It’s International Women’s Day this Sunday, and around the globe there’ll be celebrations held in honour of the sisterhood. This year’s theme is equality: An equal world, is an enabled world.

As activity specialists, we’ve been keeping a keen eye out for all the exciting things that are happening in recognition of IWD.

There’ll be comedy nights showcasing funny women, there’ll be exhibitions celebrating the work of female artists, there’ll be poetry readings, literary salons, speeches and talks. In the UK alone, you’ll be able to attend events as diverse as a Girl Power silent disco or a screening put on by the Feminista Film Festival.

In London, a Wikipedia Edit-athon is being held to ensure that ‘herstory’ is properly told on the internet. It’s fair to say women’s achievements in all disciplines will be under the spotlight.

Routinely Awesome

Here at Fizzbox HQ, we are concerned with celebrating everything, from birthdays to engagements to baby showers to the fact you really killed it at work today.

So, in honour of International’s Women’s Day, we took the time to find out how real successful women balance work, life and wellbeing, and just generally kick butt!

We asked actresses, authors, entrepreneurs, creatives and CEOs what their day-to-day looked like. Yes, 6am starts and morning workouts do feature, but so do glasses of wine and Netflix sessions! After all, balance is key.

You can have a snoop through their daily routines here.

Did You Know?

The history of the commemoration actually goes back as far as 1909 and can be traced to an event held in New York City. It became an annual celebration when activists at an international women’s conference proposed the day should be recognised every year to promote equal rights, and it’s been gaining momentum ever since.

It was picked up by the feminist movement in 1960s, followed a decade later by the United Nations, and it’s now celebrated the world over. In some countries it’s even a public holiday.