"Will you marry me?" These are four words that mark one of the best moments of your life and one that you will probably remember for the rest of it too. So, how would your perfect proposal unfold? Being whisked away to a romantic city for the weekend? Is it your partner getting down on one knee in a crowded restaurant or on a sun-kissed beach?
Everyone has their own idea of the perfect proposal, so we took to the streets of our hometown Brighton to ask some fellow Brightonians what the perfect marriage proposal looks like to them.
Anyone currently wondering how to propose to their significant other should take some ideas and inspiration from the video, although if you've watched it you'll know that not everything suggested will be suitable for a nice proposal (You probably don't want your man to pop the question when you're on the toilet!)
If you still need some inspiration, take a look at our list of proposal ideas below. You may be surprised at what sparks your imagination… 

Celebrity Proposals 

Let’s see how favourite stars popped the question. 

Will and Jada Smith
The Fresh Prince and his wife enjoy simplicity, and this was certainly reflected in his proposal to her. He popped the question while they were lying in bed. Totally unplanned and with no ring. 21 years later and they’re still happily married. 
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
This is Kayne we’re talking about. Of course the proposal was extravagant. He took Kim to a ballpark with their families and presented a 15-carat ring with a scoreboard backdrop ringing the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ 
Neil Partick Harris and David Burtka 
Another simple yet effective method. David Burkta proposed to Neil Partick Harris in 2007. They were driving home from an event when David asked the limo driver to pull over in the exact same spot that they met in. How cute?!
Pink and Carey Heart
This power couple got engaged the unconventional way when Pink took the first move and proposed to motocross racer, Carey Heart. She held up a whiteboard whilst he was driving a lap saying, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and he pulled over to say yes! 

Weirdest Ever Proposals 

You probably don’t want to follow any of the following marriage proposal ideas but honestly, if you’re struggling to think of anything, you might just find your calling in one of these!  

Fake Death 

If there’s one thing to make you realise how much you love your partner, it’s the prospect of their untimely and bloody death during a car crash. Well, the Russian businessman, Alexey Bykov hired a stuntman to fake his death in a horrific motor accident. Can you imagine the relief but total anger on his girlfriend’s face when he appeared from the ambulance carrying flowers and a ring? Bizarre! 

Movie Time 
This one has been played 223,000 times on YouTube so it certainly made an impact. When Matt Still had to ‘work’ one evening, his girlfriend, Ginny’s brother, took her to the cinema. During the movie, a video of Matt asking Ginny’s Dad for permission for her hand in marriage popped up on the screen for everyone to see! Luckily, she said yes! 

Super Mario 
For any video game nerds, this could be the one for you. One groom-to-be set up a personalised Super Mario level where the blocks read out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ As his girlfriend played, the proposal was slowly revealed. 

Best Movie Proposals 

Movie proposals are never like they are in real life. They are almost always dramatic and accompanied with music to make you cry. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some inspiration from them!

Wedding Singer  
When Robbie hears that Julia, the woman he loves, is getting married in Vegas, he hops on the same plane where he meets Billy Idol and tells him the whole story. They manage to get onto the speaker system and Robbie sings ‘I Want to Grow Old with You.’ When he shows his face to Julia, the pair fall into each other’s arms. 

Sex and The City

It was a long time coming, and one we thought we’d never see happen but once Mr Big finally got around to proposing to Carrie, he used an expensive shoe rather than a ring. Shoes are a girl’s best friend, right? 

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 

This proposal happened after Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy get into a huge fight and split up. When she goes to comfort him and asks for him to take her back, he casually pops the question. Of course, Bridget being Bridget, she runs outside and makes him do it again in a bigger and better gesture. Romantic… we think?