There’s no doubt a luxury hotel or a castle fit for a princess make a totally dreamy place to celebrate your big day, but sometimes you just want to do something different. Weddings aren’t one size fits all, so finding the perfect venue for your style is a must. If you’re fed up of function rooms and bored of buffets, why not consider one of these ideas for your nuptials…

1) Uyuni Salt Flats

A picture on this flat landscape will make for some of the most incredibly stunning you will ever take in your life, while the fun you can have by standing at the front of back can make these look totally bizarre. The salt flats are a tad warm, therefore this won't suit those that are looking for something a bit more relaxing, but for the true travellers this has to be a consideration. It will also offer you a great travelling opportunity, as the area is based on a trek between Bolivia and Chile.

2) Mount Everest

Trust me, this one is now achievable. The first ever wedding on a peak of Mount Everest took place in 2005, to a Nepalese couple, bringing their whole family along to watch on as they wed in a truly bizarre way. This isn't for everyone, in fact it gives me the shivers thinking about it, but if you're a mountaineer and not afraid of heights, or losing a foot, then this one could surprise the husband-to-be.

3) Machu Picchu

Back in the day this would have been harder to conceive, however you can now catch a train there and back in a single day, meaning you could setup camp in Cusco and head off to one of the most stunning and picturesque locations in the world to get married. A huge amount of people come here for their honeymoon, however you will be taking it one step further as you go to the edge of the earth to admit eternal devotion. 

4) Halong Bay

Aboard a cruise ship floating past the most magnificent backdrop in the world, Halong Bay has to be a serious consideration for those after something unique. You can also fit a good hundred people on the cruise ship, therefore you wouldn't have to worry about numbers. This Vietnamese modern wonder of the world has a sense of mystery and magic, almost like a scene from Peter Pan.

5) The Roman Bath House

Bath is such a historical town, with its natural hot springs a key tourist attraction to the area, as well as the iconic buildings. The pump room and Roman baths, which have stood over 2,000 years, are available for hire and are a popular option for soon-to-be brides. Don't try the pumped water though, it tastes of eggs!

6) Santorini

My cousin actually got married here, so I can talk a little from personal experience. The scenery was second to none, while you could stand upon a rock overlooking the entire island, however the heat is definitely a factor that has to be considered, as most attendee's were sweating out! This Cyclades island is one of the most common scenes of foreign weddings, with the white rooftops and scenery perfectly matching up with the wedding dress. The occasional baby blue rooftop also makes for a good match for the husband's tie, if you're after that perfect photo.

7) Iguazu Falls

I visited the Iguazu falls a couple of years ago and it was one of the only moments in my life where I was completely breath-taken, lost for words and awestruck over the scenes in front of me, as the waterfalls stretched for miles. The permanent rainbows also made for a great snap, with the water crashing down into the river. You can also take a boat up closer to the waterfall, just make sure to tell them you don't want to get soaked, as they often take you slightly under one of the smaller falls for a bit of fun, however being soaked in your dress might not be the best start to the day.

8) In Space

Sure, now you think I'm just being ridiculous, but this is now 100% achievable...If you've got a fair few pennies in the bank. Ever since Virgin started plunging money into this exhibition, there have been signups all over the world for the anti-gravity trips, including two weddings already on the cards! If you or the hubby spend their time staring at the stars, this is one to consider, but you better start saving!

9) The Gherkin

If you're a fan of London, then why not consider this skyscraper for your big day. Based on the top floor, the Gherkin has taken a number of weddings, while the price wasn't as mad as I expected it to be (albeit it's definitely not a cheap wedding). The best part for me is that you get a complete 360 degree view of London, meaning you can spot all of the sights, from Big Ben to Buckingham palace. 

10) The Brighton Pavilion

I'm biased here, as I'm a Brighton local, but the Pavilion looks more like something from an Indian scenery than something you would expect in England. This iconic view of the city is a must for people looking for something that will stand out, without blowing a ridiculous budget. You will also have access to the famous music rooms, as well many of the other rooms inside the building.

11) Leeds Castle

If you're after a castle wedding, this one definitely has to be considered, with the moat helping to build its reputation as the 'most beautiful castle in the world'. With over 500 acres of land surrounding the castle, the gardens are a great area for the kids to play and the adults to get tipsy. It is also a great option as all guests can stay in the castle, meaning accommodation is sorted. But one of my favourite parts, especially for all the Harry Potter fans, is that you can get an owl to deliver the ring!! Just in case you didn't hear me, I'll say it again, an owl delivers the ring!

12) A Zoo

This is the perfect wedding idea if you’ve got children coming, or you’re just a big kid at heart! It’s a great way to show your fun side if you’re not a traditional kinda couple, plus as a bonus you’ll have some pretty amazing photo opportunities!

 London zoo offer wedding receptions for those who fancy getting hitched in the capital. Be sure to think about how you’re dressed if you want to monkey around on your big day-the last thing you want is to be navigating your way round a muddy field to get to your reception if you have a beautiful fairy-tale style dress.
 It’s best to check ahead how you can get around, and if you’re a shy bride remember unless you have a budget that can close the entire zoo, there will probably be lots of the public staring!

13) Hot Air Balloon

If you want to be head and shoulders above the rest, a hot air balloon trip on your wedding day is something you’ll remember forever. It’s not exactly the most sociable of wedding ideas though, so if you’re set on a big wedding it’s probably not the idea for you.

 Croatia, France and Switzerland all have amazing scenery if you like the idea of flying high on your big day. It’s worth thinking about the time of year and the place you’ll be getting married if you want to give this a go, as bad weather is a no-go.

14) A Planetarium

Who doesn't want their wedding to be out of this world? A planetarium is way more glam than it sounds. Newcastle has a venue that offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their big day with a star studded bash. Think twinkly lights and a romantic mood setting. It’s definitely a setting that will give your wedding pictures the wow factor, and if you’re having children at the wedding, they’ll be fascinated for hours-what’s not to love?!

15) An Aquarium

If you want to make a splash on your big day, why not celebrate in an aquarium? Many have function rooms where you can host your knees up, and then you can slip away for some exotic photo opportunities with the venue’s marine life. It’ll definitely prove a talking point for your guests and if you want your day to go swimmingly, we think this is the perfect setting! The biggest indoor aquarium is in Portugal's capital Lisbon. It could be an ideal combination to have a Lisbon hen party and then the wedding ceremony in the aquarium!

16) A Treehouse

If you and your hubby-to-be are the outdoor types, what could be more fitting than a treehouse wedding? A cut above the competition, think fairy lights and tea lights to take your big day to new heights. Perfect for a cosy affair, this is the stuff winter wedding dreams are made of, though they’re equally as fitting on a balmy summer evening. If you’re having a spring wedding, it’s worth making the most of the outside space for your reception if the weather holds up. Some of the best treehouses can be found in Scotland, the New Forest and Northumberland.

17) A Theme Park 

For a fun filled day, it’s worth considering life in the fast lane with a theme park wedding. After all, you’re about to embark on the biggest ride of your life in to your days as a married woman, so why not start as you mean to go on? Ok, so we know it isn't the most practical for dresses and heels, but at least you won’t have to worry about the entertainment! Of course, the ultimate in wonderland weddings has to be Disney-after all, if you can’t be a fairy tale Princess on your wedding day, when can you?!

18) The Submarine

Based in Gosport Hampshire, you can have both the wedding and the reception in the sumarine HMS alliance. After the wedding, all the guests can tour the submarine and have a look at the museum, as well as looking out at the views of the harbour. 

19) A Haunted Castle

For those fans of ghost stories, this one might stand out for you, as the Tutbury castle in Staffordshire has long been followed by ghost hunters. Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner here and stated she found it her most hated place in the world, as she was tortured mercilessly. Many people believe they have seen the gost of Mary walking through the fields, but that was more likely to be Aunt Bettie wandering off again in her nightie.

20) Venice

More synonymous with the location men choose to propose rather than the location for the actual wedding, it is hard to escape the romance of this city. But this one stands out for me as you can arrive at the wedding venue by Gondola, while all the other guests can arrive in the same manner, making it a joyful journey for everyone. From St Marks Basilica to Doge's Palace, Venice has a huge amount of landmarks which you could get married in front of.

21) Bora Bora

Take one look at the photos and tell me your not in love! These small South Pacific islands are known for their sandy beaches and turquoise lagoon, with a reef filled with sealife which you can snorkel alongside. You can choose between getting married on a catamaran, or on a pristine coral beach, either way it will make everyone insanely jealous when they see the photos on Facebook.

22) The Grand Canyon

While you would need to apply way in advance for a special permit to get married at the Grand Canyon, it would be worth it, with the views leaving everyone gobsmacked. You can only fit 10 people there, so you will have to take your key family and friends and have to meet the others at the picnic area, however it would be worth it to get married in front of the most extraordinary view. 

23) Kakslauttanen

That's quite a mouthful! Don't try and get me to say it out loud. I wrote about this Arctic resort first around 5 years ago, when it seemed to be virtually unknown, however it has become more prominent in the face of the media in recent times. You will be able to spend the night in a heated glass igloo, as you look up at the Northern Lights overhead. Even if you don't get married here, it should be considered as a potential honeymoon spot.Consider this spot between August and April if you want to catch the Aurora lights.

24) Scott Island

Imagine getting married surrounded by penguins, as they waddle up curiously trying to work out what you're doing. You will arrive by helicopter, already making this trip cooler than 99.99% of weddings. You will need a thermal suit on underneath the dress, as this island is based in Antartica, but it would be worth it and will be virtually unnoticable in photos.

25) Dracula's Castle

For those who are fans of traditional horror movies, or those who just want a gorgeous castle, heading to Transylvania should be a definite consideration. Its actual name is Bran Castle, however it got the nickname following the ruling of Vlad the Impaler, the bloodthirsty warlord which inspired the bloody tales of Dracula.