Here at Fizzbox we pride ourselves in offering the best experiences that will help you connect with your loved ones. Whatever you're celebrating, we are here to make your booking experience as easy as possible. One of our most popular experiences is Adonis Cabaret. These guys will certaintly know how to show you a good time. Who could say no to a fun male strip show with the potential to get on stage with them?! If you're not conviced, read our interview the founder of Adonis Cabaret, Tristian Mills.
Q: What gave you the idea to start Adonis Cabaret?

A: Years before Adonis became the fully fledge brand that is it now, I noticed that male strip shows were either awkwardly serious or terribly seedy – and some of them still are! However, I started Adonis 17 years ago because I wanted to create a show that was still naughty, risqué but funny with a good amount of tongue n’ cheek thrown in to keep spirits high and the laughter flowing.  After all, we have ladies of all mixed ages attending our shows, from sisters, to mothers and of course friends. So the show has to appeal to everyone and has to have the perfect mix of naughtiness and humour which I think we've achieved. I like to think of Adonis as ‘a comedy show… but with knobs.’
Q: How many cities is Adonis showing in?

 A: Currently there are 7 static shows in the UK and most of the cities have elements and acts unique to that location. 
Q: What does it take to be an Adonis hunk?

 A: At Adonis we have high standards when it comes to recruiting: we strive for a certain look because we want to give you ladies the very best of what you want. We look for gorgeous guys with great bodies (abs are a must!) and plenty of charisma. At Adonis we pride ourselves in being ‘gentlemen of the strip.’ We work with many talented photographers who sometimes recommend fitness models to apply to be Adonis hunks, and, of course, there’s always word of mouth from our fans on Facebook. So if you know anyone then head to the Adonis Facebook page and tag/mention someone you think would make a good Adonis hunk!

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

 A: The people. I work with people who are both fun and funny and let’s face it – we get paid to make ladies laugh, smile and swoon. If we can make our audience experience one (if not all) of those, then we’ve done our jobs in terms of delivering that ‘Adonis Experience.’
Q: What’s your favourite act in the show?

 A: The UV paint show with drums. I was lucky enough to watch the Blue Man Group years ago, and during the show it got me thinking ‘what if we got a nude, hunky guy doing this instead?’ Then the idea for the act hit me and it was an act I did for my own show back in the day. Nowadays I’ve passed the act on to a select few guys all over the country, so if you haven’t seen it yet then I highly recommend it!

Q: What’s the most popular act in the show?

 A: The firemen - hands down! It’s a classic for a reason and every lady loves a smoking hot fireman!
 Q: Charity is important to you isn’t it?

 A: Adonis loves getting involved and helping out whenever we can! We support lots of different charities but our main four are the Macmillan, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Cancer Research and Help for Heroes.  In fact, we currently have four ex-servicemen on our payroll at the moment. So it’s a charity that particularly resonates with us.
Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened during a show?

 A: Wardrobe malfunctions happen from time to time, but that’s to be expected when you have costumes and costume changes. However there have also been some ‘male malfunctions’… make of that what you will!
Q: What’s the strangest thing a customer has ever done?

 A: We had a customer buy a gravestone for one of our main acts once. It’s got his face engraved on it and everything - that was strange! We also had a lady who paid a large sum of money for a full Adonis Tour show (think lights, sound systems all transported in a tour van) but to be performed in her front room – just to her (which we didn't know during the booking process!) We were so surprised when we turned up at a domestic residence! We assumed we were performing in a bigger, public space! Eventually she called a few friends over to watch with her, but that was very odd!
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