Whether it's a drinking game in a bar, a board game in the house before you head out or challenges for the night ahead, a hen party game can make your weekend absolutely unforgettable! If you're facing the task of setting up the big night for your best friend, you will want to provide hilarious antics, leaving all the ladies in stitches. From the more daring dares to the respectful ideas (if you have some relatives or older members present), we have created a list of all the different options you can try.


In The House

If you're home based, there are a number of great games you can play. You can also contact all members beforehand, to ensure they bring along relevant props or photos. Take your pick from the options below.

Cards Against Humanity

The extremity of the answers is based on the people within the team, but maybe be concsious of the types of potential answers if you have some older relatives in your group.

This is a great card based game, where one person will read out a question or fill-in-the-blank phrase, while everyone else will have to pick one of their cards to use. You can play with individuals or in small teams. Once each member has chosen the card, they then need to read out the phrase/question along with their answer to everyone else. Who ever gets the greatest laugh wins that round.


Guess The Dress

Each attendee will have to be alerted beforehand that they need to bring a fancy dress item. Once each person arrives, they will have to put it all into a sack, without letting anyone else see what they brought.

The bride will then have to put on each item. As she goes to put on an item, she will have to guess who bought it.

If you're bride is daring enough, you can force her to go out wearing all the items, but good luck keeping hold of them until the end of the night!


Toilet Paper Dress

Split the group into two and each team will need a bride. With plenty of toilet paper at hand, each team will have to wrap the bride in toilet paper to make up a dress within a set period of time (lets say 3 minutes).

You will also have sellotape, to help keep it all in place. Try to be imaginative and make it look as realistic as possible (think creating a veil, a brooch, shoes etc). Get the creative members on your team, as you will be voting at the end for the winner. Each team will have to present to the others the inspiration behind their design.

If you have any accessories that would work well in this game, don't hesitate to add them to the pile.


Mr and Mrs

Based on the quiz show from the 70's, you will have to ask the bride a whole list of questions about her soon-to-be groom. Send the list of questions to him a few weeks beforehand and make sure he keeps them private from her.

Make sure everyone in the group takes turn asking a question from the list, to ensure everyone feels involved. You could also look to get everyone involved by asking them to create some questions beforehand. Bigger the group thinking of questions, more you will be able to dig up some dirt or embarrass her further.

Stuck with some questions? Alright, we've listed a few examples below:

Where did you first kiss?
What is their favourite food?
Who is most likely to have a homosexual encounter when drunk?
Who is the most sexually adventurous?
How many children do they want?
What is their proudest moment?
Who has the worst orgasm face?
What was their first job?
What is their favourite food?
What was their first pets name?
Who has the highest sex drive?
Who has had the most partners
What is their favourite sex position?
Is he a bum or boobs man?
Who is his celebrity crush?


Condom Courgette

Just like it says on the tin, the game involves putting a condom on a courgette using only your mouth. Try to get a naughty prize beforehand for the winner.

The courgette is completely interchangeable, in fact, any item which is in the right shape should bring a whole host of laughter.


Memory Lane

This is a great one to pull on the heartstrings, as well as sharing a few laughs. Everyone who is attending needs to write some funny and nice stories you have about the bride. Think of how you met each other, the funniest moments you shared or anything that will make her cringe.

Once you have brought them along, place them all inside a hat and then have the bride read them out. She will have to then connect the story to the person in the room. You can also add a forfeit, for example, for every story she guesses wrong she will have to drink a shot or do a dance/sing for the group.

If anyone can't make the weekend, they can still send their stories over, which can cheer up the bride if a close friend can't make it.


Guess The Bum

You will need each male member from the stag group to take a picture of their bottom (with clothes on) and to print these off beforehand. The bride will then have to match up the names to the bums. Expect extreme fits of laughter from everyone, however you aren't allowed to help her out at all.

She will also have to give a reason why she thinks it is someone's bottom.


Around Town

Whether you've booked cocktail making, an afternoon tea or It's a Knockout, you will still find there is time to burn during the day, leading up to the drinks in the evening. Or in fact, you might want some fun games to play while sipping on a prosecco, therefore we have thought up a couple of games for you.

Charity Shop Challenge

Split the group into two teams. You will need a list for each group of things they need to find in charity shops around town. Below is an example list of things you could include:

Find something that symbolises the 80's
1 Item that the bride would absolutely hate to wear
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
A flamboyant hat
The best item under 50p
A picture with a gorgeous guy in the charity shop

Each team should focus on making it as hilarious as possible (don't focus on realistic targets). Try to think of ideas which would resonate with your group. The best part is, any clothes-based items you purchase, you can demand the bride wears when you head out for the evening.



Print off some dare cards and carry them into town. This is a popular option for when you reach the bars and the drink is flowing. The main aim is to embarrass the bride as much as possible, however you can offer the dares to everyone in the group if you want to ensure everyone is involved. This is a great icebreaker if there are a few members of the group who don't know everyone.

Below are some example dares you could try:

Get a guys number
Convince someone you're from a different country (with an accent)
Say the alphabet backwards in under 1 minute (or drink as a forfeit)
Convince someone you're a celebrity
Make a viel out of toilet paper
Find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
Down 3 different coloured shots (throughout the night, not in one go)
Get a photo with a policeman
Make a guy sing for you
Make a drink behind the bar


Drinking Games

Beyond the games at home and around town, you will also need some heavy drinking games to remind you of your youth! You might want to sneak a pack of cards in your bag if you can, as lets just face it, there will be an endless amount of people recommending games they used to love. From 'ring of fire' to 'arrogance', there are more drinking games than drinks in the bar! We have actually chosen some of our favourite games you can play while out if you have no props with you.


Never Have I Ever

You should all know this game by now, the evil game that brings out some cringe-worthy truths. Sit in a circle and one person will have to say something they have never done. Anyone who has done this will have to drink. The person who states the 'never have I ever' will rotate clockwise, starting with the bride.

Some examples (as it can be tricky when you start) are:

Cheated on an exam
Had sex outside
Had a threesome
Been arrested

Guess Who

Make sure to bring some pens and post-it notes. Each person in the group will have to think of someone for the person to their right, then stick it to their forehead. You will all be allowed one question, then one guess, before it moves on to the next person. Each time you guess wrong, you must have a sip of your drink (or a shot if you want to push the boat out).

The last person to guess their character will have to drink their entire glass. Try your best to stitch up the bride when possible.

Truth or Dare

You know the game, however there are a few spins on this you can make to stitch her up. You could ensure the bride always goes second, or you could 'pair-up' the bride, meaning whoever is asked the 'truth or dare', the bride also has to do the same challenge.


Sitting in a circle, the first person must shout 'yeeha' in a cowgirl voice, while the arm (with a clenched fist) moves in the direction of the next player. This carries on around the circle until someone says either 'hay barn' or 'hoe down'.

If saying 'hay barn', you will need to raise both hands in the air to make a roof shape over your head. This basically skips a player, so it goes over to the next person along.

If saying 'hoe down', you need to move your arm in the opposite direction everyone was going in, to switch direction.

It can be a bit confusing to explain to a group of people who are intoxicated, but once everyone gets the rules, it will start to flow more smoothly. There are plenty of variations which people will probably know.


There is a simple and difficult version of this game. The basic rule is that you can say between 1-3 numbers and the person who ends up on 21 has to drink. As a first game to get everyone in the mood, you can start by playing this simple version, where everyone says 1-3 numbers chronologically before it moves on to the person next to them.

The next level is: If two numbers are stated you reverse the order, while three numbers stated means it skips the next person.