! All abilities are welcome to come and give it a go. Prices start at £110 per person.

Best Poland stag do ideas

The Best Cities in Poland for a Stag Do

Poland is a varied and beautiful country with a range of cities that always show stag do’s and hen parties a great time. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular locations to party hard. 


Welcome to one of the best party cities in Europe! Krakow is famous for its hedonistic wildlife with more than 300 pubs and bars in the city centre, offering mouth-watering vodka at bargain prices. Be warned though, it’s probably a bit stronger than you’re used to! Krakow’s beating heart is The Old Town and Rynek Glowny, Europe’s biggest medieval market square. Here you’ll find bars, clubs, restaurants and market stalls where you can bag yourself a souvenir. Kazimierz, the historic Jewish quarter, is also well worth a visit with its vibrant culture, qu and friendly atmosphere. If you’re a group of history fans, you can visit Auschwitz concentration camp, around a 40-minute drive away. It’s an extremely sobering experience but a must visit for history buffs. Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to have an unforgettable and boozy time in Krakow.

Best Poland stag do ideas


Warsaw is Poland’s capital city and promises a fascinating and fun trip for stag groups. In fact, it has pretty much everything you’d want for a weekend of mischief including wild activities, sexy stripclubs, fantastic restaurants (any foodie stags out there?) and absolutely out of this world nightlife that’ll have you drinking, dancing and having fun with the friendly locals all night long. Warsaw is in east-central Poland on the River Vistula, a great place to enjoy a sightseeing or booze cruise and take in that gorgeous architecture along the riverside.

Best Poland stag do ideas


Gdansk is a Northern Polish port city on the Baltic coast. This hip city offers some of the trendiest bars and clubs in Europe for an effortlessly cool night out. Just a 15 minute drive away, you’ll find Brzezno Beach where you can enjoy watersports, such as jet skiing and banana boats, go for a swim and top up your tan on the sand. And without the high price tag of a lot of other European cities, Gdansk and the surrounding areas will give you all the holiday feels without breaking the bank. 

Best Poland stag do ideas

Stag Do Nightlife in Poland

Get ready for edgy nightlife and vodka-filled nights! The nightlife in Poland is amongst the best in Europe, offering quirky bars, traditional pubs, edgy clubs and seductive stripclubs, all with an electric atmosphere. You'll get a fun crowd at the bars and clubs too, and great value for money on drinks. You can buy 40ml shots of vodka for as little as €1 each and a beer (the most popular brands are Tyskie, Zubr, Okocim and Zywiec) for as little as €1- €2. What a bargain!

You’ll find a variety of nightlife options depending on the city you choose to visit. Each city has its own vibe and different districts to suit all kinds of party goers from those of you who want a few chilled out pints of Polish beer in a traditional pub to those who want to dance, drink and get wild until it’s light out. Cities such as Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk will give you all of this and much, much more. Get ready for an epic night out, lads. This is going to be a stag do for the history books!

Eating Out in Poland

Polish cuisine is delicious and it's everywhere. Street vendors sell pierogi (dumplings) and vodka shots in plastic cups, restaurants serve soups with potatoes, cabbage rolls, and other stuffed dishes and grand Gothic cathedrals have elaborate dining halls where you can dine on Polish specialties like pork knuckle.

Best Poland stag do ideas

Getting to Poland

Thanks to their well-served international airports, you can fly from the UK to most major cities in Poland including Warsaw (WAW). Krakow (KRK), Gdansk (GDN) and Wroclaw (WRO). It generally takes around two and a half hours to three hours to get there on a direct flight, just enough time to chat about your plans and get excited for your stag weekend in Poland!

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