Six Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Office Secret Santa

Ah the workplace secret Santa. There’s a budget of around a fiver or a tenner, but you’re really not too sure what to get for them. You could just get them something pretty generic like a gift card or something plain daft that’s probably just a big waste of money. This year, how about creating your own homemade secret Santa gifts? It’s thoughtful and a little bit of thought goes a long way! Check out our list of six homemade gifts and get some serious present inspiration!


Time to get crafty, because candles are a brilliant and heavenly gift at Christmas time. They’re ideal for relaxing and creating a soothing environment, so why not make someone’s day with an amazing set of homemade candles? Create the candles in your secret Santa’s favourite colour – why not add a blissful scent to them too for that extra impact? If you wanted to make them extra festive, then why not choose some Christmas scents such as Christmas spices or cranberry?

Mini Christmas cakes

Get busy in the kitchen and cook up a selection of delicious Christmas cake slices and cupcakes. You could make mini fruit cakes topped with delicious white icing, whip up some festive tray bakes, iced biscuits or what about some luxurious red velvet cupcakes that are finished off with festive novelties on the top? If you’ve opted for cupcakes, then you’ll be able to purchase some cardboard presentation boxes to serve them in. If you’re thinking about making a selection of cakes, how about buying a cheap (but nice) tin and popping your creations in? Wrap a tartan ribbon around the tin for some festive cheer, but don’t forget to add a label on it so everyone knows who these sweet treats are for!

Chocolate truffles

How about cooking up some tasty chocolate truffles and presenting them in their very own gift box? No one can resist some scrumptious sweet treats as a gift, plus they’re really good fun to make too if you enjoy indulging in a spot of cooking. There’s plenty of great flavours available, including the traditional chocolate variety or how about some different flavours such as chocolate orange, raspberry or hazelnut.

Festive alcohol

This one’s a great idea for both the guys and the ladies – how about creating your very own festive alcohol for your secret Santa? Make some flavoured vodka such as rhubarb and custard although some people may prefer gin, and that’s totally fine because gin has that festive grace about it. Blackberry and apple gin is a bit of a classic, but how about mixing things up with pomegranates, strawberries or cherries? We’re certain this will be a big hit with your office secret Santa, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky bit of gin? Bottle it in a glass jar for a quirky homemade feel and complete the look with a rustic tag.


Homemade soaps make for a truly beautiful gift – you could even make a large batch whilst you’re at it and create some lovely Christmas presents for your friends and family too! There’s many varieties of soap that you could make, including coconut oil soap or a herby citrus soap amongst many others. There’s plenty of excellent recipes online that will guide you step by step through the process along with loads of different ideas. Your secret Santa really will love this thoughtful idea.

Sweet Jars

Okay, so technically this isn’t 100% handmade, but it’s still a quirky little idea that you can give to friends and family that you know they’ll love! Check out your local pound store for some glass jars, or even pay some charity shops a visit to see if you can pick any up on the cheap. Once you’ve got your jars, head to the supermarket and buy a big selection of sweets that you can fill the jars with. Give the jars a good wash and let them dry before adding the sweets.

A good idea is to layer the sweets in the jars so you can see the different types clearly – alternatively, throw them in altogether and enjoy a colourful mix of everything. Make things personalised by using kitsch labels that are tied with skinny rope-like material! Strictly not completely handmade, but there’s definitely a touch of homemade pride with these and they make the most adorable gifts.

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