Most of us don't have the wedding planner budget that a lot of celebrities have. In fact, most of us can't even afford the budget for the food – let alone a wedding planner! That's not to say that you can't execute a DIY wedding like a pro. Of course, you can, but if you don't do it professionally and this is your first wedding, then it can be a little daunting. What do you do? Do venues offer the catering? Do I need a back up plan? What can I get for cheaper? How much do wedding flowers costs again?! You get the idea.
 So how can you plan a wedding like a pro? Well, it just takes a few clever tricks, some bravery to haggle, minor organisational skills, and an unflappable attitude! It also takes reading and maybe bookmarking the below tips. We got these from former bries and wedding suppliers so these make a great reference during your wedding planning.  

Haggle the Price BEFORE You Sign Anything 

When hiring vendors, make sure you barter them before singing or shaking on anything. For example, see if you can get that extra hour for free from the band or get the venue to throw in the chair covers and table napkins for free. Because, once you sign a deal with them, they are less likely to bend to your requests. Trust me; most vendors would rather accommodate you in the beginning to get the deal, rather than disappointing you by refusing extra requests later on 
Ask Vendors Who They’d Recommend 

Once you’ve hired some vendors, ask them for their professional recommendations. After all, these are the best people to ask seeing as they are in the wedding business and they have (probably) worked with other several wedding vendors before. Wedding photographers are usually the best people to ask as they tend to travel around a lot so they’ll know a wide variety of vendors from all different industries.

Emergency Funds

This is common sense really, but something many people forget. On top of your wedding budget, make sure you’ve got some emergency funds. Remember though, you can’t spend this money willy nilly! It’s for emergencies only. Same thing goes for a credit card. Apply for one with added rewards such as air miles. That way, anything you spend on it will go towards something useful in the future 
The Small Details Make the Wedding 

It’s always the small things that get forgotten. Things like emergency tampons, flip flops for guests with high heels and a nice hanger for the dress (just in case the photographer wants to take a photo before you’re quite ready). Other things worth remembering are painkillers, deodorant and a mini sewing kit. You never think of them beforehand but when you need them, they are always the things that are impossible to find!
Marriage certificate 

 You’d be surprised how many people actually forget to do this. It's what makes your wedding official in the eyes of the law.
Remember the Staff

If you are in charge of feeding the DJ, photographer and bar staff etc, then maybe consider paying for a separate and cheaper meal. That way you won’t be forking out a lot of money for people who aren’t technically your guests. Also, if you plan to tip anyone, then make sure to pre-prepare envelopes with money inside and their names on the front.
In Case it Rains

 If you're having an outdoor wedding then make sure you have indoor part for your guests to shelter under in case it rains. Hopefully it won't but it the UK you can never be too sure  — you really don't want your dress and all your lovely guests to get soaked and look like drowned rats! Also, make sure that the music station and buffet (if you're having one) can be moved in case this happens.
Wedding Insurance

It's not fun to think about, but it does happen. So, cover yourself with some wedding insurance. That way, if the unthinkable happens and you've already paid and booked everything, the sting and the pain will be somewhat less. Trust us on this.
Assign a Right-Hand Gal or Guy 

This person could be the mother of the bride, best man or head bridesmaid. It doesn’t really matter who it is, so long as they are sober enough to be able to drive and remember their duties. This includes bringing emergency bags, clothes and other things for the bride. They will also be responsible for storing and transporting anything that gets left behind at the wedding. It may seem like simple job, but this person should always be pre-designated before the wedding for that extra peace of mind.