Whether you’re staying at home, partying via Zoom or hiring a house for the hen party, you can always count on hilarious party games to kick off the night and help you throw a night that the bride-to-be will never forget. 

So, if you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place. Here is our list of fabulous hen party games that will get everyone in the mood to celebrate! 

Cards Against Humanity 

What you’ll need:

  • Cards Against Humanity game pack 

A hilariously crude and sometimes offensive game that is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Cards Against Humanity has become hugely popular over the past few years and, chances are, there’ll be a member of the hen party that owns it. The aim is to create the funniest or rudest sentence you can using a select deck of cards that are given out at random.  


Drunk Dealer 

If you’re looking for a quick and sure-fire way to get the drinks flowing, Drunk Dealer is guaranteed winner. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A standard deck of cards
  • Plenty of drinks 

You’ll start with a full deck of cards and one person will be assigned as dealer. Going anti-clockwise, each player will take it in turns to guess the card on the top of the deck. 

The player will guess the number and the dealer will then tell them if the card is higher or lower than the guess after which the plater gets another go. If the player gets the number correct on either goes, the dealer must drink. The card is then placed on the table and it’ll be the next players turn to make a guess. 

If the player gets it wrong, they’ll need to drink. Once the dealer beats three players, the deck of cards is passed on and a new dealer is assigned. 

However, if the player gets the number right, the dealer will have to drink, and the number of wins for the dealer is re-set to zero.

As the game moves on and more cards are laid on the table, it gets easier and easier to guess what the next card is going to be. So, whoever is stuck as dealer by the of the game will have a lot of drinking to do! 

Ring of Fire 

This classic game will take you back to your university years and will get everyone in the party spirit. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A standard deck of cards 
  • A jug 
  • Plenty of drinks 

Spread out the cards in a circle around the jug, aka, The King Cup. Each player will take it in turns to pick up a card. Each card has a different meaning. Visit www.ringoffirerules.com for a full list of cards meanings. 

This game is super-simple but be warned, whoever breaks the circle of cards or picks up the final card from the table will need to drink from The King Cup. If you’ve played this before, you know this is not a pretty sight!  

Bra pong 

This one is for anyone who fancies a bit of a DIY challenge. You’ll need a handful of bras – around 6 – 8 will do – and a wall surface such as a corkboard. You’ll need to the pin the bras up so that you are able to throw ping pong balls into them. Make sure to label each bra with points from  1 – 8 (or however many bras you have) and get playing! The hen with the most points wins! 

Playdough Bride

It’s time to get creative with playdough… hen do style! 

What you’ll need: 

  • A mixture of different coloured playdough  
  • A timer 
  • A flat surface 

Remember playdough from school? It’s elasticity and mouldability makes it the perfect material to use during a hen do art session. In playdough bride, you’ll each be creating a portrait of the bride-to-be using playdough! You’ll have just one minute to create the best likeness you can and it’ll be the special lady herself who’ll be the judge. 

Tip: send her out the room for 60 seconds so she won’t be swayed to pick her sister or her best mate! 

Mr and Mrs 

This is the ultimate quiz for the bride and groom. You’ll need to prepare beforehand for this one as – unless you’re throwing a ‘sten’ do – the groom-to-be won’t be around to get involved. We recommend preparing a list of questions and videoing the groom’s answers beforehand. This will also be hilarious to watch back on the hen night! 

The premise is simple. You’ll ask the bride and groom a list of questions to see how well they really know each other. For example, ‘who is the best cook’ or ‘who is the better driver.’ If the bride choses a different answer to her partner, then she’s got to drink. Trust us, the results can be hilarious. 

Check out our full list of Mr and Mrs Questions here

Cocktail Competition 

If you girls love cocktails, then why not inject a little competition into the mix by shaking up your own? 

What you’ll need: 

  • A selection of spirits: vodka, gin, dark rum, white rum, tequila, disaronno, Tia Maria. Ultimately, it’s whatever you fancy! 
  • Mixers: tonic, soda water, ginger beer, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade, coca cola… the list goes on. 
  • A timer 
  • Cocktail glasses (or anything from the cupboard) 

Get everyone to pitch in on a selection of spirits and mixers and pair up into teams. Each pair will get two minutes to muddle up their own unique cocktail. Throw some interesting liquors and syrups onto the table to make things more interesting. Afterwards, the bride-to-be will need to try each one and determine the ultimate mixologist! 

Just try not make her ill! 

Toilet roll wedding dress

This one is a classic and one you’ve probably seen some examples on Instagram or as part of a wacky pub quiz. If you haven’t – you’ve got to give it a go!

What you’ll need: 

  • Toilet roll 
  • Sellotape 
  • Any extra decorations or embellishments 

The aim of the game is simple: each team will need to create the best wedding dress out of plain old toilet roll. 

There will need to be one or two people who are assigned as the judges and will not be able to take part. Don’t worry, this role is just as hilarious as they’ll get to watch everybody scrambling around and getting tangled up in loo roll!

Everyone else will be split into teams of two or three depending on the size of your hen party.  You’ll then too make one person the model or ‘bride’. The other team members will need to create a wedding dress out of loo roll within a three-minute time limit. 

This game makes for some fantastic photo opportunities. You’ll be surprised at how creative people can get with basic materials! 

Never Have I Ever

This is the ultimate game of truth! Never Have I Ever may take you back to secondary school or University, but this fantastic drinking game is sure to get you all giggling and into the party spirit. You’ll also find out all your mate’s dirty secrets! 

You won’t need anything for this game. All you’ll need to do is set yourselves up in a circle and take it in turns to ask a question. Grab your favourite tiple to turn this into a drinking game! 

Here are some example questions: 

Never have I ever dumped someone over text 

Never have I ever gone on a blind date 

Never have I ever had sex in public. 

Never have I ever peed outside. 

You get the idea. You can make these as clean or as dirty as you like. If you’ve done the deed, you need to drink. It’s so simple, but the results can be hilarious.  

Two Truths, One Lie 

If you’re a fan of Would I Lie to You, you’ll love this game. You’ll need to take it in turns to tell the hen party two truths and one lie about yourself. 

It’s then up to them to decide which is true. 

This will test how much they really know you. 

To turn this into a drinking game, you’ll need to drink if your mates work out the lie. If they don’t, you can dish out three drinks to anyone in the party. 

Nail Varnish or Porn Film 

This one is a little more risqué and will certainly get the giggles rolling. 

If you regularly buy nail varnish, you’ll know that some of the colour names are particularly creative. For those with dirty minds, you’ll understand why these may sound a little raunchy, to say the least! From ‘kiss me I’m Brazilian’ to ‘Wet n’ Wild’, you’d be forgiven in thinking that they take their name from adult movies.  

That’s why it makes the perfect hen party game! Print out a list of nail varnish and porn film names and hand out to each of the guests. They will need to decide whether they are from an adult movie or a nail varnish colour. The results will be hilarious. 

Cock or What?

It doesn’t get much more henny then this! The cock or not game will have you in hysterics as you try to figure out whether you’re looking at the mail genitalia or something else. 

You can download a party pack at a fantastic price from Etsy. Strictly over 18s only! 

Celebrity Couples 

This one will really put your celebrity trivia knowledge to the test. Can you remember who is going out with who?

You can download a quiz sheet online or create your own! 

Date Night Jar 

This is a cute little activity that requires some creative thinking and banter between your friends. You’ll each need to think of a date idea for the bride-to-be, write it on a slip of paper and pop it into a jar. This will give the happy couple something to look forward to when the wedding and the honeymoon are just distant memories. Go as creative, sweet or as weird as you like! 

Pass the Balloon

This is a fantastic game that works well in teams. The aim is to see which team can pass the balloon to the end of their line as quickly as possible. 

But there’s a twist. You won’t be using your hands – you’ll passing the balloon between your legs! 

What you’ll need:

Balloons. Long ones work best, however smaller ones provide more of a challenge! 

First Impressions

What you need:
A bowl or bag
Hens can come from different parts of life from family to work, pre-school to university so it’s likely that they may not know each other that well. First Impressions is the ideal game to break the ice and help them learn more about each other.  Everyone will write down their first impression of the bride-to-be and pop them in a bowl or bag. You’ll then take it in turns to pick them out and read them out loud before guessing who wrote them. Expect giggles, blushes and sweet stories that are sure to make the bride-to-be feel special. 

Chick Flick Charades

What you need:
List of movies
Charades is always a popular game to play, whatever the occasion. In case you’ve been living under a rock, we’ll break it down for you. You’ll be given a chick flick name from a list and will then need to use your body to act it out to the rest of the hens. Try your hardest to make it clear which film you’re trying to perform as the aim of the game is for someone to guess correctly. Up the ante by splitting into teams and getting your competitive juices flowing.  

Guess Who Confessions

What you need:
A bowl or bag
If you’re a group of cheeky hens, you’ll love this game! Each of you will write down your naughtiest confession or secret on a piece of paper then put it into a bowl or bag. Each of you will then have a turn to pull out a piece of paper and read the confession to the group before trying to guess who wrote it. If you guess the wrong person, you’ll have to do a forfeit! Get ready to be in hysterics as you find out all the juicy gossip! 

Photo Challenge

What you need:
Your phone
Challenge list
Get ready to laugh and get competitive with some hilarious photo challenges. Write the list of challenges beforehand and make sure everyone has access to it. For extra fun, split into teams on a night out to go head to head. How cheeky, daring or silly the challenges are depends on you but here’s some suggestions: Wearing a veil made of toilet paper. Giving a guy of your choice a makeover and taking a selfie with him. Take a picture with a man in uniform. Dish out forfeits to the losing team. 

Pass the Parcel

What you need:
Wrapping paper
A prize
Funny question or dare cards
This kids party classic is still loads of fun to play when you’re adults. It’s likely to be a long time since you’ve played Pass the Parcel so let us refresh you on the rules. You’ll sit down in a circle with one of you acting like the designated DJ. They’ll play some of the bride-to-be’s favourite songs as you pass the parcel around. When they stop the music, whoever is holding the parcel can unwrap one layer of paper, revealing a funny question or dare. You’ll then carry on passing it around until the last layer is unwrapped to reveal a special prize for the winner.

Banned Words

What you need:
This game’s simple but effective, especially as a cheeky drinking game. Work as a group to create a list of words you can’t say all night. You can decide on the punishment for saying these words, from taking shots to doing dares. A great thing about the Banned Words game is that it can be as easy or hard as you like. If you want to trip each other up, make sure to select words that are tricky to avoid saying. 

Send to All

What you need:
Your phone
Your sense of humour
We all know how much it kills a night out when someone’s sat on their phone the whole time. As a hen do such a special occasion, you want everyone to be present and enjoying each other’s company so why not introduce a deterrent to make sure that everyone’s phones stay in their bags? To punish the guilty culprit, a cringeworthy text will be sent to all the contacts in their phone. You’ll have a right laugh as you work together to decide on exactly what the text should say.   

Pin the Tail on the Male

What you need:
A board
A picture of a man of your choice
A pin-able appendage 
A pin
Do you remember pin the tail on the donkey? Well, this is a version just for grown ups! There are lots of online resources where you can print something out or you can ask your most creative hen to draw something for extra laughs. You can choose which (ahem) appendage you’re going to be attaching whilst blindfolded but as you can imagine, this game can be as cheeky, funny and daring as you like! The winner will be whoever pins the tail on the male closest to where nature intended. 

Truth or Dare


What you need:
Paper or card
A pen
A good imagination
This one’s an oldie but a goodie and lets you uncover that juicy gossip you’ve always wanted to know about the bride-to-be and the other hens. Write down a number of truth-baring questions and fun dares on to small pieces of paper or card and put them into two piles. You’ll then take it in turns to choose either a truth or a dare. Depending on what they choose, they’ll either have to answer the question or perform the dare. Expect laughter, confessions and hilariously cringeworthy moments. 

Marshmallow Challenge

What you need:
A bag of marshmallows
A bucket
Ready for a really silly game that’ll have everyone in hysterics? Did we mention you’ll also get to eat delicious marshmallows? You’ll challenge each other to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible. After every marshmallow you put in your mouth, you’ll have to say a catchphrase that’s ideally tricky to say. Something like “fluffy bunny” works well. A bucket to spit the marshmallows in after could be handy if you’ve got too many to swallow. This game’s a great ice breaker but please play before you drink any alcohol and be careful to avoid choking. 

Prosecco Pong

What you need:
Plastic cups
A ping pong ball
A table
Prosecco Pong is like Beer Pong but with our favourite tipple instead! Split your hen party into two teams and stand at either end of a long table in front of plastic cups filled with prosecco and lined up in triangle shapes. Each player will have a turn to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing teams’ cups. If the ball goes in, they’ll have to drink what’s in that cup. The team who runs out of prosecco first loses. 

Celebrity Heads / Who Am I? 

What you need:
Post-It notes
A pen
A bowl
Another classic game. Get everyone to write a celebrity’s name on a Post-It note and pop it in a bowl. One by one, you’ll take out a name and without looking, stick it on your head so everyone else can see your celebrity persona except you. You’ll take it in turns to ask yes or no questions to narrow down your identity. If you get a “yes,” you can ask another question but if you get a “no,” it’s the next person’s turn. Be specific to get the most information, like “am I a woman?” or “am I an actor?” 

Bride-To-Be Quiz

What you need:
Quiz questions
A pen
How well do you know your betrothed bestie? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test with a quiz all about her. One of you will act as quiz master, reading out a range of questions. You can either Google some suggestions or write your own. Here’s a few suggestions: What is her middle name? How did she meet her significant other? What’s her favourite drink? What’s her favourite film? Get creative and have fun as you compete against each other and show off your knowledge. 

Memory Lane

What you need:
A pen
Bag or bowl
This is a sweet game that’ll make the bride-to-be feel special, just like she should on her hen do. Write down a treasured memory on a piece of paper then fold it up and pop it in a bag or bowl. The bride-to-be will then take out the memories one by one, reading them out loud and guessing who wrote the memory down. This is a great way to make her feel special, learn more about the other hens and to reminisce. 
So, there you have it, our definitive list of the best hen party games. We hope you enjoy playing them, however you’re planning to celebrate that last weekend of freedom. If you’re still after some activity or experience inspiration, check out our hen party ideas now.