Every hen party has its expectations. Not only does it need to be an experience that the bride-to-be remembers for years to come, but it needs to be fun and full of hilarious moments that the entire group will love. This means that you’ll need a hen party survival kit. If you’re not sure what to include, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What is a Hen Party Survival Kit? 

A hen party survival kit is quite simply the essential party items that you’ll need to throw a hen weekend to remember. There are likely to be embarrassing episodes, a couple of dramas and that peak heel-wearing moment where someone physically cannot walk any further on those blisters. (Ouch!) So, to avoid any drama and to make your weekend as fun as possible, you’ll need to pack a hen party survival kit. 

What to Include 

We conducted a survey with some of our hen customers and they came up with these 10 essential items that are needed in a hen party survival kit. Make sure to have this list handy when you come to pack your bags! 

Quick Fix Toiletries 

 These are not the most exciting items, but some of the most important. If you’re enjoying a night out on the town, you’ll want to pack some essential quick fix toiletries to avoid bathroom disasters. These include: 

  • ·       Dry shampoo
  • ·       Make-up wipes 
  • ·       Hairbrush 
  • ·       Perfume 

Willy Straws 

Yep, you guessed it! Willy straws are an absolute must if you want to inject some naughty – and slightly childish – fun into the bride’s last-night-of-freedom. You’ll be in absolute hysterics as you try to keep your composure while sucking on one of these phallic straws. These are a must on a Brighton hen do. Bonus points to anyone who can keep a straight face! 

Masks of The Groom

One thing that is sure to put a smile on the bride’s face is if you all turn up wearing a mask of her husband-to-be. You could all wear them as part of your hen squad on a night out or surprise the bride by wearing them at breakfast. Have a browse online and you’ll find some great companies that will print out a mask of the favourite guy for an affordable price. Trust us, the look on the chief hen’s face will be priceless.

Blister Plasters 

There’s nothing that ruins a good night out than a pesky blister. They’re likely to pop up if you’re wearing tight heels or you’re breaking into some glitzy new shoes that you bought especially for the hen party. Don’t worry, if you pack some cushiony blister plasters in your hen party survival kit, then you can keep dancing until the sun comes up! 

A Fake Ring 

Every girl who loves to go out and party has been privy to some unwanted to male attention. Just because you’re out on a hen party night will not change anything. Make sure to pack some fake wedding rings that you can slip on in you feel like someone is getting a little too close. 

£10 Note 

It’s likely that you and your friends use contactless cards and smart phones to pay for things nowadays. But just because you’re all modern women, doesn’t mean your chosen venues are in keeping with the times. Some places don’t take card or have a minimum spend on their machines, so make sure to keep a backup £10 note for emergencies. (We don’t recommend carrying loads of cash around with you. If you lose a tenner, it won’t be the end of the world.)


It’s cheap, in great supply and will be your best friend when you wake up to the sound (and feel) of symbols crashing around your head. (Perhaps this should be number one on the list!) 

Dare Cards

These are great fun and will spice up your hen night out like a charm. Quite simply, they are a pack of cards that have different dares written on them. You can take it in turns to pick a card and attempt your dare. If anyone refuses, they’ll just have to forfeit with a drink. We’ve got a huge list of dares you can use – how reckless do you want to get?

Fancy Dress Accessories 

You may not want to go all out and dress up in full costume for your hen night, but keeping some smaller accessories in your hen party survival kit is always fun. Think playboy bunny ears, silly face paints and celebrity masks. 

‘L’ Plates 

You’ve probably seen troupes of hen parties walking around on a night out with the letter’ L’ attached to the bride-to-be. The history behind the hen L plate is a mysterious one, and is suggested to allude to virgin brides learning their way around the bedroom before their wedding day. 

Obviously, this isn’t what they’re for nowadays, but it’s a way of signalling to the world that the bride is out on her last night of freedom, and there is nothing that can stop her. Your hen might not be too keen to wear it, but pack it in your hen party survival kit, and after a few drinks we can guarantee she won’t say no!

School Photo of the Bride 

Remember those cringe-worthy school photographs that your parents insisted on hanging in the hallway for guests to see? Dig one of these up of the bribe and take it out with you. Not only will it be something to giggle (affectionately) at, but it can be used for bribing opportunities and dares!