The jingles of Christmas are slowly fading into the distant past, the hangover of the new year is still lurking as you sit in a lost state of nostalgia of parties. After almost a week of sofa slouching and eating your body weight in minced pies, roast potatoes and posh crisps it is time to shake off that post-Christmas blues.

But how do you get out of this lull after the excitement of Christmas? Well Fizzbox just may be able to help you out and get you off the sofa and back out into the party spirit by planning a fun day out.

You could start a whole list of new year’s resolutions of diets, going tea total and taking up mindfulness, but there are more fun things to do with your January, after all it is one of the darkest months of the year! Give yourself something to look forward to in these wintery months.

It’s time to get organised. Let me guess, in previous years you have always planned to do things but never quite got around to it? Well this year don’t wait around, get booking! Fizzbox has plenty of fun day out ideas in the UK and Europe for you to enjoy and maybe even try a few new things you didn’t think you would be doing this January, like nude life drawing or bubble football.

This year you should make it your resolution to get organised. Perhaps you have a friend’s birthday or maybe a stag do or hen party to get organising making it especially urgent that you get on it. Even if you don’t have any special occasion to plan for, why not just plan for a fun day out?

Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry Fizzbox has plenty to shake of those post-Christmas blues! Here are few ideas from the best activities across the UK and Europe to get you in the party planning mood.

Carry on the merry Christmas spirit with Cocktail making. Why not learn the skill of mixology in London to uplift your post-Christmas state? You could be reliving the Christmas fun with cocktail making in one of London’s Revolution bars or Las iguanas! This would be fabulous for a hen party or a birthday gathering, you will be able to learn how to become the expert of mixing up some of your favourite drinks all learnt from some incredible demonstrations from behind the bar.

Get active after stuffing your face and have a kick about with a twist and give bubble football a go! This wacky sounding game is a fun take on the ordinary version of the sport. Get your friends into giant blow up bubbles and see how good they are at playing a game of football. Whether it is for a stag do or a hen party, bubble football is a laugh for all and definately a way of getting everyone up and off the sofa after the office Christmas party

Retreat to class and sophistication with afternoon tea and enjoy a selection of tea, scones and cake.   you can even have this relaxing day out on a touring bus and eat these delicious items from a quirky location. Brilliant for a good catch up in the new year why not organise this tasty day out for you and your friends.  

Dinner out is also on the cards with Fizzbox, that’s right forget any strict diet regimes you have in place for this January and carry on the feasting. Why would you stop yourself from experiencing more delicious food? Fizzbox has to offer meals out across the country, why not enjoy a meal at Jamie’s Italian in Manchester or a tapas feast in Las iguanas in Brighton? You can even enjoy your tasty meal alongside cocktail making at Revolutions!      

Get creative and try something new and a little cheeky with nude life drawing. You don’t have to be the new Picasso to have fun sketching from a nude model, as this is the perfect stag do or hen party that will get the laughs going. There are male and female life models available to draw nude. So, enjoy the view and get drawing! 

If sitting down and drawing is far from your idea of fun, then maybe you want to do something a bit more action packed? Paintballing will get your adrenalin pumping and a perfect group activity for a stag do! Fire yourself straight into the new year by shooting paintballs and strategically plotting against other teams.

Now you are loaded with fun ideas to make your January a little less blue! There is no excuse but to book that party you have been meaning to organise. So, getting planning for your best mate's hen party or stag do or maybe there is a big birthday around the corner, either way make these wintery months full of excitement and shake off those Christmas blues!

Check out our event listings now and give yourselves something to look forward to in 2023!