Get ready to pop those corks because National Prosecco Day is back to make your summer sparkle. On 13th August 2023, Prosecco enthusiasts all over the UK will unite in celebration of the deliciously bubbly drink that has captured our hearts and taste buds. 

To mark National Prosecco Day 2023, we've looked into how much a glass of Prosecco costs in a range of pubs and bars in popular UK cities. So let’s dive into the sparkling world of Prosecco prices!

National Prosecco Day

In 2023, the average price of a glass of Prosecco in the UK is £6.22. Not too shabby, right? But hold on to your flutes because things get a bit fancier in London. In the capital city, you'll need to splash out an average of £7.90 for that bubbly delight. It’s no surprise that London tops our list of Prosecco prices. The second most expensive glass of Prosecco is in Cambridge at an average of £6.87.

However, if you head over to Leicester, you can save a couple of pounds and get your fizz fix for a sweet average of £5.49, making it the cheapest glass of Prosecco in the UK. The second cheapest glass of Prosecco can be found in Blackpool, at £5.56 on average. Here is the average price for a glass of Prosecco in the following UK cities: 

The Average Cost of a Glass of Prosecco in a UK Pub or Bar

Bath - £6.46

Belfast - £6.36

Birmingham - £6.41

Blackpool - £5.56

Bournemouth - £5.61

Brighton - £6.66

Bristol - £6.55

Cambridge - £6.87

Cardiff - £6.24

Chester - £6.31

Colchester - £5.69

Edinburgh - £6.02

Glasgow - £6.43

Leeds - £6.25

Leicester - £5.49

Liverpool - £6.14

London - £7.90

Manchester - £6.16

Newcastle - £6.24

Newquay - £5.61

Nottingham - £6.11

Oxford - £6.38

Sheffield - £5.74

Southampton - £6.27

National Prosecco Day

As we bounce from city to city, it's pretty clear that wherever you choose, Prosecco is the star of the show. 

Average Cost of a Glass of Prosecco from a UK Supermarket

If you prefer to enjoy your Prosecco at home, we’ve got you covered. It’s probably not much of a surprise that Aldi and Lidl offer the cheapest bottle of Prosecco with each of their glasses costing £1.04. At the top of the cost list, we have Waitrose Prosecco at £2.16 a glass. But are there any surprises in between, and did your favourite make the list? Here are the prices for a glass of Prosecco from the UK’s major supermarkets:

Aldi - Costellore Prosecco Spumante - £1.04 (bottle price £6.25)

Asda - Asda Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry - £1.16 (bottle price £7.00)

Co-Op - Co-Op Irresistible Special Cuvee Prosecco - £1.58 (bottle price £9.50)

Iceland - Dandelion Prosecco - £1.29 (bottle price £7.75)

Lidl - Allini Prosecco Spumante - £1.04 (bottle price £6.25)

Marks & Spencer - M&S Prosecco - £1.66 (bottle price £10.00)

Morrisons - Morrisons The Best Prosecco - £1.50 (bottle price £9.00)

Sainsbury’s - Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco - £1.41 (bottle price £8.50)

Tesco - Finest Prosecco - £1.41 (bottle price £8.50)

Waitrose - Waitrose Prosecco - £2.16 (bottle price £12.99)

National Prosecco Day

Activities to Try if You Love Prosecco

If you want to celebrate your love of your favourite drink, why not try a fun Prosecco-day based activity? Here's some of our best sellers: 

Prosecco Bike: 

This is the most fun way to sightsee! You’ll pedal around your chosen city, taking in the views as enjoying unlimited glasses of Prosecco. You’ll sit around a table with pedals at your feet, think a portable pub on wheels! You’ll have an experienced guide onboard who will do all the steering for you, as well as pointing out famous landmarks as you pass them. Enjoy as many glasses of Prosecco as you like during this experience. You’ll never have to choose between a drinking session and sightseeing again!

Bottomless Brunch with Prosecco:

Make brunch even more fun with the addition of bottomless Prosecco; that’s as many glasses as you like throughout your sitting. You’ll each tuck into a brunch dish of your choice, from full English breakfasts to eggs benedict, pizza to burgers, accompanied by your Prosecco. Some brunches even include DJs and live entertainment with a choice of themes from ABBA to 90s, Beyonce to drag, to make your fun day out one for the history books.

Afternoon Tea with Prosecco:

Enjoy Prosecco alongside delicious finger sandwiches, delicate cakes, scones with clotted cream and jam and delectable tea, fit for any occasion. This ceremonious activity first came about when Anna of Bedford in the 1880s couldn’t wait between her morning and evening meal to eat, asking for snacks to be brought to her in the afternoon to please her appetite; we couldn’t agree more! Get your friends together and get your afternoon tea on. You can even have it on a vintage Routemaster bus!

The History of Prosecco

Let's dive into the fizzy wonderland that is prosecco. Hailing from the picturesque vineyards of Italy, prosecco is a sparkling superstar that's been charming taste buds for centuries. Back in the day, specifically the 17th century, the charming Italians of the Veneto region popped the cork on the genius idea of turning Glera grapes into something sparkly. Voilà, prosecco was born! This bubbly babe gets its delightful taste through a carefully choreographed dance of fermentation. The grapes do the tango with yeast, and the result is a ballet of bubbles that tickle your senses

But why's prosecco all the rage today? Well, aside from being totally delicious, it's versatile! Whether you're clinking glasses at a posh celebration or just treating yourself after a day of adulting, prosecco is there with a sparkling grin. It's like a confetti cannon of joy for your taste buds. And let's not forget its irresistible charm; it's not pretentious like some other fancy drinks. Prosecco is the cool drink at the party, mingling with fruits and mixers to create dazzling cocktails. Its Italian flair is infectious, making every sip feel like a mini-vacation to a sun-soaked vineyard.

National Prosecco Day is more than just a day to clink glasses; it's a time to indulge in the finest Italian tradition with a twist of fun and flair. So, whichever city you’re having your hen party in, raise your glasses and enjoy every sip. Happy National Prosecco Day everyone! 

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