If you’ve been given the task of arranging your friend’s hen do then chances are you already know her pretty well, and should know what she might or might not like to do with her friend over the course of a weekend. Then again, you might be stuck for ideas or even looking for something a little different and more memorable that you could spring on your bestie at the last minute.

While we may have best-selling activities like the Adonis Cabaret, cocktail making classes, and Thriller dance classes (which we had a go at ourselves last Halloween) I’ve taken the time to choose seven activities that you should consider for an upcoming hen weekend.

Flirt and Seduce Masterclass

I thought I’d just jump straight into things here and suggest the Flirt and Seduce Masterclass first, where you can spend two hours learning all about the art of seduction. Featuring quizzes, games, and tips on how to enhance your flirting technique, this masterclass will even teach you how to spot good or bad body language. There is a lap dancing routine to be learnt that you can then take away to treat your other half, or keep it quiet until such a time comes that requires a lap dance. The Flirt and Seduce Masterclass is also quite the icebreaker for a large group of girls, so consider doing this as soon as you arrive for your weekend.

This activity in a nutshell: Learn how to get your man
Where to do this: **The Big Smoke itself; London**.

Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop

Do you love chocolate? Then you probably can’t think of anything better than making your very own chocolate truffles on a hen do then. Take a Chocolate Truffle Making Workshop and make sickly sweet little balls of chocolaty goodness to share with everyone (or if it takes your fancy, eat them all yourself), by learning the methods used by chocolatiers the world over. This is something you can learn and take home with you as well, meaning you could be making mouth-watering chocolate truffles for everyone for years to come. Just be warned you might get a little bit messy with this one, but it’s chocolate so it doesn’t matter too much!

This activity in a nutshell: Essentially, a must for anyone who loves Chocolate
Where to do this: **Picturesque Bath**

Bavarian Bierkeller Cocktail Hen Night

For a rip-roaring good time and a night to remember you should book yourselves into the Bavarian Bierkeller Cocktail Night, where the cocktails will flow freely and it will feel like Oktoberfest every day, no matter when you visit! With top Bavarian hospitality to compliment the cocktails, food, and fun and games it promises to be a memorable night and one that you’ll talk about for weeks, months, if not years. With Fizzbox you’ll get a special package that give you free entry to the Bierkeller, free cloakroom, premium seating with waitress service and a ton of free cocktails and pretzels! Be careful about getting up on the tables and stamping around like you’re actually at Oktoberfest though, that sort of behaviour may get you kicked out. That would make a great hen party story though!

This activity in a nutshell: Cocktails and nibbles, Bavarian-style
Where to do this: **Yorkshire’s finest; Leeds**

Rollerrama Roller Disco

I’m sure there are plenty of 80s and 90s babies out there who have already decided that they’ll be booking up a visit to the roller disco for a hen party after reading this! You’ll get to enjoy a good session out on the roller rink and get into the roller disco vibe with balloons, lights, and your own choice of music if you wish (although surely you’ll want to listen to disco tunes all afternoon?!). You’ll be surprised by how quickly you get back into the swing of skating if you’ve done it before, and assistance is provided (as well as protective equipment) if you’re a first timer. You’ll also get a lunch of sandwiches and cakes, along with some non-alcoholic drinks. If you want to something slightly different for your hen do, the Rollerrama Roller Disco makes a welcome change from dance classes and spa days.

This activity in a nutshell: Your childhood relived
Where to do this: **The shopping mecca that is Manchester**

Handgun Shooting Experience

Who says the boys have to do all the crazy stuff on their stag dos? If you’re looking to go somewhere a little different then Bratislava should be high up on your list; with its architecture giving plenty to look at, and an array of things you can do for your hen party on offer. While you can choose from spa days, river cruises, sightseeing tours, and even bridge swinging the real fun is to be had with the handgun shooting experience. You probably know many a man who’ve spent countless hours playing computer games like Call of Duty, but why bother with that when you can experience firing a real gun?! You get to try your hand at firing four different handguns, including a Luger, Colt, and a Scorpion, and there are prizes for those with the best aim.

This activity in a nutshell: All those computer games your OH plays online for hours, but in real life
Where to do this: Beautiful Bratislava

A Day at the Races

Spending a day at the races isn’t exactly what you would call a different idea, but spending a day at the races for your hen do? Now we’re getting somewhere. While it may restrict your hen do to dates that race meets are taking place it shouldn’t dampen any spirits, and if you’ve done a lot of moving things around and planning to make it happen you will all happily go all out at the races. There is plenty of fun to be had, why not make the real effort and get an insane hat like the ladies usually do at Ascot?

This activity in a nutshell: Watch horses run and try to guess which ones will run the fastest
Where to do this: **Home of The Beatles, its good old Liverpool**

Body Boarding Lessons

Having your hen do in one of the UK’s coastal towns can be a hit or miss affair in regards to the weather, but when the delightful sun shows its face places like Brighton, Bournemouth, and Newquay are simply beautiful. Places like Newquay bring their own unique activities that you can get your teeth into on a hen weekend, and one such activity is body boarding. The Newquay coast and beaches are the ideal location to learn the skill of body boarding, which you can do so in a private cove off the Newquay coast. With a couple of hour’s tuition you could find you and everyone else riding on the crest of a wave, which would set you up nicely to relax and unwind when night falls by heading out on the Newquay tiles for a fantastic send off for the hen!

This activity in a nutshell: Feel like you’re a cast member from Home and Away
Where to do this: **There is only one place to do this, Newquay!**